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Fastest SEO Results: 7 Actionable Tips (No Backlinks Needed)

In this article, I’m going to walk you through 7 actionable SEO hacks to help you get the results you want — fast.  If you want to get the fastest SEO results, you’re going to need to be doing two things: Using carefully executed short-term tactics. And… Implementing these short-term tactics into your long-term strategy. […]

13 Crucial SEO KPIs to Start Monitoring SEO Performance

In this article, I’ll be going over 13 crucial SEO KPIs that you need to be tracking if you want to climb the SERPs and dominate your competitors. Search-focused marketing is a marathon with numerous factors that are going to take you through highs and lows. And SEO is a long-term strategy that needs to […]

Website Audit Checklist: How to Do an SEO Audit Like a Pro

In this definitive guide, I’ll show you exactly how to do a website audit with my proven website audit checklist. Before any SEO technique is implemented onto a website, it’s crucial to have your site’s foundation squared away. You wouldn’t start building a house on a weak foundation, and it’s the same thing when it […]