The 3 most important SEO tips according to Google – Video

Google releases a “SEO Mythbusting 101” video that busts no myths but actually offers some nice SEO beginner’s tips. This seems to be the first episode in a series they will be making on optimization and search topics, so stay tuned: The trouble with the video other than the completely irrelevant title, is that they […]

Google’s June 2019 Core Algorithm Update Finished Rolling Out and We Have Some Tips for You!

If you’ve been following any SEO forums or groups, you must’ve already saw the chatter about Google’s June core algorithm update, which included some panic in the form of memes, such as this one: Google pre-announced that they will be rolling out a broad core algorithm update. This update is simply called the June 2019 […]

Google Update Timeline 2011-2019

If there is one thing Google is known for and the thing that keeps some SEO experts up at night, is their update roll outs. Major updates often change the rules of the game and drop website rankings like flies. SEO is an arms race between SEO experts and Google. Following Google’s big June 2019 […]

All hail the eCommerce Emperor! 2019 Amazon stats and facts

You might know that Amazon is huge, but you might not have realized just how huge it is.   In this article, we will go over some mind blowing stats and facts about the eCommerce mammoth, and at the end of the article even show you how to track Amazon product ranks, with 100% accuracy. […]

How to sell SEO services using Pro Rank Tracker

Become a more effective professional SEO negotiator with these tips!

Webpage Loading Speed Insights from Google

Is your website’s speed optimized to fit Google’s OFFICIAL standards? Today we will check!