Redefining SEO Reporting

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ProRankTracker provides you the best reporting options in the industry, for both analyzing your own successes and reporting to your teammates and clients.

Show your clients the true value of your SEO work
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Report Types & Samples

Reporting Features

PRT provides you with options for current ranking reports, progress reports, comparison and benchmark reports, shareable live reports, and other report types for niche scenarios.

Formats available: PDF, XLSX and CSV.

Export them, send to email, export to Google Sheets, or save to Dropbox or Drive.

Get ease of use by scheduling the emails or saves (Dropbox/Drive): daily, weekly or monthly.

All reports can be generated on a schedule.

Reports are available in multiple languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Overview Reports

With overview reports, you can view your current website rankings and get current rank summaries of the Groups and Tags you’re tracking.

Progress Reports

With progress reports, you can view and analyze your progress in rankings over a span of days, weeks or months.

Comparison Reports

Compare rankings of URLs you track on different search-engines, by location, by device, and more…

Benchmark Reports

Compare rankings between two specific dates, weeks or months.


Always be on top of things with automatic email notifications that are triggered by your sites' ranking changes.

Never miss an important change again

The notifications tool alerts you whenever a change occurs that you set a trigger for. This powerful tool means you can have more balance and less micromanagement.

You can select from a variety of scenarios covering any possible change in your rankings and get an email notification when it's happening.

Just as with other ProRankTracker reports, you can filter which specific site to apply it to and which info you'd like to get with the report.

Shared Reports – Easy & Impressive

A simple way to share live, updated reports with your clients and colleagues.

Set up the report, generate a link, then share it

The share report page is always updated with the most recent ranking data, including comparisons to historical periods and optional daily breakdown charts.


Optionally, for added security, set up a password to your shared report and an expiration date for the link.

White labeling

Include your logo in the report header and select a color scheme (using white-label templates).

Use our generic reports domain or your own domain. Yes, you can make it look like the report is “hosted” on your site.

MyRanks – A mobile app for your clients

Tired of old reporting methods? Want to really impress your clients? MyRanks app (iOS and Android) is your solution!

Revolutionize rank-tracking reporting to your clients

Set up MyRanks users in your account, decide which data you want each one to see, instruct each person to download the app and enter their credentials, and they will get live rankings reporting in a mobile app.

Skyrocket your business

Starting today, your clients won’t need to wait for their reports.

Replace the way you report to your clients (while keeping all the options to report more traditionally) with the ProRankTracker MyRanks app.

Brand it with your company details

Your users can see your logo and company details in the about page and also contact you (via email) through the app's contact form.

Learn more...

White Label

Make the reports your own to improve your brand identity

Customize templates

With ProRankTracker you can customize templates and use them in your reports.

You can control many different settings in your reports. For example, set your own color scheme (or select from predefined ones) and add a header or footer to the report pages.

Cover letter

In addition to the custom header and footer, you can add a cover letter to your reports.

Email reports – sent "from" your email address

Reports and notifications can be sent to your clients using your custom email address as the sender.

Shared reports – "hosted" on your site

Shared reports can be set to appear under your own domain name, so together with the logo and color scheme customizations, they will become 100% branded with your brand identity.

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