PRT Affiliates

You get paid when you promote ProRankTracker’s Highly Specialized Rank Tracking & Reporting Solution!
Earn $60 for any of the “Starter” plan subscriptions
Earn $120 for any of the “Pro” or “Agency” plan subscriptions

Who is ProRankTracker for?

PRT is for anyone who needs accurate and reliable rank tracking and more ways to report SEO data. It was developed with the SEO industry in mind:
SEO agencies
SEO Pros (individuals)
In-house SEO departments.

However, any type of online business can incorporate and benefit from PRT in their daily work.

The plans start at only $13.5/m and scale to large-volume agency plans with unbeatable prices.

If you have influence with any of these audiences – You canearn big with ProRankTracker’s affiliate program!

How does it work?

ProRankTracker’s affiliate program on Impact
Affiliate links, banners, and other PRT assets
PRT and refer quality SEO/Online industry traffic
$60 for “Starter” users, and $120 for “Pro” and “Agency” users

Why promote ProRankTracker?

Since everyone knows the big SEO suites already it’s hard to earn affiliate income on these alone. Introduce ProRankTracker alongside these popular all-in-one tools and increase your earning potential even more!

ProRankTracker is the authority on rank tracking & reporting solutions for SEOs. Our users love it, and your referrals will too! 😊

PRT offers a premium 30-day free trial - no card required and no strings attached. It’s the biggest trial offer in the industry making it an easy to sell to your audience. Users typically sign-up to the free trial first then upgrade. When they do, you earn $ for every referral that upgrades up to 400 days after the trial signup!

Great Assets You get many different banners and landing pages to test and choose from. Promote PRT and start earning income fast!

Extreme Support You and your referrals are in good hands with dedicated account managers that offer quick support.

Unbeatable pricing From affordable starter plans ($13.5/m) to the cheapest large-volume plans around for users tracking thousands to ten thousands of keywords.

Amazing local promotion opportunity Earn big in untapped markets by promoting PRT to SEOs in specific countries in their own language. ProRankTracker fully supports 12 languages other than English. The affiliate program includes banners and landing pages for: Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Español, Italiano, Português, Svenska, Dansk, 日本語.עברית ,عربي, Türkçe

Program Details

Last-click attribution model
120 days of cookie life (for free/paid first sign-up)
400 days to earn from upgrades
$60 for “Starter” new subscriptions
$120 for “Pro” and “Agency” new subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProRankTracker?
ProRankTracker is a specialized SEO rank tracking, analysis & reporting solution. For the last decade it’s been an authority in the SEO industry.

PRT helps its users with 100% accurate SERP rank tracking on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

It analyzes the results with insightful tools and provides reporting for SEOs, their teammates, and their clients.

SEO/SEM agencies, SEO pros (individuals), In-house SEO departments, website owners, Bloggers, Video marketers/Youtubers, Internet/affiliate marketers and Amazon sellers.

We’ve partnered with – a leading partnership marketplace to provide you with the best affiliate marketing experience as you promote PRT.

If you don’t have an Impact account yet, join ProRankTracker’s affiliate program by clicking here.

If you do, simply log-in and enter the program’s application page.

Visit Impact’s ProRankTracker affiliate program area where you’ll find many assets and materials including links to different landing pages, Banners, videos, and more.

How you promote it depends on your area of expertise.

You can publish content (articles, comparisons), or use SEO, PPC, Marketing, Teaching SEO courses, or other methods.

  • PPC advertising and using domains using keywords which are identical or similar to company's copyrighted brand is not allowed (e.g., ProRankTracker, Pro Rank Tracker, and Pro Rank Tracker Coupon).
  • Referring yourself or a company that you are employed by, is not allowed.
  • Publishing misleading or incorrect information on ProRankTracker’s product (features), promotions (coupons), or free trial, is not allowed.
  • Promoting ProRankTracker using abusive, spammy, harmful, or fraudulent behaviours, is not allowed.

You’ll be rewarded $60 for a every “Starter” plan subscription and $120 for every “Pro” or “Agency” plan that you refer (direct paid sign-up, or upgrading after a free trial sign-up).

You will enjoy a last-click attribution model with 120 days of cookie life (for free/paid first sign-up) and 400 days of rewards for upgrades from free to paid (after the free trial sign-up).

Action Locking: Actions are locked 27 day(s) after end of the month they are tracked.

Payout Scheduling: Approved transactions are paid 20 day(s) after end of the month that they are locked.

You will be able to withdraw affiliate commissions from Impact using several payment methods and currencies, with a threshold of only $50.