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Top 10 Small but Powerful things to notice in the new PRT interface!

We hope that you're enjoying the new interface. Here's a list…
best rank tracker

PRT UPDATE: The Best Rank Tracker for 2022 (And Beyond!)

Looking for the BEST rank tracker? ProRankTracker just got MUCH…
performance based SEO

Performance-Based SEO: Pros and Cons

Most of us start working on SEO with dreams of uncovering the…
seo issues

19 Common SEO Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Even if you’re a total beginner at SEO, you know the goal of…
seo hacks

12 SEO Hacks So Good It’s (Almost) Like Cheating

Getting started in SEO can feel like starting out at the base…
how to track keywords

How to Track Keywords: 6 SEO Keyword Tracking Tips for Pros

Looking for an easy way to track keywords? Try ProRankTracker…
seo rank reporting 1

18 SEO Ranking Reports to Change Your Business Forever

Some people start working with SEO thinking it’s a “set it…
google maps rank tracker

Google Maps Rank Tracker: How to Check Local SEO Rankings

Looking for a Google Maps rank checker? Try ProRankTracker for…
fake google reviews

Fake Google Reviews: How to Combat Review Spam on Google

Have you ever read reviews for a business or product, and something…
how to use google trends

How to Use Google Trends to Choose Hot & Upcoming Keywords

Keyword strategies are a tricky business. There are so many…
serp tracking

The Most Accurate SERP Tracker for Businesses (2023)

Remember the good ol’ days when SEO was simple? You could…
google penalty removal

Google Penalty Removal: How to Recover From 25 SEO Penalties

You’ve spent weeks on your SEO strategy, and everything is…
white label seo

How to Use White Label SEO to Scale & Boost Profitability

A potential client reaches out to you and asks if you can handle…
how to use amazon keywords 2

How to Use Amazon Keywords to Sell More Than Ever

If you’ve had a website for more than a minute, you probably…
benefits of schema markup

10 Types of Schema Markup & Rich Snippets (+Benefits)

Should you use Schema markup? Are the claims that it’ll…
Web directories

24 Best Web Directories for SEO (That Still Have Value in 2023)

Before search engines, we had web directories that cataloged…
sem strategy

SEM Strategy: How to Leverage Search to Market Your Business

When a consumer wants to research before purchasing, their first…
seo roi

SEO ROI: How to Calculate the Value of SEO

You’ve been plugging away at your SEO strategy.  Your website…
Ad Title

17 Tips to Write Great SEO Titles & Ad Headlines (Make More $$$)

As digital marketers, we know it’s essential to stand out.  Competition…
SEO Techniques

20 Advanced SEO Techniques to Dominate Your Rankings in 2023

The world of SEO is dynamic.  As Google and other search…
seo clients seo leads

How to Get More SEO Leads to Convert to SEO Clients 101

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get more SEO leads to convert…
ecommerce KPIs

12 eCommerce KPIs to Track for a More Profitable Business

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose essential eCommerce…
enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO: How to Leverage Brand Authority in the SERPs

In this enterprise SEO guide (for agencies and in-house marketing…
ProRankTracker vs. Ahrefs Rank Tracker 4

Ahrefs Rank Tracker Alternative: Try ProRankTracker

In this comparison guide, we’ll compare Ahrefs Rank Tracker…
SEO Reports for Clients

SEO Reports for Clients: Create Your White-Labeled Template

In this definitive guide, you'll learn what to include in your…
SERP Analysis An Analyzation Guide to Out Rank Competitors

SERP Analysis: An Analyzation Guide to Out-Rank Competitors

In this guide, I’m going to teach you what a SERP analysis…
ProRankTracker vs. Rank Ranger 1

Rank Ranger vs. ProRankTracker: Best Rank Ranger Alternative

In this guide, we’ll compare Rank Ranger to ProRankTracker…
SEO Software for Agencies

Best SEO Software for Agencies: Scale Your Agency (2023)

In this guide, I’ll go over the best SEO software tools for…

AccuRanker vs. ProRankTracker: The Best AccuRanker Alternative

In this comparison guide, we’re going to be comparing ProRankTracker…
Google search results moving towards the 1 position 6

Fastest SEO Results: 7 Actionable Tips (No Backlinks Needed)

In this article, I’m going to walk you through 7 actionable…
KPIs 1

13 Crucial SEO KPIs to Start Monitoring SEO Performance

In this article, I’ll be going over 13 crucial SEO KPIs that…

Website Audit Checklist: How to Do an SEO Audit Like a Pro

In this definitive guide, I’ll show you exactly how to do a…
10 basic meta tags for a solid SEO content structure 2

10 Basic Meta Tags for a Solid SEO Content Structure

Meta tags for SEO used to be one of the best catalysts in getting…
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How do negative reviews impact Google rankings?

We have often written about the impact of reviews on brand building…
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The 58 Million faces of a single Google search

Let's say you search for a "sushi bar" on Google. Google will…

Mobile-first indexing for ALL websites by the end of 2020. Are you ready?

Early this year some webmasters were greeted with this notice…

Affiliates assemble! How to sell the best SERP tracker on the market

If you want to recommend the highest quality SERP tracker on…
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3 models of consumer behaviors all marketers should know about

No matter what your expertise as a marketer is, be it SEO, social…

How to track 20,000 search results for only $25

This figure might sound too good to be true, not because it is,…
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Google vs. SEO: Are featured snippets even good for webmasters?

One of the major 2020 Google algo updates had a lot to do with…
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5 unfair SEO solutions for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest fields of internet…
star wars

Google vs. Amazon: Begun this battle of eCommerce search has

Google has conquered the search engine market, email market,…
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The 5 hottest B2B eCommerce Platforms for 2020

One of the unpleasant sides of smoothly running an online shop…

It’s now free to sell products on Google’s Shopping search results!

In case you've been neglecting the 'Shopping' tab and Google's…
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7 Tips for working from home during Coronavirus times

While many people are effectively unemployed because of the situation,…
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5 reasons to KEEP CALM and STOP your clients from abandoning your SEO ship

This article will not be about the virus since virtually every…
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Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 3): Tracking your product ranks and reporting

In part 3, we will finish our essential Amazon SEO guide and…
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Cool YouTube stats & facts for 2020

For YouTube's 15thanniversary, we decided to cover some current…
amazon part2

Amazon’s A9 algorithm SEO guide (Part 2): External optimization and product management

If you've been reading our blog, last week we covered the first…