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How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google? (Case Study)

You’ve spent time researching your keywords and writing an awesome post. All that’s left is to click “Publish” and watch your post shoot right to #1, right? Except for many businesses, that #1 ranking never comes. How long should you wait before you decide to adjust your strategy? What can you do to rank faster? […]

How to Rank With Google’s Helpful Content Update

One of Google’s most significant updates has shaken up the SERPs, and many people find themselves trying to recover from massive hits to their online rankings. Where do you even start? That’s what we’re here to answer. Google’s Helpful Content Update made some significant changes to the type of content that Google rewards with high […]

5 Best SEO Reporting Software to Wow Clients

If you’re looking to reach the top of the SERP, what are the main steps to get there? Identify keywords, write content, and buy some targeted ads, right? Most people leave “reporting” out of their list. They consider it a nice add-on after you get all the essential SEO stuff out of the way. WRONG! […]

How to Track SEO Progress & Turn It Into SERP Gains

You just launched your first SEO campaign. Congratulations! Did it work? For many people and businesses, the answer to the question is “I’m not sure.” If you want to succeed on the SERP, you MUST know the answer to this crucial question! And the only way you can know whether your SEO campaign worked is […]

11 Wix SEO Tips & Tools to Rank Your Wix Website

You just launched your site with Wix. Congratulations! Now what? That question has been asked by THOUSANDS of new Wix website owners, and I know it feels like a pretty intimidating position to be in. Taking your brand new website and turning it into a high-ranking, customer-generating machine is no small feat, but there are […]

Ahrefs vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Is King?

Google “SEO tools.” Go ahead, I’ll wait. What comes up? If your SERP looks anything like mine, 2 of the results at the top of the page are SEMrush and Ahrefs. Ahrefs and SEMrush are 2 significant industry-leading SEO tools because they offer huge feature sets, accurate data, and excellent user experiences. But which one […]

How to Use a Local SERP Checker (& Top 3 Tools!)

Have you put a ton of effort into SEO, but it just isn’t paying off in terms of traffic, conversions, and sales? You’re not alone! Many businesses sink dozens or HUNDREDS of hours into SEO without seeing any real benefits, and many never figure out why. I’m about to let you in on the secret: […]

How to Create a Monthly SEO Report to Blow Your Clients Away

You landed your first couple of clients as an SEO agency. Congratulations!  Now comes the hard part. You have to find a way to KEEP your clients. If you look around for client retention strategies, you’ll find all kinds of different advice, but I can boil it all down to a single word: Communication. That’s […]

How to Analyze the SERP Competition with a Rank Tracker

Many businesses think that the most significant obstacle to getting more traffic on their website is technical SEO or targeting the right keywords. While those things are both important, the biggest obstacle in most circumstances is your competitors. Your SERP competitor ranking is the major obstacle you must overcome to reach a higher rank. But […]

11 Best SEO Software for Agencies to Wow & Manage Clients

As an agency, maximizing efficiency while maintaining effectiveness is key. Anyone can manage a couple of SEO clients…  But if you hope to reach the next level, you’ll need to step up your game. And using the right SEO software for your agency is the fastest way to do just that. With SEO software like […]

How to Rank in Google Maps: 11 Foolproof Tips

Here’s a simple fact. If you want to expand your customer base and increase your revenue, you have to have a strong online presence. And when it comes to online visibility, Google Maps plays a crucial role. According to recent studies, 86% of customers use Google Maps to find businesses in their area. That means […]

20+ SEO Reports for Clients that You Can White-Label

In this definitive guide, you’ll learn what to include in your SEO reports for clients, and how to create a winning SEO report template to boost client retention. Mirror, mirror, on the wall: What is the best SEO report template of them all? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple. A one-size-fits-all “template” doesn’t really exist. […]

How to Use SERP Analysis to Out-Rank Competitors

In this guide, I’m going to teach you what a SERP analysis is, why they’re crucial for SEO, and how to do an in-depth analysis of your competitors. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. — Sun Tzu, The Art of War Now, while […]

How to Use a Rank Tracker Report Template

Are you tracking your ranks because you know it’s essential, but it just seems more time-consuming than it should? Or are you juggling multiple clients in your marketing agency and starting to lose track of who you’re supposed to update and when? It sounds like you’re struggling with one of the most common problems facing […]

Tracking SEO: How to Measure Your Performance

Does this sound familiar? You spent a lot of time improving your website UI and targeting some keywords. You wrote some awesome blog posts that you felt were slam dunks. You finally make everything go live, and… Nobody shows up to your website. What went wrong? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell unless you’re tracking your […]

20+ SEO Ranking Reports that Blow Away Clients

Some people start working with SEO thinking it’s a “set it and forget it” deal.  Just choose the right keywords, get the right backlinks, and BAM! Your website blows up and is the hottest thing on Google. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way — good SEO is all about keeping up with your SEO rank […]

Amazon Rank Tracker: How to Track Product Listings

Looking for an Amazon Rank Tracker? Try ProRankTracker today for FREE. How much money do you think is made on e-commerce each year? 1 trillion? 2 trillion? The global e-commerce market is expected to reach over 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026! Everyone knows that Amazon is the current global leader in e-commerce (and it’s not […]

How to Track Keywords & Monitor Search Engine Rankings

Looking for an easy way to track keywords? Try ProRankTracker for FREE. If you’re new to SEO, you’ve probably heard a ton of “keyword talk.” Words like “short-tail keywords,” “long-tail keywords,” “keyword volume,” and “keyword difficulty.”  You probably have questions. Like, “What keywords should I target?” And “How do track those keywords for SEO?” Tracking […]

How to Track & Do Content Refreshes for SEO

If you’ve been running a blog for over a few months, you’ve got a pile of old articles lying around going to waste. Most likely, you’ve started to see their ranks dip on the SERP, and you’re losing traffic from those articles. We’ve all been there. But there’s good news: You can breathe new life […]

3 Cheap Rank Trackers that Scale with Your Budget

Looking for an affordable rank tracker? Try ProRankTracker for free. It’ll scale with your business. 😊 You’re a website owner with decent SEO skills, and you don’t want to hire an expert to promote your website. You think you can do it yourself and save money in the process. You already know you’ll need a […]

Mobile Rank Tracker: How to Check Mobile Rankings

Looking for a mobile rank tracker? Try ProRankTracker for FREE today. When most people think of tracking ranks, they usually think of a simple process: Target keywords on your website. See how high your site ranks for those keywords. If only it were that easy! In reality, rank tracking is much more complicated than that. […]

Google Maps Rank Tracker: How to Check Local Rankings

Looking for a Google Maps rank checker? Try ProRankTracker for FREE today. Imagine this. You’ve opened up a new bike shop in your hometown.  You worked for years to save enough cash, renovate the building, and finally open your doors for business. You’ve done your research and spent countless hours working on your website’s SEO.  […]

How to Check Your Website Ranking (and Improve It) Fast

Are you tired of your website not getting the traffic it deserves? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything yet still don’t know why your website is not ranking high? Join the club!  Checking your website ranking is easier than you think and can help you identify why you’re not getting the traffic you deserve. […]

How to Set Up Automated SEO Reports

Let me guess. You’re working on your SEO and rank tracking, but you just can’t find a system that works for you that DOESN’T take up your entire day. Join the club! Almost everybody that has anything to do with SEO spends loads of time analyzing data and adapting their strategies. But there’s a solution: […]

14 Best AI SEO Tools Every SEO Should Use in 2023

How long do you spend on ALL of the SEO tasks for your website — including researching keywords, writing content, finding images, tracking ranks, and improving your on-page technical SEO? If you’re like most doing SEO, your day is probably full of those tasks. What if you could use the power of AI to cut […]

How to Use an Automated Rank Tracker to Track SEO

Manual tracking your ranks is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort to do at scale. And the truth is, if you think you’re going to stay on top of your rankings by constantly searching keywords, you’re going to struggle to stay up-to-date, and you won’t be able to when to improve your […]

How to Use a Google Rank Tracker to Win on the SERP

How do you get your Google ranks where you want them? Is it about writing more content? Finding better keywords. Those are both necessary steps, but the first thing you need is to start working with a Google rank tracker. A Google rank tracker is a vital tool for website owners and businesses. By using […]

How to Check Your Keyword Ranking (Instant)

If you’re looking for a fast way to check your keyword rankings, try ProRankTracker’s Insta-Check. Or if you’re looking for a way to always track your keyword rankings, try a ProRankTracker plan that’s free for 30 days. But if you’d like to learn why you should be tracking your rankings for SEO and how the […]

How to Square Away Your Marketing Agency Reporting

What’s the best way to keep your marketing agency clients happy? As a marketing or SEO agency, delivering reports to clients is a critical part of the process. In fact, they may just be the key to getting your marketing agency to the next level. However, creating reports can be a challenging task. This article will […]

5 Best Rank Tracker APIs to Boost Your SEO Reporting

Do you have several SEO or marketing tools you use regularly and wish you could combine their power? What if I told you that you could not only combine their power but also integrate it with other high-value apps to visualize and act on your SEO data? Sounding too good to be true? Actually, that’s […]

5 Best Instant SERP Checkers to Check Your Rankings Fast

Are you tired of manually checking your ranks on the SERP? Or maybe you don’t check them and just hope for the best? The good news? There are plenty of SERP checkers out there to do the job for you. And they’ll do it better and faster than you can without them. In this blog […]

How to Create a Mobile Ranking Report

You’re already tracking your mobile ranks, but how do you get the most from the data you’re collecting? Just tracking your ranks can help you understand whether your strategies are successful, but to truly understand your ranks, you need to use ranking reports. When it comes to mobile rank tracking, using well-designed reports can help […]

How to Create a Local SEO Report

Hopefully, you’re already tracking your local ranks. But what should you be doing with that data? Even more importantly, how do you use that data to improve your or clients’ ranks? That’s where local SEO reports come in. Using reports, you can collect all your most essential data in one place and use it to […]

Must-Need Mobile SEO Tools to Rank on Any Device

When you first started looking into search engine optimization, you probably thought it was as simple as this: Find some keywords Write some content around those keywords Wait for your pages to jump to #1 on the SERP In some ways, that is the primary process of SEO. In other ways, it’s a whole lot […]

Local Rank Tracker: How to Check Local Ranks

Looking for a local rank tracker? Try ProRankTracker today for FREE. If you have a local business, local SEO is one of the most fundamental concepts you should master to improve your ranks and get more traffic. What does it mean to track local keyword ranks? How is a local rank different from a global […]

3 Best White-Label Rank Trackers for Agencies

Starting an SEO agency is hard work. You have to: Find a rank-tracking system that works for you Find clients Keep your clients happy Grow your business (and adjust your tool needs as your business grows) In each of those 4 steps, you need an excellent rank-tracking tool with fantastic white-label capabilities. If you don’t […]

How to Check Mobile SERP Features

15 years ago, looking something up on the internet almost always meant that you needed to sit down at your computer at home and type something out with your keyboard. Those days are long gone. Over 60% of all Google searches are now made on mobile devices. That comes out to around 720 BILLION mobile […]

How to Use Google Search Localization to Check Your Rankings

If you have a physical store, you probably want people to visit it, right? If so, you should know about how Google searches change by location. Unfortunately, SEO beginners often don’t realize how much the LOCATION of the searcher affects the search result they get. Sometimes searchers on two sides of the same city could […]

Instant Rank Checker: What Page Am I on Google?

Want to go straight to the Insta-Rank Checker tool? Click here to try the tool. No subscription required. Keep reading for tips on how to use it… Imagine you’re tracking 75 keywords for your business’s new SEO campaign. You’re paying for 100 keywords on your ProRankTracker plan to have a little wiggle room. However, halfway […]

3 Best Enterprise Rank Trackers for Advanced SEO (Compared)

As a growing marketing agency, scaling your staff, clients, operations, and software can feel like an uphill battle. When your business was just starting, you might have only needed the best rank tracker for small businesses. However, now that your business has grown quite a bit, you’re reevaluating what you need regarding rank tracking software. […]

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

If you’re new to SEO, you might be confused about rank tracking software. What does it do? Is it necessary if you’re just getting started? Is it worth the cost? Those are all critical questions, so we’ll spend some time answering them. In this article, we’ll discuss rank tracking software and why it’s so essential […]

Bulk Keyword Rank Checker: How to Track Ranks in Bulk

Looking for a bulk keyword rank tracker? Sign up for ProRankTracker for free.  Interested in learning more? Keep reading… Tracking ranks can seem like a pretty dull task after a while. After all, you may end up repeating the same tasks over and over again: Identify a keyword Determine the location, search engine, and URL […]

How to Use a Google Sheets Rank Tracker

Want an affordable alternative to a Google Sheets rank tracker? Try ProRank Tracker for FREE today. Many times, when people are looking for a rank tracker, they look primarily at the highly advanced features it offers: Reporting Location tracking Keyword discovery tools But something that many people forget to consider is how well a tool […]

AccuRanker Pricing Compared to Other Top Rank Trackers

Many new SEOs will come across AccuRanker in their search for rank tracking software. There are many reasons someone might decide not to use AccuRanker (some of which we’ll talk about later in this article): Price Tools and features Ease-of-use Flexibility and growth potential But what are some of the best AccuRanker alternative options? What […]

Best Rank Trackers Pricing Comparison

What’s the most important feature a rank tracker can offer? Is it: – Accuracy? – Location-specific rank tracking? – Graphics, tables, and charts for ease of use? – Reports and notifications? Those are all essential features, but they won’t help your business if you can’t afford the tool in the first place. That’s why the […]

5 Best Ahrefs Rank Tracker Alternatives

If you’re in the market for SEO tools, you’ve certainly come across the name Ahrefs. After all, if you search for the keyword “SEO tools” on Google, Ahrefs is the first organic result. But what if you need something a bit more specific? What if you’re trying to find a tool to improve your rank-tracking […]

Top 11 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Performance

If you spend much time researching how to get more traffic to your website, you know that content is king. Content does 2 essential jobs: It shows readers what your brand offers them. It alerts search engines to the value of your site, allowing them to rank your site higher. But how do you know […]

15 SEO Keyword Ranking Reports to Retain Clients

What does it take to run a successful SEO agency? Most people will probably say that the most crucial step is finding clients. After all, you can’t make any money if you don’t have any clients. However, another (equally important) step is often overlooked: retaining your clients. If you have 15 clients but only keep […]

What Your Keyword Ranking Position Means for Your Web Page

There are so many factors when it comes to SEO: Technical SEO On-page SEO Keywords Backlinks Content And that’s just a tiny fraction of everything SEO strategists have to think about when doing their jobs.  Even though there are many different factors, SEO boils down to one simple number: Ranking position. Your position on the […]

5 Best SEMrush Position Tracking Alternatives

There are some big names in the world of SEO. SEMrush is one of the biggest. It’s one of the most popular tools (if not the most popular) on the market. But there are several reasons why people might be looking for alternatives to SEMrush: It’s expensive. It lacks specific features in highly specialized areas […]