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Agency rank tracking is not the same as personal rank tracking.
Recognizing this difference is key to building strategies that attract and retain agency clients.

Tracking multiple clients and websites gets complicated

Unlike personal tracking, agency rank tracking requires different strategies for different clients and websites. Without the right tool, this is where it gets complicated.

More websites = more keywords

The more websites you track, the more keywords you need to monitor.
As numbers grow into the thousands, or tens of thousands, rank tracking becomes almost impossible unless you’re highly organized.
But limiting keyword tracking due to numbers and costs can lead to poor results.

Clients require individualized attention

And this isn’t even the most challenging part. You know what is?
Keeping your clients happy and well informed.
No matter how you look at it, data is still data. But your clients are different. They want customized reporting. Each one requires its own level of attention.

Agency Rank Tracking
vs. Personal Rank Tracking

Multiple websites
and strategies
Thousands to ten
thousands of keywords

The solution? ProRankTracker – A Specialized SEO Agency Rank Tracker

Multiple websites and many keywords?

Advanced organization features
Users for easy teamwork
API access for account management or internal system integration
100% accuracy
Local and mobile tracking
Flexible plans based on required quotas
Unbeatable pricing for large keyword quotas

Reporting and client interaction?

Unlimited branded reports
Time-saving automation
20+ email report types
Link-generated shared reports
The MyRanks reporting mobile app for your clients
Reports available in 13 different languages
Individualized client communication and reporting
Increased trust and client retention

Level up your Rank Tracking & Reporting

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