Google manual penalty recovery guide

We know you’re an A student of SEO that always attempts to do their best. But there was this one time you were tempted by that shady kid next to the SEO school cooler, to cheat your way to higher positions, using some black hat trickery.   Google was onto you, your ranks suffered, and […]

Google algorithm recovery tips and lore

So, you’re doing great in your SEO endeavors. Your websites rank fairly high for good keywords and organic traffic flows like the chocolate river at Willy Wonka’s factory. But suddenly you wake up to discover a bunch of fat kids were pushed into the river by Oompa Loompas and now the river is clogged, and […]

How much YMYL does your content EAT and is it healthy?

If this sounds like a strange question, that’s because it is. But it might also mean you are unfamiliar with two key acronyms and one of the most important guidelines for high quality content supported by Google.   E-A-T stands for “Expertise, Authority, Trust”   YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life“. Basically, all […]

The amazing benefits of using Schema markups and rich snippets on your websites

Should you use Schema markup? And will it actually help your search engine ranks like some claim? Let’s explore the topic! For those new to SEO and unfamiliar with the term yet, is an initiative launched by Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yahoo! and Yandex back in June 2nd, 2011. It’s a form of structured metadata, […]

How does Googlebot and Crawling dynamics work according to Google (video)

Another “myth busting” video by Google, this time explaining the differences between Googlebot, crawling, indexing, rendering and the actual ranking process.      Once again, this is very general beginner’s lore and no actual myths are busted here. But we still get a bunch of nice explanations and insights, which is a step in […]

What elevators and airports can teach us about webpage loading speed

Or how to make your website appear faster than it actually is. Sounds strange, but it’s actually doable. And many websites and applications are using this approach (us included). Correct usage of this principle can improve conversions, enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates and ultimately improve your organic search engine ranks. So, most of you […]

11 ways to get a manual Google penalty and hurt your rankings

So, do you have too much organic traffic and you are ranking high in several high value niche keywords, but you feel you have had enough? All that hard work has left you feeling too accomplished and now you want to get penalized and start from scratch? Well then this guide is especially for you! […]

Mobile-First Indexing will be active for all new websites starting July! Details and tips within.

Google announces in their blog, that starting July 1st, every new website (not already indexed or crawled) will be subjected to Mobile-First Indexing. So, this one is especially important for anyone new to SEO or anyone planning to launch their websites soon. But do not be mistaken, this news is also very important for anyone […]

The 3 most important SEO tips according to Google – Video

Google releases a “SEO Mythbusting 101” video that busts no myths but actually offers some nice SEO beginner’s tips. This seems to be the first episode in a series they will be making on optimization and search topics, so stay tuned: The trouble with the video other than the completely irrelevant title, is that they […]

Google’s June 2019 Core Algorithm Update Finished Rolling Out and We Have Some Tips for You!

If you’ve been following any SEO forums or groups, you must’ve already saw the chatter about Google’s June core algorithm update, which included some panic in the form of memes, such as this one: Google pre-announced that they will be rolling out a broad core algorithm update. This update is simply called the June 2019 […]