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How to Use White Label SEO to Scale & Boost Profitability

A potential client reaches out to you and asks if you can handle their SEO strategy in addition to your regular services offered.

Booyah! (Pop the champagne and cue the confetti)

And then you’re smacked with reality — you don’t have SEO operations in place. 

SEO isn’t even part of your standard service package.

Is that a deal-breaker? 

Are you going to have to turn this client’s business down because you don’t have your own SEO tool?

Wait — don’t vacuum up the confetti, pour the bubbly down the drain, and curl up into a ball just yet. 

Give us 7 minutes to show you how to use a white label SEO program to land new clients, make sales, and increase profitability.

Interest piqued?

Keep reading…

In this post we’ll cover:

What Is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is utilizing a 3rd party SEO agency to provide SEO services for your clients.

In other words, you, the SEO reseller, is the middle man between the SEO agency and the end client.

However, instead of selling the services under the name of the SEO agency, the white label SEO reseller rebrands under its own name. 

YOUR brand name.

Now, mind you, the reseller doesn’t simply hire the SEO firm to do all the work. 

They also strategize with the client and guide them in making critical SEO decisions.

These private label SEO services are beneficial for all 3 parties:

  • The SEO agency gets to sell its services to the white labeler.
  • The reseller lands a new client.
  • The client can work with a single company that provides several services instead of working with multiple providers of different services.

If white label SEO sounds sketchy, don’t worry, It’s perfectly legal.

However, you’ve got to make sure of a couple of things before you start selling a white label SEO service.

First, ensure the company you’re purchasing SEO services from permits the resale of their services. 

Most do, so that shouldn’t be an issue. 

In addition, many SEO companies will even offer special white label SEO tools that make it easier to rebrand their services — that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Second, you’ve got to have the know-how to implement a solid SEO strategy for your client.

If you don’t know SEO, you probably aren’t ready to sell white label SEO.

(If you don’t know how to do SEO yet, don’t give up! We recommend starting with the basics like doing a website audit, then moving on to more advanced techniques.)

Benefits of White Label SEO

Is it really worth the effort it takes to sell white label SEO?


Working with a white label SEO company provides a ton of benefits to you and your clients.

There are 2 alternatives to selling white label services:

  1. Don’t sell SEO services, thus eliminating a lucrative stream of revenue.
  2. Create your own SEO tool before you add it to your current services offered.

I think you’ll agree, neither of these options is appealing. 

#1 keeps you from bringing on clients who need SEO services and are ready to pony up the cash to get it done. 

#2 takes valuable time and resources away from your core product or service.

On the other hand, selling private label SEO services offers a heap of benefits.

Increase Sales

Obvious, yes, but we’ll say it anyway. 

Working with a white label SEO company will help increase your sales.

As more and more businesses hand off their SEO to a 3rd party, the demand for resellers is only going up.

In other words, now’s the perfect time to add SEO strategy to your service package. 

It’ll make your company more attractive to businesses looking for SEO help.

Potential clients may shy away from a provider that doesn’t offer SEO. 

It’s estimated that 61% of marketers believe that improving SEO is their top inbound marketing priority. 

white label seo 1

When the time comes, you want to make sure you give your business the edge by providing in-demand services.

Adding SEO to your services doesn’t only attract new clients — it also increases the value you offer to your current clients.

In addition, you’ll likely be able to add SEO services to your current clients’ packages, increasing your revenue.


A huge benefit of selling white label SEO to your clients is that it makes your business look mighty good.

When you label SEO services with your own brand, it gives the impression you’ve got your own SEO tool. 

Instead of selling SEO with another brand’s logo on it, you get complete control over the design.

From your client’s perspective, seeing that your brand is stamped on the SEO tool inspires confidence.

In other words, white label SEO gives you the glory of having your own SEO tools without the cost, effort, and expertise of developing them.

Low Cost

White label SEO saves you and your clients’ money in 3 significant ways:

  1. You don’t have to spend money developing tools.
  2. You don’t have to hire new employees.
  3. Start-up costs are low, and they’ll only grow when your business does.

The cost of developing your own SEO tools can be astronomical. 

White label sidesteps this issue by relying on pre-existing tools.

In addition to the cost of the tools, most white label SEO resellers don’t have to hire SEO experts. 

Instead, existing employees can quickly learn the white label SEO program.

Finally, your SEO spending won’t grow until your client base does — most white label providers offer packages based on how many terms you track.


When you choose to resell white label SEO, you’ll only spend what your current client base can support.

There aren’t many business opportunities that come with almost zero startup costs.

White label SEO is one of them. 

You won’t incur any costs until you’re ready to start selling.

Work with Trusted Industry Leaders

Finally, white label SEO means you’ll get to work with leaders in the SEO industry instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

When you contract an established SEO provider, you get their years of experience as part of the deal. 

And that means you’ll be able to provide better SEO, more accurate data, and more comprehensive options than you would otherwise.

Working with established industry leaders is a confidence booster for you because it means you’re getting the best data possible. 

Why redo all the hard work already done to create the best SEO tools on the market? 

Using ProRankTracker to Manage Multiple Clients’ SEO Results

If you’ve only ever managed your own SEO, it might seem like an enormous task to manage several other businesses’ SEO as well.

You probably have lingering questions:

  • How does everything stay organized?
  • How can you stay up-to-date when tracking thousands of terms?
  • How much time will it take?

While there’s certainly a learning curve to strategizing and tracking SEO for multiple clients, white label SEO tools like ProRankTracker make it a breeze to learn.

ProRankTracker is designed with white label SEO resellers in mind. 

There are plenty of helpful features to keep each client’s data separate and organized.

Let’s run through some of ProRankTracker’s key features to help answer those questions swirling around in your head.

URL Groups

One of ProRankTracker’s core organization features is the ability to sort all of your tracked URLs into groups.


For example, you might sort one client’s tracked URLs into a group titled “Client 1” and another client’s URLs into “Client 2” (Bonus points for being more creative than these names).

When you use groups to organize your clients’ URLs, you can easily filter out those groups when using the URL view or term view.

3 1

Keeping URLs organized into groups makes it uber easy to view one client’s data at a time.

You can also make adjustments to an entire group of URLs at the same time, which simplifies generating updates and graphs. 

For example, I created this graph of daily rank changes for a group of URLs in the ProRankTracker dashboard — it took me all of 10 seconds.

4 1

Making URL groups is a piece of cake — just select the URLs you want to group, name the group and click “Save.

To filter out a certain client’s URLs, type their URL into the “Filter” box and select the URLs to filter.

5 1


Adding tags to tracked search terms gives you even more control over how terms are organized in the ProRankTracker system.

For example, let’s go back to your “Client 1” group of URLs. 

Let’s say your client is launching a store in Seattle and another one in Olympia — naturally, they’re going to want to track local ranks for both of those stores.

You can create a “Seattle” term tag and an “Olympia” term tag to accomplish this. 

Then, just plug in the local search terms for each one in the appropriate tag.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

6 1

Separating terms into tags gives you precise data on each aspect of a client’s campaign performance. 

From the Term View page or the URL View page in ProRankTracker, just filter out the tag you want to see. 

All the associated terms and URLs will appear with up-to-date ranking data.


Creating tags is also simple:

  1. Select the URLs you want and click “Next.”
  2. Select the terms you want to tag.
  3. Name the tag and assign it a color.
  4. Click “Save.”

That’s it. 

You’re ready to collect data on multiple search terms with minimal effort.

8 1

Advanced Filtering Options

Even after using URL groups and term tags, you might need to customize your ProRankTracker data a little more.

That’s where advanced filters come in.

In ProRankTracker, you can filter clients’ data by group, tag, search device, location, language, and more. 

By using these advanced filtering options, you can quickly get the specific data you need.

For example, a client might be launching a mobile-friendly website. 

In that case, you’d filter results by search device to see how mobile users are responding to the new site.


If you have several clients, using such specific filtering can become a massive drain on your time. 

Fortunately, ProRankTracker allows you to save and name your filters.


Using the example about the mobile site, I might name that filter “Client 1 Mobile” (again, hopefully, you think of better names!). 

Every time I want to check on that aspect of my client’s campaign, I just access that filter with a single click.

Saving filters saves an incredible amount of time while simultaneously increasing your control over the ProRankTracker system. 

It’s a win-win.


When working with multiple clients, it’s impossible to manually filter through all of their data every day. 

However, both you and the clients must stay up-to-date on significant changes.

That’s why one of the best time-saving features ProRankTracker offers is the ability to turn almost anything into an automatic notification.

3 cheers for automation!


Let’s go back to our example of the client opening stores in Seattle and Olympia. 

What if their Seattle location’s URLs experience a sudden drop in rank a week before they open?

Without automatic notifications, you might not catch on to what’s happening in time to fix it before the grand opening, which could be catastrophic to the launch.

With notifications, both you and your client are alerted as soon as a change occurs,and you can fix the problem asap.

Notifications are essential for several reasons:

  • They keep you up-to-date when catastrophe strikes.
  • They save time by automatically sifting through data for you (even while you sleep!).
  • They give clients peace of mind by letting them know when any significant changes occur.

ProRankTracker’s suite of tools makes it simple to track data for multiple clients. 

In addition, these tools save you time by streamlining and organizing all of your clients’ data.

How to Use ProRankTracker for White Label SEO

It doesn’t matter how many clients’ data you can track if you can’t share that data with them in an appealing way.

ProRankTracker’s suite of white label SEO tools ensures that your clients are regularly receiving accurate data branded with your company’s logo.

Let’s look at the white label SEO tools that help you present a solid image to clients while providing them with the best data available.

Customizable Reports

Reports are the backbone of your relationship with your clients. 

As you resell white label SEO services, the reports you share will form most of your clients’ impressions of your service.

ProRankTracker offers 15 highly detailed reports and you can generate any type of report on demand whenever a client requests one.


These white label SEO reports are also fully customizable, meaning you can change their appearance in several ways:

  • Headers and footers
  • Logos
  • Cover page
  • Color scheme

By customizing the reports to fit your brand’s style, you’re establishing your reputation as an SEO organization.

Customizing reports is straightforward. 

You simply create a template with all of your desired customizations, then select that template when you make the report.

ProRankTracker will save your templates, so that the customizing process is a one-and-done deal.


To create a report, select the report type you want to generate from the list, then set the report parameters from the dropdown menus.


The report that ProRankTracker generates will be downloadable + shareable.


The flexibility of ProRankTracker’s reports lets you keep your clients fully updated while staying in control of your brand’s image.

Shared Reports

Many clients may want a timely, updated report without waiting for you to send them. 

That’s where shared reports come in.


A shared report is fully customizable, just like the other reports on ProRankTracker.

However, instead of a download, a shared report is shared as a web page.


To enable you to retain control over your brand image as an SEO reseller, ProRankTracker allows you to customize the shared report’s appearance AND web address.


They’ve thought of everything.

For example, you could change the web address of this shared report from “ranksreports.com” to your business name.

You can also add security measures like a password, expiration date, or a download restriction.

The purpose of a shared report is to keep your clients updated, so it’s refreshed daily, which is cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

When they click the link to view the report you shared with them, they’ll see 2 reports:

  1. Overview report
  2. Daily breakdown reports

The overview report includes the client’s tracked URLs plus terms and information about how their ranks have changed.

The daily breakdown reports go into detail about how your client’s URLs have performed for each search term. 

It provides a quick snapshot giving your clients an accurate picture of their site’s performance.


Shared reports are a great way to give your clients peace of mind.

As an added bonus, they make you look like you’ve got it going on. 

Email Updates

You don’t want to worry about manually sending reports to all of your clients every day. 

Email updates are a fantastic way to keep all your clients updated and happy without lifting a finger.

Like other reports, email updates are fully customizable. 

For example, you can customize appearance, content, and sender’s email address.

That means your client is never going to receive an email from ProRankTracker — they’ll get it from your business’ email.

As a white label SEO reseller, the ability to keep everything under your brand name is a massive win for your reputation.

Because remember, you want them to know you’ve got it going on. 


If your client prefers, you can have these reports drop directly into their Dropbox or Google Drive

Finally, you can customize the frequency of these automatic updates by choosing daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your client’s requests.

By using these 3 categories of customizable white-label reports, you’ll present an on-point brand image to your clients without sacrificing SEO quality.

MyRanks App

If your client wants to level up their data reporting, ProRankTracker allows you to deliver updates through the MyRanks app.

As the reseller, you’ll generate a username and password for your clients and choose what data to show them on the app.


Your clients can download the MyRanks app from the App Store or Google Play, and after logging in with the user info you provide, they’ll have instant access to:

  • Rankings of URLs and terms
  • Historical ranking data
  • Stats 

Perhaps the best part of the MyRanks app is that it’s also customizable. 

So when your client logs into the app, they’ll see YOUR company name and logo.

Pretty slick, we know.

Offering clients easy access to their ranks through the MyRanks app could be the difference between them choosing your company or someone else. 

It separates you from other SEO resellers that provide the bare minimum.


Some clients want access to their data and also want some measure of control over their SEO strategy.  

Sub-accounts allow you to give your clients as much or as little control as they want over their SEO.

A sub-account has access to the same features you have on ProRankTracker. 

The only difference is that the main account (which belongs to your business) determines what the sub-account can see.

This is accomplished in 2 ways:

1. Permissions — Permissions determine what your client can DO with their data. By toggling specific permissions, you can keep clients from adding or deleting URLs and terms, generating reports, or editing their tracked terms.


2. Groups — You can choose what URL groups the client has access to on their sub-account. By selecting URL groups, you can give clients access to only their URLs so they can’t access your other clients’ data (obviously a big no-no).


As with all of ProRankTracker’s white label features, you can customize the appearance of your clients’ sub-accounts, so they’ll see your company’s logo instead of ProRankTracker’s logo when they log in.


White label SEO can help grow your business by expanding the services you offer your clients.

Unlike creating your own SEO tools (the SEO equivalent of reinventing the wheel), reselling white label SEO is extremely cost-effective.

ProRankTracker not only offers the most accurate data on the market, but it offers a great suite of white-label-specific tools to boot.

Customizable reports, sub-accounts, and company branding allow you to carefully curate your brand’s image while reselling SEO.

The only thing left now is to find new clients!