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Look no further. Take your business to the next level with the world's most advanced SEO rank tracking and reporting solution.

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The Power of PRT

Highest-Accuracy Algorithm

ProRankTracker® has the most accurate algorithm of any rank-tracking tool.

This state-of-the-art algorithm will outperform any competitor to give you the most accurate, up-to-date results on the ranking of your websites (deep to the top 100 results).

Daily Updates, Plus Updates on Demand

ProRankTracker® will automatically check the ranking of your tracked terms every day.

In addition to the daily updates, you will be able to perform additional updates on demand (depending on your selected plan).

Web-Based Tracking for Ease of Use

ProRankTracker® is a web-based application (cloud service). Access it from anywhere. No downloads/installs required.


PRT offers a professional interface and reporting in various languages (native translations).
Supported languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Worldwide Recognition

ProRankTracker® is trusted by over 60,000 SEOs, SEMs and website owners, from small businesses to huge agencies and enterprises, worldwide.

Rank Tracking

Get the most up-to-date, easy-to-analyze SEO ranking (SERP) information on all your websites

100% Accuracy

We work day-in and day-out to give you accurate results you can rely on.

When it comes to rank tracking and reporting – trustable, accurate results are the most important thing.

We Work for You – Your One-Stop Solution

No need to rent proxies and manage expensive infrastructure. We do the job for you.

Daily Automatic Updates

ProRankTracker® offers daily automatic updates, plus updates on demand.

International Rank Tracking

International tracking is supported on all popular search engine and sites, including organic desktop & mobile results, plus other search elements.

Track your rankings from all locations worldwide with any set language.

Local & Mobile Tracking

Google Organic SERPs

Track organic desktop & mobile results on all Google sites.

"Google Business Profile" Listings

Track your GBP listings on "Snack Pack" (the local 3-pack listings) and Local Finder (top 100 map listings).

Local Resolution

We focus in to give you local rank tracking on 187 Google sites, 35 Yahoo! sites, 32 Bing sites, YouTube and all Amazon Local sites.

Analysis & Research

ProRankTracker® offers a variety of analysis and research tools to help your SEO efforts.

Comprehensive Reporting Center

Many schedulable reports & charts are available to fit almost any case you'd like to check.

Rankings Discovery Tool

We help you find terms that your websites are ranked for, but that you don't know about yet!

Keyword Search Volume

PRT gives you high-value data: Exact Google and Bing keyword search volume data and YouTube and Amazon estimated search volume data.

Keyword Suggestions Tool

PRT does the legwork and finds you additional keyword ideas for each of your URLs.

Full SERPs (Top-100)

We have a powerful, ground-breaking feature that shows the full picture of the competition on your tracked keywords.

Full SERPs - Advanced Competitor Analysis

Step into the big players' territory – get this industry groundbreaking tool, offered for the first time at affordable price levels.

Sophisticated, Yet Easy-to-View and Analyze Full SERPs Competition Tool

Check up to the top 100 results for any of your tracked keywords, with additional data and trend chart for each ranked URL.

Powerful Historical Rankings Chart

See all movements in the top rankings for your selected period of time: who went up, who went down, what you and your competitors did, and whether your SEO tactics working (or not).


PRT revolutionizes your reporting options with the most comprehensive and in-depth white-label reports.

A Variety of Powerful Reports

PRT includes current rankings reports, progress reports, comparison and benchmark reports, live reports you can share with your clients and colleagues, and discover other report types for niche scenarios.


Always be on top of things with automatic email notifications that are triggered by your sites' ranking changes.


All reports are 100% white-label with our template customizing tool and available in all of our supported languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch. Reports and Notifications can be sent to your clients using your custom email address as the sender.

Choose Your File Format

All reports can be generated in PDF, XLSX or CSV, for your convenience.

Dropbox and Drive Integration

You can also save reports to your Dropbox or Drive accounts, and this can be done manually or set up to save on a schedule.

Shared Reports

Generate a live report link to share with anyone.

You can make these reports seem to be "hosted" on your site and customized with your own logo.

Mobile Apps

PRT offers two state-of-the art mobile apps for you and your clients.

PRT Mobile App

Check your rankings and download reports on the fly. With the PRT Mobile app, you can check your stats anywhere, anytime. Be warned – it's addictive.

You can also download reports when you need it “in the field” and can’t make it to your computer.

MyRanks App

Impress your clients with a customized reporting mobile app of their own.

MyRanks is a reporting app which you can set up for your users and display rankings in a similar way to the shared reports, but within an app.

You can brand the app with your logo and company details.

Forget the old, outdated methods – impress your clients with a mobile app that fits 2022!

Learn more...


Give team members and clients access to your account.

Multi-user management with flexible permissions

With PRT, you can set up users to have access to your account via a user.

You can restrict which data each user sees and allow different kinds of permissions, including read-only, allowing only specific actions, and full admin access.


You'll get a login page specifically for your users, and once inside, they can see your own logo on the header instead of ProRankTracker's.

API Access

PRT offers API access on all agency plans.

Connect to PRT data

As part of our agency plans, we offer API access for integrating PRT rank-tracking data into your own systems and tools.

Request API-doc access


Extreme Support

The PRT team is here for you, and we've got you covered for any problem.

24/7 Ticket Support

No matter what plan you're on, you'll be able to submit a ticket to get immediate support on any question, issue or request.

Live Chat Support

Our chat agents will support you with any question you may have via our chat system.

1-on-1 Guidance

You can book a 1-on-1 meeting with our account managers to guide you via G Meet / Zoom / Teams / Skype.

Knowledgebase & Tutorials

We've compiled tutorials and a trustworthy knowledgebase with FAQs for answers to any problem you may have.

Video Tutorials

Check out our easy-to-follow video tutorials, so you can see how to perform any task.

Dedicated CSM

Our dedicated customer success managers are at your service on all agency plans.

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