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Google Business Profile Update: SEO Strategies to Win

What would you say if I asked you for the 5 most essential tools for business owners?  The chances are high that 10 different business owners would have 10 different answers to the same question. There are just so many good tools out there! However, almost everyone would put Google My Business somewhere on their […]

PRT UPDATE: The Best Rank Tracker for 2022 (And Beyond!)

Looking for the BEST rank tracker? ProRankTracker just got MUCH better with its latest update. If you’ve put any effort into your website’s SEO ranking, you already know that gauging and monitoring your rank is half the battle.  It’s a challenge to stay up-to-date on all the changes to your website’s rank (the main reason […]

Performance-Based SEO: Pros and Cons

Most of us start working on SEO with dreams of uncovering the perfect keyword, shooting to the top of the SERP, or beating our competitors and winning tons of traffic. However, your very first SEO decision is whether you’re going to do your SEO or if you’ll hire someone to do it for you. While […]

19 Common SEO Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Even if you’re a total beginner at SEO, you know the goal of SEO is to get more people to see your website. More visitors means: More exposure More leads More sales But what if you spend all that time and effort on optimizing your website, but the traffic doesn’t start pouring in as you’d […]

12 SEO Hacks So Good It’s (Almost) Like Cheating

Getting started in SEO can feel like starting out at the base of Mount Everest. It might feel like you have a never-ending journey ahead of you. Even worse, it can feel like you HAVE to climb to the top before you start getting any traffic. If you’re a novice mountain climber, that challenge seems […]

18 SEO Ranking Reports to Change Your Business Forever

Some people start working with SEO thinking it’s a “set it and forget it” deal.  Just choose the right keywords, the right backlinks, and BAM! Your website blows up and is the hottest thing on Google. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way — good SEO is all about keeping up with your SEO rank data […]

Google Maps Rank Tracker: How to Check Local SEO Rankings

Looking for a Google Maps rank checker? Try ProRankTracker for FREE today. Imagine this. You’ve opened up a new bike shop in your hometown.  You worked for years to save enough cash, renovate the building, and finally open your doors for business. You’ve done your research and spent countless hours working on your website’s SEO.  […]

Fake Google Reviews: How to Combat Review Spam on Google

Have you ever read reviews for a business or product, and something just felt off? Maybe the wording was strange, the vocabulary was wrong, or the reviewer’s name looked weird. If so, there’s a good chance you stumbled across a fake Google review. More and more people are turning to online reviews to help them […]

How to Use Google Trends to Choose Hot & Upcoming Keywords

Keyword strategies are a tricky business. There are so many questions to answer to be successful: What are people searching for right now? What will people be searching for in the future? How can I outperform the other pages competing for these keywords? For a long time, there wasn’t a reliable way to get answers […]

Google Penalty Removal: How to Recover From 25 SEO Penalties

You’ve spent weeks on your SEO strategy, and everything is finally in place. Excited, you check your ranks daily, waiting to for them shoot through the roof! But when they eventually change, it’s not the change you’d hoped for.  Your ranks plummeted.https://proranktracker.com/blog/15-web-directories-that-still-have-seo-value-in-2020/ Ay Yai Yai! Why? There’s a good chance you’ve been hit by a […]

How to Use White Label SEO to Scale & Boost Profitability

A potential client reaches out to you and asks if you can handle their SEO strategy in addition to your regular services offered. Booyah! (Pop the champagne and cue the confetti) And then you’re smacked with reality — you don’t have SEO operations in place.  SEO isn’t even part of your standard service package. Is […]

How to Use Amazon Keywords to Sell More Than Ever

If you’ve had a website for more than a minute, you probably know how to optimize your website for web searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We focus so much on SEO for our websites because 68% of online experiences begin with a search on a search engine (with over 90% coming through Google). But […]

10 Types of Schema Markup & Rich Snippets (+Benefits)

Should you use Schema markup? Are the claims that it’ll help your search engine ranks true? In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the Schema markup along with its perks.  Since more than 92% of all web searches are made on Google, we’ll focus on Schema markup’s functionality within Google. By the end of […]

24 Best Web Directories for SEO (That Still Have Value in 2021)

Before search engines, we had web directories that cataloged websites like the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages. (Are you old enough to remember phone books?) To find a website, you’d browse the list of websites alphabetically or by category. In fact, one of the reasons Jeff Bezos named his website “Amazon” is because it starts with […]

SEM Strategy: How to Leverage Search to Market Your Business

When a consumer wants to research before purchasing, their first stop is most likely search engines.  Their search might include their specific pain points, a range of available product options, or familiar brands.  If you’ve been focusing on your organic SEO, you may not have made it to the top of SERPs yet, which could […]