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How to Check Mobile SERP Features

15 years ago, looking something up on the internet almost always meant that you needed to sit down at your computer at home and type something out with your keyboard. Those days are long gone. Over 60% of all Google searches are now made on mobile devices. That comes out to around 720 BILLION mobile […]

How to Use Google Search Localization to Check Your Rankings

If you have a physical store, you probably want people to visit it, right? If so, you should know about how Google searches change by location. Unfortunately, SEO beginners often don’t realize how much the LOCATION of the searcher affects the search result they get. Sometimes searchers on two sides of the same city could […]

Instant Rank Checker: What Page Am I on Google?

Want to go straight to the Insta-Rank Checker tool? Click here to try the tool. No subscription required. Keep reading for tips on how to use it… Imagine you’re tracking 75 keywords for your business’s new SEO campaign. You’re paying for 100 keywords on your ProRankTracker plan to have a little wiggle room. However, halfway […]

3 Best Enterprise Rank Trackers for Advanced SEO (Compared)

As a growing marketing agency, scaling your staff, clients, operations, and software can feel like an uphill battle. When your business was just starting, you might have only needed the best rank tracker for small businesses. However, now that your business has grown quite a bit, you’re reevaluating what you need regarding rank tracking software. […]

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

If you’re new to SEO, you might be confused about rank tracking software. What does it do? Is it necessary if you’re just getting started? Is it worth the cost? Those are all critical questions, so we’ll spend some time answering them. In this article, we’ll discuss rank tracking software and why it’s so essential […]

How to Use PRT’s Bulk Keyword Rank Checker

Tracking ranks can seem like a pretty dull task after a while. After all, you may end up repeating the same tasks over and over again: Identify a keyword Determine the location, search engine, and URL for the tracked keyword Add the keyword to your keyword rank tracker What if there was a way to […]

How to Use a Google Sheets Rank Tracker

Many times, when people are looking for a rank tracker, they look primarily at the highly advanced features it offers: Reporting Location tracking Keyword discovery tools But something that many people forget to consider is how well a tool integrates with the OTHER tools they already use. For example, how well can your new rank […]

AccuRanker Pricing Compared to Other Top Rank Trackers

Many new SEOs will come across AccuRanker in their search for rank tracking software. There are many reasons someone might decide not to use AccuRanker (some of which we’ll talk about later in this article): Price Tools and features Ease-of-use Flexibility and growth potential But what are some of the best AccuRanker alternative options? What […]

Best Rank Trackers Pricing Comparison

What’s the most important feature a rank tracker can offer? Is it: – Accuracy? – Location-specific rank tracking? – Graphics, tables, and charts for ease of use? – Reports and notifications? Those are all essential features, but they won’t help your business if you can’t afford the tool in the first place. That’s why the […]

5 Best Ahrefs Rank Tracker Alternatives

If you’re in the market for SEO tools, you’ve certainly come across the name Ahrefs. After all, if you search for the keyword “SEO tools” on Google, Ahrefs is the first organic result. But what if you need something a bit more specific? What if you’re trying to find a tool to improve your rank-tracking […]

Top 11 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Performance

If you spend much time researching how to get more traffic to your website, you know that content is king. Content does 2 essential jobs: It shows readers what your brand offers them. It alerts search engines to the value of your site, allowing them to rank your site higher. But how do you know […]

15 SEO Keyword Ranking Reports to Retain Clients

What does it take to run a successful SEO agency? Most people will probably say that the most crucial step is finding clients. After all, you can’t make any money if you don’t have any clients. However, another (equally important) step is often overlooked: retaining your clients. If you have 15 clients but only keep […]

What Your Keyword Ranking Position Means for Your Web Page

There are so many factors when it comes to SEO: Technical SEO On-page SEO Keywords Backlinks Content And that’s just a tiny fraction of everything SEO strategists have to think about when doing their jobs.  Even though there are many different factors, SEO boils down to one simple number: Ranking position. Your position on the […]

5 Best SEMrush Position Tracking Alternatives

There are some big names in the world of SEO. SEMrush is one of the biggest. It’s one of the most popular tools (if not the most popular) on the market. But there are several reasons why people might be looking for alternatives to SEMrush: It’s expensive. It lacks specific features in highly specialized areas […]

Why You Should Avoid All-In-One SEO Tools for Rank Tracking

The SEO tools you use play a crucial part of running a successful website. But here’s the problem: there are so many SEO tools on the market that it can often feel overwhelming. With so many tools, many people choose an all-in-one SEO software to cover ALL aspects of SEO. But here’s another problem: most […]