The 3 most (and actually the only) affordable rank tracking plans for beginners and small businesses

So let’s say you’re a website owner with some decent SEO skills, and you don’t want to hire an expert to promote your website. You believe you can do it yourself and save money in the process. Having some knowledge about SEO, you know you’ll need a trusty SERP tracker to track your progress and see how you rank on the various search engines you plan to tackle, and you already know that checking your ranks manually is awfully inaccurate (and ultimately a waste of time). The trouble is, you’re just starting your business, you’re on a tight budget, and you need a rank tracker that will not only serve your needs in the best way possible, but will also be AFFORDABLE. The same goes if you’re a growing freelance SEO expert and you have a few clients. These clients require easy-to-read SEO ranking reports, so the tool you’ll need will not only need to be affordable to accommodate a humble budget, but it’ll need to offer some sort of white label reporting solutions.

And this is where the challenge begins. You start your market research, and you swiftly realize an uncomfortable truth: Even though the market is oversaturated with rank tracking tools, the prices are just too high. And if you don’t research long and well enough, you might end up thinking that’s just the reality and that there are no affordable plans to be found.

The truth is, there’s a prevalent lack of affordable and FAIR entry-level monthly plans on the market, and the very few that exist are so limited that they’re actually overpriced, absurdly enough.

When starting your business or trying to maintain a struggling one, one of the things that’s absolutely crucial is smart budget management. These are the sink-or-swim times where every dollar counts, which is why it’s absolutely an outrage to see some of the entry-level prices some tools demand.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this. So today, we’ll show you the ONLY affordable and usable entry-level rank-tracking plans on the market that offer real value. We’ll say right off the bat that these are PRT’s plans.

Challenge us! After reading this article, which is ultimately self serving, you’re very welcome to browse the market for equivalent plans and challenge us on the subject. We welcome it. Every point we will bring here can be explored and researched, and in fact, we want you to do your research before deciding where to place your trust. As you are about to learn, we’re the only ones that offer small monthly plans for small businesses as well as huge plans for large ones. To get you started, you can check out our latest article on the subject where we covered some common prices of SERP trackers on the market, and we show that not everything is as simple as it seems at first:
Why some rank trackers are more expensive than they might appear

To business:

Entry Level 1 – Bronze for only $17 a month (billed annually)

This is the perfect plan for small businesses of all types, such as SEO experts, website owners, small e-commerce websites and Shopify stores, video marketers and video content creators, and others. This is, pound-for-pound, the most affordable rank-tracking plan on the market by a long shot.

Here is what you get for that price:

A 300-term quota

That amounts to only $0.056 per tracked term. A term is one keyword + URL + search engine + ranking factor combo. For example: {keyword: dancing shoes, URL:, search engine:, platform: mobile, mobile rank type: iPhone, location: New York, UI language: ENG}

300 terms are more than enough to solidly keep track of 1-3 websites, which is just about the right amount for beginners.

If you want to get a better grasp on how to calculate exactly how many keywords and terms you’ll need for your SEO campaign, check out oure previous article:

The 4 things you need to figure out to choose the best rank tracking monthly plan for your business and SEO needs

100% accuracy

The fact that the price is attractive doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on accuracy. PRT is the only tool on the market that monitors all of Google’s smallest changes. Our algorithms adapt to any micro-change Google makes, which allows us to give you 100% accurate ranking data at virtually all times, even when a huge update hits.

Full search-engine coverage

Entry-level users get the SAME search-engine coverage that our big users get:

  • Google – more details on that right away.
  • Yahoo! and Bing – these two search engines are great for beginners – they are often easier to rank on, and Bing is actually very popular in the US and offers some great value in the form of a mature user base with a more solid income than Google.
  • Yandex – the Russian speaking market is huge, and if you get a Russian speaking client there is no need to search for a separate tool to accurately track your Yandex ranks.
  • YouTube – small video marketers will be able to track their YouTube video ranks and see them side by side with their Google ranks, like so:
  • Amazon – This is especially great if you run a small e-commerce or Shopify website and also sell your products on Amazon:

Full Google ranking coverage, with tracking for specific SERP elements

Now tracking Google is a subject in its own right, and we’ll provide some links about it at the end of this article. What you need to know in regards to what you’ll get for $17 is the ability to track virtually ALL of Google’s ranking factors and properties required for 2018 and beyond. That includes:

  • Desktop vs. Mobile ranks
  • Ranks by UI language
  • Two futuristic ranking layers that only PRT is able to currently track — we’re talking about inner mobile ranking types distinguished by OS, plus screen types (which might be the SEO field of the future).
  • Exact location rank tracking – ranks filtered by tens of thousands of unique geo-targeted locations
  • Snack Pack – for businesses that also have a physical location that can be visited – track the 3 Snack Pack spots
  • Extended top 100 Google map results – our Local Finder feature can track the entire top 100 map results from virtually any location on the planet!
  • Google Video carousel SERP element – also great for video marketers – track your video’s position within the carousel and also the carousel’s position within the SERP!

Unlimited ranking reports

If you’re a freelance SEO expert who’s still growing, you’ll need to send out ranking reports to your clients to give them some real value and increase your chances of getting future referrals. PRT has more than 12 types of ranking reports that are fully customizable, from very simple-to-read SEO ranking reports any client can understand to highly advanced and detailed reports. The best part is, you can send as many as you like and experiment all you want until you find the type of report that works best for you and your client! You can also use our reports to create stunning case studies to entice potential clients to get on board.

100% white label features

This one is more relevant for SEO experts who have their own logo and brand they want to showcase for their clients and not too important for website owners doing their own SEO.

Every one of the 12 reports that PRT can generate can showcase your logo and company details instead of PRT’s. The reports can then be set up to be sent from YOUR email address. Every report can also include an opening and closing paragraph that you can style any way that you need, just like a Word document:

You can also save the forms you create as templates for future use. You can create as many templates as you need!

White-label solutions are especially important for SEO experts making their first moves on the tough and highly competitive SEO playing field. Showcasing your brand will make you appear more established and will level the playing field quite a bit, potentially allowing you to beat larger and more established competitors.

Unlimited white-label Shared Reports

Shared reports are live reports that are hosted on a specially generated link. The link can be encrypted with a password and customized to have an expiration date. Sending your clients their own private link with their live ranking data is a great way to impress them and show them some real value.

Here is an example you can check out right now! The password is “shared”.

1 Sub-Account

Even our first entry-level plan users can enjoy the highest level of white-label features we’ve got: their very own PRT sub-account. This is basically PRT’s rank tracker that can be branded with your logo instead of PRT’s, like so:

Sub-accounts are controlled from your main PRT account. You can create a unique user name and password and set any permissions for every sub-account that you need:

You can give it to a colleague or possibly a big client that you need to impress.

The full Google search volume is revealed for all the keywords you track

Great for SEO and SEM. This is very valuable for small-budget operations. Google only shows search volume to high paying AdWord users, which is irrelevant in cases of organic SEO campaigns that don’t use paid ads at all and for marketers who don’t have the budget to be “high paying” to begin with. PRT shows you your exact monthly Google search volume for every keyword that you track. For example, here’s the most popular keyword on Google and how it’s seen on PRT’s data table:

What’s really awesome here is even if you don’t do organic SEO and just focus on SEM and AdWords, you can still save money by getting your exact search volume through PRT for only $17 a month!

1 update on demand
Google generally crawls websites with no fresh content only once every few weeks. But if you’re doing active SEO and updating your website with fresh, high-quality content, Google will take notice and start crawling your website very frequently (as often as every few seconds, in some cases!). All of your ranking data is fetched at least once a day, and at $17 a month you get an ADDITIONAL update on demand for any term that you track at any time of the day.

If you hit a positive wave and Google starts crawling your website frequently, you might want to get updated more than once a day, and it’s exactly for that reason we allow even our entry-level users to have 1 update on demand, so that they can better see how their ranks are faring.

Trash quota

If you have terms and keywords that you don’t currently track (such as terms that have become irrelevant or terms that have yet to become needed), but you still don’t want to lose that data, you can store them in the Trash. While the name isn’t very appealing, it can also be used as an archive and a tool to cycle your ranking data until you upgrade to a higher plan and can extract some of the terms from the trash and start tracking them.

Just as a comparison point, the other “affordable” monthly plans you’ll find will be priced at about $49 a month for 300 terms. That vs. $17 a month can make a HUGE difference for a small business! That’s $588 a year vs. $204 a year of difference! With the $384 that you save, you can actually invest in more marketing or maybe buy some much-needed extra office equipment. And their $49 plan still won’t get you anywhere close to the rank-tracking coverage and features that we offer at $17.

Be careful of auto-renewal traps and gray-fee shenanigans! One of the more annoying aspects of trying out new tools is giving out your credit card and knowing full well you might forget to cancel and get charged that first month, even if you don’t plan to continue using the tool. In the scenarios we presented here, where the business is just growing, this can be a very unfair charge. So be mindful of that, and always remember to cancel on time! PRT doesn’t use any gray-fee tactics, and we will explain why at the end of this article.

Entry Level 2 – Bronze+ for only $35 a month (billed annually)

Great for beginners with slightly more experience and size. An additional $18 a month will bump you up to the next level. All the features mentioned above will remain, and some will increase in quota. Plus, new features will be unlocked at this level. Here is what you get:

800 terms

A larger quota almost 3 times as big at just twice the price of the 1st level. You pay only $0.043 per tracked term!

SEO experts that have slightly more clients and run bigger SEO campaigns will benefit greatly from this plan. Website owners that have more than one website and Shopify websites with a wider variety of products can enjoy the increased quota as well.

2 Sub-Accounts

More potential for growth and one more client that can enjoy their very own sub-account with YOUR logo instead of PRT’s.

NEW feature unlocked: MyRanks client app

The Level 2 Bronze+ plan will give you access to our most popular white label feature, the MyRanks mobile app. It’s a unique mobile app your clients can download to follow their live ranking data. The app can be set with a unique user name and password. The app will have YOUR logo on it and an ‘About’ tab with your company details, which will make it appear like it is, in fact, YOUR technology (PRT is completely backstage).

Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-10-49 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-24 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-11-43 Screenshot_2016-06-06-20-17-57

This is basically a show stopper as far as impressing clients goes.

This plan level is STILL more affordable than the other cheapest entry-level plan on the market, even though it offers considerably more.

Entry Level 3 – Bronze for only $53 a month (billed annually)

The last stop before upgrading to the higher levels. Here is what you get if you’re willing to invest another $18 a month:

An even larger quota of 1,500 terms – this amounts to $0.035 per tracked term. That’s 5 times the original quota for only 3 times the price! Great for even established SEO agencies and not only small businesses.

3 Sub-accounts

2 updates on demand – with this, you can have your ranking data fetched a total of 3 times!

This is about the same price as the basic monthly plans that other tools offer, yet has almost 5 times the value!

Now you know

So, now that we’ve covered all that, it’s time for you to try out everything you read about FOR FREE. And when we say free, we mean it. There will be no credit card required for this one, no auto-renewal traps, and no other such nonsense. As we said earlier, we are very straightforward in our approach, and we believe that our tech will speak for itself.

Start your 7-day free trial with all features unlocked HERE.

Once the trial is over, you’ll simply be moved to our regular free monthly plan that has no charges or time limits.

After you see the magic of real rank tracking, you can link to PRT using our Affiliate Program. You will be introducing people to a truly high-quality SERP tracker and will get to enjoy a whopping 20% recurring commission for the entire duration of the referred account!

Here are some helpful links that we promised, in case you want to learn more about Google’s geo-targeting and personalization layers:

SERP tracking in a post-privacy world: How Google knows your location virtually at all times
Google airport ranks and the new levels of local SEO rank tracking in 2018
What Google isn’t telling us about their current (and future) mobile ranking algorithm

About Pro Rank Tracker

PRT is an industry-standard SERP tracker with over 50k users of all sizes! We not only have the most affordable plans on the market for beginners, as you just saw, but we are also the most affordable at high quotas! We start as low as $0.017 per tracked term, and yet we also offer outrageously high quotas spanning as many as 200,000 terms (available on request only).