5 standards SEO experts can’t go without

Today I would like to discuss a few very important features that SEO experts value in a SERP tracker. As it happens, we do have these features, but this is not just about us since others offer these features as well. It’s about what matters if you’re doing any serious SEO and want to make quality strategical decisions based on clear signals and inputs from the tools you are using.

Being in the SERP tracking business for 5 years now, we had the chance to talk with many prominent SEO experts and leaders. During our correspondence, I learned a few things about what they valued most in a SERP tracker. Five key elements stood out among those who specifically tried many different services and SERP trackers, and had become very experienced in what the current market had to offer SEO experts (before becoming trusted members of PRT). Some of them left testimonies on our testimony page, while others recommended us on their own websites and articles.

So, here are the 5 key elements found most valuable by SEO experts:

Fresh Updates – The ability to get daily updates on demand was deemed crucial for many running campaigns. If you want to recognize triggers in real time to test your strategic moves, and understand what causes ranks to raise or drop, then you can really get a zoomed-in insight if you get fresh updates. Be mindful that many services unfortunately update ranks only on a weekly basis, while making it seem as if the ranks are fresh. Not getting fresh data can be devastating for a campaign depending on what strategy you’re going with. Not once have I heard the analogy of managing SEO to trading in stocks: You would want to see how your stocks are doing in real time, and in SEO terms, your real time is seeing how the ranks shift on a daily basis—sometimes even more than once a day (For some, fresh data was the tipping point for them to join us instead of other services).

Are your updates as fresh as these fruits, or like stale week-old bread?

Accuracy – Many say this is THE most important property to look for in a SERP tracker. What good is an analytical tool if it shows you approximated data? What if your car’s mileage gauge showed you just roughly how far you’ve traveled? You would probably install a normal gauge very quickly. Accuracy in a SERP tracker also means that you get accurate data from different rank types – mobile ranks, location-based ranks, and from a variety of SE. Some experts valued accuracy so much, they even used several services simultaneously in the past to counter-check against one another and see a more complete picture. Just to emphasize how much accuracy is neglected, in a few very notable services and SERP trackers, accuracy can drop as low as 60% at times, while the average accuracy is around 85% and constantly fluctuating with a 10% diversion.

No redundant features – How many features are too many? Many expensive tools and SERP trackers are packed with a TON of features, which you end up using rarely, if ever at all. All these unneeded features are supposedly there to justify a steep price. Many preferred strictly goal oriented tools that centered around being mostly a gauging tool for their organic SEO, and not anything too dense. A lot of the times, the other features are kept at a minimum usage if ever the need for those extra features arises (for example an audit). Less is more, in a sense.

Price – Although several of the agencies I talked with are doing very well in their field, they have a budget to go by. Price is an issue, even for the big guys. Having the lowest price per keyword in the market was a very important feature to have in a tool. It is important especially for anyone who needs to keep track of many different keywords and search engines. At a certain level, it can become very expensive to upkeep a tool if you’re tracking keywords for several big clients, or you might run a modest agency but everything can change if you suddenly grow your business by landing that huge client that requires a major increase in keyword quota. Having a lower price per keyword also allows you not to restrict yourself so that you can track more keywords and allocate the budget for other important things.

White label reports – Since SEO experts have members and clients of their own, they need to be able to present clear and fresh data to them with their own logo on the report. Having unlimited reports and not paying extra for that feature is also an important feature for them. To connect to the previous point of no redundancies – reports that show crisp, to-the-point RANKS, and nothing else, is a much better solution for clients who don’t always have the expertise or need to look at irrelevant data.

Honorable mention: Ranking Discovery – Although it’s a new feature, our Ranking Discovery has been much appreciated among many of our members and has been slowly but surely building a trusty following of new members that have discovered that great power and potential this tool holds — the main reason being that it allows for a classic strategy of gaining more organic traffic. Read more about it here! It has now become a standard for many, and continues to be an integral part of any SEO strategy.

So there you have it. You should know we offer up to 3 FRESH updates, we are 100% accurate on all fronts, we are very slim and SEO oriented with no unneeded BS features, we have the BEST pound for pound price per keyword on the market, our white label reports are stunning, simple to read and understand and have some very unique and versatile features. Also we have the awesome Keyword Discovery Tool. 6 great reasons for you take us for a free spin!