10 basic meta tags for a solid SEO content structure

Meta tags used to be one of the best catalysts in getting ranked fast. They were so effective in the early days of Google that manipulating meta tags with tons of keywords was enough to get you ranked high, no quality backlink, or any rich content needed. Today, however, their role is different and is […]

How do negative reviews impact Google rankings?

We have often written about the impact of reviews on brand building and overall business growth. But now a big question is finally getting an official insight tip and straight from Google’s mouth no less! Negative reviews have been considered as a negative ranking signal for ten years now. But we didn’t have too many […]

The 58 Million faces of a single Google search

Let’s say you search for a “sushi bar” on Google. Google will then show you a search result page, what’s known as a SERP. Now we have a question for you – how many different variations do you reckon this SERP has to the search term “sushi bar? A hundred? A thousand? Maybe just a […]

Mobile-first indexing for ALL websites by the end of 2020. Are you ready?

Early this year some webmasters were greeted with this notice in their search console: “Mobile-first indexing issues detected on site” This notice might seem alarming at first. But the good news here is if your website gets notified by Google, this means you still have time to adapt your website to Google’s mobile-first standards. You […]

Web directories illustration

15 Web Directories that still have SEO value in 2020

Before there were search engines, we had early web directories that cataloged websites the classic yellow pages way. If you wanted to find a website or business, you would browse by category or alphabetically and then pick the websites you wanted to visit. Fun fact before we proceed: One of the reasons Amazon is even […]

Affiliates assemble! How to sell the best SERP tracker on the market

If you want to recommend the highest quality SERP tracker on the market while also adding a nice passive affiliate income bonus to your regular revenue stream, you are in the right place! Today we will breakdown the top 6 features which makes Pro Rank Tracker stand out in our highly competitive SERP trackers niche. […]

3 models of consumer behaviors all marketers should know about

No matter what your expertise as a marketer is, be it SEO, social media growth hacking, or a copywriting specialist for Google Ads, there are common behavioral patterns that are repeated among internet users across all platforms and websites. These common patterns can be broken down into several main categories within observational models. Today we […]

How to track 20,000 search results for only $25

This figure might sound too good to be true, not because it is, but because the common market standard is simply unfair. Our offer is the fair and honest way to do it, and we are the only SERP tracker on the market that genuinely offers a clean and cost-effective solution for anyone in need […]

Google vs. SEO: Are featured snippets even good for webmasters?

One of the major 2020 Google algo updates had a lot to do with Featured Snippet positions. While featured snippets were frequently discussed in SEO communities since they were introduced, it has become somewhat of a hot topic, since the update. Many covet the featured snippet position, and marketers swear by its potential to build […]

5 unfair SEO solutions for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest fields of internet marketing as a whole. It’s one of the best ways to spread your brand. You can amp up sales using marketers that like your product and are willing to spread the word, using their savvy marketing skills, for a commission of the profits. And affiliate […]