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Best Rank Trackers Pricing Comparison

What’s the most important feature a rank tracker can offer? Is it: – Accuracy? – Location-specific rank tracking? – Graphics, tables, and charts for ease of use? – Reports and notifications? Those are all essential features, but they won’t help your business if you can’t afford the tool in the first place. That’s why the […]

5 Best Ahrefs Rank Tracker Alternatives

If you’re in the market for SEO tools, you’ve certainly come across the name Ahrefs. After all, if you search for the keyword “SEO tools” on Google, Ahrefs is the first organic result. But what if you need something a bit more specific? What if you’re trying to find a tool to improve your rank-tracking […]

Top 11 Metrics to Measure Content Marketing Performance

If you spend much time researching how to get more traffic to your website, you know that content is king. Content does 2 essential jobs: It shows readers what your brand offers them. It alerts search engines to the value of your site, allowing them to rank your site higher. But how do you know […]

15 SEO Keyword Ranking Reports to Retain Clients

What does it take to run a successful SEO agency? Most people will probably say that the most crucial step is finding clients. After all, you can’t make any money if you don’t have any clients. However, another (equally important) step is often overlooked: retaining your clients. If you have 15 clients but only keep […]

What Your Keyword Ranking Position Means for Your Web Page

There are so many factors when it comes to SEO: Technical SEO On-page SEO Keywords Backlinks Content And that’s just a tiny fraction of everything SEO strategists have to think about when doing their jobs.  Even though there are many different factors, SEO boils down to one simple number: Ranking position. Your position on the […]

5 Best SEMrush Position Tracking Alternatives

There are some big names in the world of SEO. SEMrush is one of the biggest. It’s one of the most popular tools (if not the most popular) on the market. But there are several reasons why people might be looking for alternatives to SEMrush: It’s expensive. It lacks specific features in highly specialized areas […]

Why You Should Avoid All-In-One SEO Tools for Rank Tracking

The SEO tools you use play a crucial part of running a successful website. But here’s the problem: there are so many SEO tools on the market that it can often feel overwhelming. With so many tools, many people choose an all-in-one SEO software to cover ALL aspects of SEO. But here’s another problem: most […]

How to Get Real-Time Rank Change Alerts

SEO is all about beating your competitors to the punch. If you’re always a couple of steps behind, your ranks will constantly suffer. But what’s the best way to stay completely up-to-date on your ranks so you can make those fast changes? Should you just spend all day every day on your rank tracking tool […]

How to Use a SERP Competition Rank Tracker to Be #1

Many businesses think that their most significant obstacle to getting more traffic on their website is technical SEO or targeting the wrong keywords. While those things are both essential, the biggest obstacle in most circumstances is your competitors. Your SERP competitor ranking is the major obstacle you must overcome to reach a higher rank. But […]

Google SERP Features You Should Be Tracking & Optimizing

Way back when SEO was first getting started (in the dark ages), tracking your ranks on Google was as simple as figuring out where your URL landed on the SERP. Unfortunately, many business owners’ ranks are suffering these days because they think rank tracking is still that simple. It’s not! In recent years, Google has […]

How to Adapt to Google’s Product Review Update

Nobody likes dealing with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, but keeping up with it is an essential part of SEO. In one of its most recent updates, Google’s product review algorithm was changed to encourage more genuine reviews and higher quality content. But what does that mean for your business and your blog? Are Google product reviews […]

Why You Need Daily Rank Tracking

How often do you check your ranks? Twice a week? Once a week? Every other week? Many people don’t realize how important it is to stay 100% up-to-date on all your ranks.  After all, what could it hurt? The reality is that falling behind on your rank tracking can be highly detrimental to your SEO […]

How to Get Started With Video Rank Tracking

When most people think of rank tracking, their minds go to their websites and blog posts. But what about videos? Some people aren’t even aware that you can track a video’s rank just like you can track any other URL! Plus, you benefit from working with an additional search engine: YouTube. Since video rank tracking […]

The 12 SEO Standards Every SERP Tracker Needs

Picking the right SERP tracker for your business is an important decision. You have to make sure that the tool you choose fits your needs. However, finding a tool that fits your current needs isn’t the only thing you need. You must also find a tool that’ll pave the way toward a BETTER SEO strategy. […]

How to Find Keywords That Generate REAL Revenue

What’s the most critical part of improving your SEO performance? Discovering new and better keywords is a foundational element of SEO and SEM. If you can find profitable keywords (and target them appropriately), you’ll rank higher on the SERP and make more money. It might not be the most challenging part of the trade, but […]