agency rank tracking

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency Rank Tracking Tool

As you get more experience in SEO, you might start to think about starting your own SEO agency. Maybe you’ve even had some fellow business owners approach you to ask if you can track their ranks and do their SEO for them. When most people reach this point, their minds fill up with questions. What […]

white label seo report

How to Create a White-Label SEO Report Tool for Your Clients

So you’re getting good at tracking your ranks, and you’re starting to sell SEO services as a white-label SEO provider. As an SEO provider, your most important role is to keep your customers informed. If your customers feel like you’re leaving them out of the loop, they’ll: Get upset (because they don’t know what you’re […]

New Google Sheets Integration!

We are glad to release the highly-requested integration – Google Sheets! With this integration, you can export any report type to your Google Sheets account.  

youtube rank tracking

How to Use YouTube Tracking to Rank Higher and Get More Views

The undisputed champion of search engines is Google. Whenever we even hear the term ‘search engine,’ most of us think of Google right away (followed by Yahoo! and Bing). But sometimes people forget there’s a search engine out there we all know and visit daily. This search engine is so vast and powerful in its […]

amazon rank tracker

The Best Amazon Rank Tracker to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales

How much money do you think is made on e-commerce each year? 1 trillion? 2 trillion? The global e-commerce market is expected to reach 7.385 trillion dollars by 2025! Everyone knows that Amazon is the current global leader in e-commerce (and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down). No matter what you’re looking for, […]

google business profile seo

Google Business Profile Update: SEO Strategies to Win

What would you say if I asked you for the 5 most essential tools for business owners?  The chances are high that 10 different business owners would have 10 different answers to the same question. There are just so many good tools out there! However, almost everyone would put Google My Business somewhere on their […]

Introducing: Drops & Jumps Notifications

The new notification types you’ll find in the reports center allow you to send daily, weekly, or monthly ranking drops or jumps only notifications.

Dark Mode & 13 Languages support!

Dark Mode is out! Do you like dark mode? We do. And our statistics show, a lot of our members also do 🙂 We are pleased to introduce the dark mode appearance for our new interface!

ProRankTracker New UI

Top 10 Small but Powerful things to notice in the new PRT interface!

We hope that you’re enjoying the new interface. Here’s a list of 10 small yet powerful improvements added to the new interface to make your daily work easier. 1. Top menu Quick view (eye icon) and Search We have improved the quick view (eye icon) at the top left to allow you quick access to […]

best rank tracker

PRT UPDATE: The Best Rank Tracker for 2022 (And Beyond!)

Looking for the BEST rank tracker? ProRankTracker just got MUCH better with its latest update. If you’ve put any effort into your website’s SEO ranking, you already know that gauging and monitoring your rank is half the battle.  It’s a challenge to stay up-to-date on all the changes to your website’s rank (the main reason […]