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How to Use an Automated Rank Tracker to Track SEO

Manual tracking your ranks is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort to do at scale.

And the truth is, if you think you’re going to stay on top of your rankings by constantly searching keywords, you’re going to struggle to stay up-to-date, and you won’t be able to when to improve your SEO on a page.

This means, your SEO performance could be deteriorating without you even knowing it!

And you won’t know if your pages fall in rank until it’s too late.

This is where an automated rank tracker can help.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, keep your clients updated, and ensure your website gets the visibility it deserves, an automated rank tracker is a must-have tool.

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What Is an Automated Rank Tracker?

An automated rank tracker is a tool that automatically monitors your search engine rankings and provides you with regular updates on how your site is performing.

It’s a quick and easy way to stay on top of your ranking game without spending hours manually tracking your movement on search engine results pages. 

With an automated rank tracker, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze how your site is performing
  • Know when to refresh old pages
  • Determine which keywords are bringing in the most traffic
  • Identify opportunities for growth

5 Benefits of Using an Automated Rank Tracker

In the world of SEO, it’s crucial to keep track of your website’s search engine rankings. Knowing where your website ranks for specific keywords and phrases can help you optimize your content and increase organic traffic to your site.

However, it’s not as easy as just tracking your ranks however you want. Using the wrong tool (or no tool at all) can slow you down and give you bad data. Meanwhile, using an automated rank tracker (like ProRankTracker) can reap these 5 benefits:

automated rank tracker 1.3

Save Time

One of the most significant benefits of using an automated rank tracker is that it saves you time.

An automated rank tracker allows you to monitor your website’s rankings without manually searching for them.

Without an automated rank tracker, you’d have to search for each keyword individually, which could take hours (every single day!). That’s not even to mention the fact that your rank tracker will provide you with more FLEXIBILITY with that data than you can get without it.

An automated rank tracker does this for you, allowing you to see all your rankings in one place and spend more time optimizing your site to rank higher.

Saving time while improving your data is a win-win.

Increase Your Accuracy

Manually tracking your website’s search engine rankings is not only time-consuming, but it’s also prone to error.

For example, you will miss out on specific location-based SERPs, SERPs that are customized for specific search devices, and more nuanced data.

You might also be tempted to only check your ranks every few days or even once a week. A good automatic rank tracker increases your accuracy by automatically updating your ranks every single day.

With an automated rank tracker, you don’t have to worry about potential mistakes. Automated rank trackers collect data from different search engines, providing you with accurate and up-to-date information on your website’s rankings.

It also eliminates the human-error factor (like searching the wrong keyword or not searching in an incognito tab), ensuring that you get accurate results every time.

Track More Ranks

How many keywords can you feasibly keep track of without an automated tool?

15? Maybe 20? Any more than that, and you’ll spend your whole day manually checking all your URL/keyword combos.

With an automated rank tracker, you can track more ranks than manually tracking them. In fact, you can easily track as many keywords as you want because the tool automatically updates your ranking data without any effort on your part.

An automated rank tracker provides you with a comprehensive view of all the keywords your website ranks for, allowing you to monitor your website’s performance — even as your website scales and you need to track more keywords.

Get More Data

An automated rank tracker provides you with more data than you can get without it.

For example, automated rank trackers provide you with valuable insights into your website’s rankings with details like:

  • Location
  • Search engine
  • Search device
  • Search volume
  • Historical data
  • Google features

This data allows you to optimize your strategy by adapting to the changing SEO landscape around your keywords. If you don’t understand how your ranks are affected by location, search device, and other important factors, you have a much lower chance of beating your competitors.

The fact is that it’s impossible to collect all this data in a reasonable amount of time without an automated tool. Using the right tool expands your strategy by providing you with this important data at your fingertips.

Avoid Disasters

An automated rank tracker can help you avoid SEO disasters by notifying you when something goes wrong.

For example, SEO disasters can occur if you miss changes to your website’s ranking. A drop by 3 ranking positions might indicate an impending drop to the second page.

You might have even incurred a Google penalty and not be aware.

Without an automated rank tracker, you might not notice when your website’s ranking drops until it’s too late. It’s easy not to notice small ranking changes if you aren’t getting daily automated updates.

An automated rank tracker alerts you to changes in your website’s ranking, giving you an opportunity to resolve the issue before it affects your website’s traffic.

Do You Need an Automated Rank Tracker?

When it comes to building a successful online business, your ranking on the SERPs matters a lot.

Your search engine ranking reflects your online visibility, and ranking high on search engines makes it easier for potential customers to discover your brand.

However, tracking your website’s ranking manually can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Can you get by without an automated rank tracker? 

If you only need to track 5 ranks, sure. You can probably get by.

If you need to track more than that? Forget about it. You’ll quickly run into a mountain of trouble if you try to keep up without an automated tracker.

An automated rank tracker can help you beat your competitors, improve your strategy, and monitor your ranks 24/7.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at why an automated rank tracker is necessary for your business.

Beat Your Competitors

Over half of marketers measure SEO performance based on keyword rankings.

Your competitors constantly strive to rank higher on SERPs. If you want to outrank them, you need to understand their current position as well as you understand your own.

An automated rank tracker allows you to track your keyword rankings and compare them with your competitors. You get insights into the performance of your website and identify areas that need improvements.

Without an automated rank tracker, you’re stuck trying to guess what keywords your opponents might be targeting. The most likely scenario is that you miss some major keywords and lose important traffic to your competitors.

On the other hand, with an accurate rank-tracking tool, you can identify your competitors’ strategies and steal the parts that work the best.

Improve Your Strategy

An automated rank tracker helps you discover the important keywords you should target to make your site visible.

For example, let’s say you’re investing a lot of effort into a keyword, but you just can’t break into the first page. On the other hand, you notice that a keyword you haven’t put much work into is already ranking in the top 10.

Using this information, you can switch your effort to the second keyword and get more traffic from it.

You can use the insights gained from your rankings to adjust your SEO strategy, which in turn increases your chances of being visible to potential customers.

With an automated rank tracker, you don’t have to spend hours researching the best keywords, giving you more time to concentrate on creating quality content that will rank on search engines.

Monitor Your Ranks 24/7

Look, I’m sure you’re a hard worker. But nobody can monitor ALL their ranks ALL the time. It’s just not possible.

Unless you’re an algorithm that never sleeps, eats, drinks, or uses the bathroom (which is exactly what your automated rank tracker is).

As your business grows, you need to monitor your search engine ranking constantly. Sometimes, your ranking may drop without you noticing it. The earlier you notice this, the quicker you can take action to improve it.

An automated rank tracker will monitor your position even when you’re sleeping, giving you constant clarity on the progress of your SEO efforts. It can even notify you when something changes.

This 24/7 monitoring allows you to identify any changes that need to be made, such as improving website speed or updating content to focus on new keywords.

How to Automate Your Rank Tracking with ProRankTracker

Keeping tabs on your website’s ranking can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a lot of keywords to monitor. Hopefully, by this point, it’s obvious that you need an automated rank tracker that’s up to the task.

ProRankTracker is an automated rank-tracking tool that will help you with every aspect of your rank-tracking strategy. With ProRankTracker, you can automate your rank tracking and save a ton of time (and money!) while getting more and better data.

Let’s take a closer look into how to use ProRankTracker’s features to automate your rank tracking in five easy steps.

Add URL/Keyword Combos

The first step in automating your rank tracking is to add your URL/keyword combinations to ProRankTracker. You can do this one by one in the Add Wizard tool, or you can use ProRankTracker’s bulk upload feature in the Advanced Add tool.

Add Wizard

Make sure that you include the following:

  • Group and tag to organize your URLs
  • Search engine
  • Search device
  • Language
  • Location data

Including these other data points is one of the main differences between using a sophisticated tool like ProRankTracker and doing it yourself, so don’t skip this important step!

Once you’ve added your URL and keywords, ProRankTracker will track them automatically.

Generate Reports

ProRankTracker allows you to generate more than 20 types of reports:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Historical reports
  • Overview reports
  • Many other types

You can customize these reports to include only the data that’s important to you, such as ranking changes, keyword positions, and search volume. They are also fully white-label customizable.


By setting up automated reporting, you can receive these reports straight to your inbox, saving you time and effort.

Another benefit of reports is that it allows you to show your clients branded white-label reports. You can manage clients and keep them happy with updates as frequently as they want them.

Set Up Rankings Alerts

What if you want to check on your ranks without needing to open ProRankTracker or read a report?

You need to set up rankings alerts with ProRankTracker notifications.

Just open the Reports Center and select a notification you want to set up. Then, fill out the details that you want to get notifications on.

You can set up notifications based on:

  • Reaching a certain rank
  • Increasing by a certain number of ranks
  • Dropping by a certain number of ranks
  • Increasing/decreasing by a certain percentage of its current ranking

Set Up Rankings Alerts

This feature notifies you when certain things change so you can take action quickly. You can even set up alerts for your competitors, allowing you to monitor their ranking movements.

Use the API to Integrate Other Tools

ProRankTracker offers an API that allows you to integrate your other tools and software with ProRankTracker.

This feature enables you to automate even more tasks, such as:

  • Exporting your ranking data to a spreadsheet
  • Integrating ProRankTracker with your website’s analytics software
  • Creating data visualizations with a tool like Google Looker Studio
  • Importing social media ranking data into ProRankTracker

The API is a more advanced feature, so it’s only free with Agency-level plans. Smaller plans can get API access as an add-on for $35 per month.

Expand Your Keyword Strategy With ProRankTracker’s Keyword Tools

Searching for keywords is HARD. It’s so hard that very few small businesses do a very good job of determining what keywords are worth tracking.

ProRankTracker offers several keyword tools that can help you expand your keyword strategy.

The Keyword Suggestions tool allows you to find new keywords to target. It generates a list of brand-new, long-tail keywords based on the list you or your competitor are currently tracking.

The Keyword Suggestions tool

The Rankings Discovery tool shows you any keywords that you AREN’T currently tracking but rank for nonetheless. You can use this tool to find gaps in your strategy or identify the keywords your competitors are targeting.

The Rankings Discovery tool


An automated rank tracker can take your SEO strategy to the next level. It saves you time, increases your accuracy, tracks more ranks, provides you with more data, and helps you avoid disasters.

If you aren’t already using ProRankTracker, sign up for a 30-day free trial to see how much you can benefit from the tool.

With an automated rank tracker, you can monitor your website’s search engine rankings and optimize your content for better performance.

Why wait? Start using an automated rank tracker today and get ahead in the SEO game.