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100% Accurate SERP rank tracking

Get reliable rank tracking from anywhere with any device.


Online views, data visualizations and charts

Evaluate SEO progress and make informed decisions based on insights.


Revolutionize your reporting options

Automatically generate and send customized, white-label reports.

"A Must Have Tool for anyone doing SEO"

Unlimited saved historical ranking data.
Unlimited sub-accounts included with all Agency plans.
Unbeatable pricing in the large-tracked terms quotas with thousands to hundreds of thousands of keywords.
Ability to provide any custom high-volume tracked terms quota.
Unlimited branded reports to increase trust and retention with your clients. That's an invaluable benefit!
Increased productivity with less time by scheduling reports instead of manually building them. Use live updated reports shared by a link or reporting mobile app for your clients.
Reports are available in 13 different languages allowing local SEO agencies to accurately report to their clients in their own language.
Extreme support from customer success managers who help you with anything you need.
API access for building powerful and useful integrations.
Sub-accounts (users) at no additional cost per user. From 10 sub-accounts in the Pro plans to unlimited sub- accounts in the Agency plans.
Unbeatable pricing for any amount of tracked terms that you need.
A variety of report types to choose from that suit almost any niche scenario you can think of to make your point when presenting SEO results.
Scheduled reports you can automate vs. manually building and sending them out.
Native translated interface and reports in 13 different languages to suit your local or globally spread organization.
3rd party integrations and API access for flexibility in the way you use your PRT account.
Instant notifications when something changes so you can stay on top of your SEO efforts.
A mobile app to view your rankings from anywhere.
A one-stop-shop web-based (cloud) rank tracking tool.
Unbeatable pricing with small starter plans that grow as you do.
Automatic daily rank updates of your desktop/mobile global/local tracked terms.
The precision and reliability of the SEO industry's leading rank tracker.
Agency-grade features (like Full SERPs) at no additional cost.
The most insightful views, charts, and reports than any other rank tracker or all-in-one SEO tool.
Unlimited historical data, unlimited URLs, and unlimited reports.

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Are you satisfied with your current rank tracker’s accuracy? What about quality of support? And pricing? Does it have all the reporting features you need?
Don't be afraid to make a change. You can “test-drive” ProRankTracker first before you decide, no strings attached. If you want to switch, just let us know and our customer success team will help you set-up your URLs and keywords so that you’re up and tracking super-fast!
If you are worried about losing historical data, just click the chat icon here at the right to discuss your concerns with a support agent. We will be glad to assist and see if it's possible to migrate your old data into ProRankTracker. If so, great! But even if we can’t migrate it, don't let that stop you from switching to a better business moving forward!
Most of the popular All-in-one tools have basic position tracking features that might be good enough for you, but are they really  delivering constant accurate reports for your clients or team? Probably not.
Rank tracking and reporting is our core business. We adjust to search engine changes faster than anyone else in the industry and we guarantee 100% accuracy. Can the all-in-one guys say that? Nope.
We are dedicated to rank tracking and reports, and we offer more "views" and customizable options than any other rank tracking tool. This invaluable reporting helps you analyze your data and better understand whether your SEO efforts are really working.
Did you know that most PRT users have accounts with one of the popular all-in-one SEO tools? Our dedicated rank tracking tools are the missing link between big picture SEO and the detailed insights you need to prove value and build trust with your clients.
PRT is the essential tool for SEO agencies and professionals.We help you stay on top of things  and  make your clients happy!
Really? How can you afford not use a rank tracker? If you want to stay on top of your SEO efforts, then you need this!It’s not possible to check rankings manually these days (definitely not if you have a large number of tracked terms).
Don't worry though – You’ve come to the right place. PRT offers a web-based "one-stop-shop" solution for tracking your rankings with the highest accuracy and reliability.
We’ve been an industry leader for over a decade. You’ll get daily updates with views and reports that let you analyze your SEO success and decide what to do next. PRT’s pricing is affordable starting with low-budget starter plans and up to bigger agency plans.
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Why SEOs Love PRT

Experience the most up-to-date, easy-to-analyze SEO ranking (SERP) information on all your websites

Get automatic updates daily plus updates on demand
Track rankings on all Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Amazon sites
Local tracking in any country and any language
Track Google business profile listings anywhere in the world
Use mobile tracking to pinpoint desktop or mobile results
Work with an industry leader for over 10 years!
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PRT’s Highest-Accuracy Algorithm guarantees stability and results that SEOs can rely on

Most accurate algorithm of any other SEO tool
This is our core business, and we are dedicated to being the best
Agility and speed that respond swiftly to search engine changes
Thousands of SEOs trust our results in their daily work
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Intuitive Cloud-based Web and Mobile apps SEOs can access from anywhere

Advanced web app that’s easy to use and understand
Mobile app to check your rankings & download reports on the fly
Most comprehensive specialized rank tracking and reporting solution
Multi-lingual interface and reports in 13 different languages
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PRT’s numerous analysis, research, and discovery tools help your SEO efforts

Multiple options to view, visualize and analyze your ranking data
Find terms your websites rank for with the Rankings Discovery tool
Full SERPs (top-100) is a powerful tool to view your competition
High-value volume data for your keywords
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Keep yourself, your teammates and your clients updated with the industry’s best reporting options

Over 20 report types can be scheduled (email) or instantly exported
Notifications are triggered by your sites' rankings change
Integrations with Drive, Dropbox, and G Sheets
Send reports easily by generating shareable links
MyRanks is an impressive mobile app to use with your clients!
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Extreme Support: We've got you covered. Any problem, any time.

Dedicated Customer Success Managers available on all agency plans
24/7 quick ticket support on any question, issue, or request
Live Chat with support agents that are ready to assist you
1-on-1 Guidance via G Meet / Zoom / Teams / Skype
Extensive knowledgebase with self-help tutorials and videos
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