10 Content Writing Topics To Help Boost Your SEO

10 Content Writing Topics To Help Boost Your SEO

Are you looking to improve your SEO? Not sure where to start? Content is critical in any successful SEO strategy, and compelling content is key. While there are endless possibilities for what type of content you can create that will help your website rank higher in search engine results, here are ten specific topics that are proven to make a difference.

Keep reading for ten powerful content writing topics on using these topics as an effective SEO strategy!

Tutorials and guides

Tutorials and guides are an effective way to boost your SEO. By providing helpful, detailed information on topics related to your business or industry, you can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Tutorials also give readers a better understanding of how they can use products or services offered by your company. When writing tutorials and guides, providing as much detail as possible is important. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions on how to do something, be sure to include screenshots or images that illustrate the process.

Additionally, ensure your content is well-organized and easy to understand. This will help readers find exactly what they are looking for. A blog post or tutorial that is helpful and covers a topic in depth will be more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

Latest News and Trends

Stay updated with the latest trends and news on SEO

Fig. 1. Stay updated with the latest trends and news on SEO

Staying on top of the latest industry news and trends related to your industry is an important part of SEO. Regularly publishing blog posts on the latest news and trends can help your website rank higher in SERPs. Not only will this draw more organic traffic to your site, but it can also give readers a better understanding of what’s happening in your industry.

Additionally, be sure to link back to authoritative sources whenever possible; this can help improve the credibility of your content and boost SEO.

Many blog post ideas relevant to news and trends can be found on google trends, social media, or even in newspaper and magazine articles. Utilizing these sources as inspiration for your content will help make sure you’re consistently providing readers with timely, up-to-date information.

When trending topics are covered promptly, this can give your website an edge in search engine rankings. Whether it’s for your own blog or a news article, ensure to include relevant keywords and phrases that readers may use when searching for information related to those topics.

Comparison and ‘vs.’ Posts

Comparison and ‘vs. ’ posts can be used to significant effect when it comes to content writing and SEO. By creating a post or article that compares two different products, services, concepts, or innovative ideas, you can create engaging content that will attract readers from both sides of the debate. This content is also search engine friendly, as readers may search for phrases such as ‘Product A vs. Product B’ or ‘Feature X vs. Feature Y.’

When writing a comparison post, try to keep things balanced and unbiased. You should take an objective approach when discussing each topic you’re comparing. This helps to ensure that your readers trust what you have written and will be more likely to act on the information provided.

Regarding SEO, comparison posts can be great for linking to other websites or pages. For example, if you compare two products, you could link to each product’s website to provide further information.

This type of deep linking helps to create a network of related websites and pages, which can help to boost your overall ranking. Your target audience will also likely appreciate the additional information you provide.

Mythbusters and Trivia

Unlike comparison posts, Mythbusters and trivia are more targeted towards entertainment than enlightenment. Creating content that debunks myths or highlights interesting facts can help keep your readers engaged, which is essential for SEO.

When writing a myth-buster post, you should aim to provide evidence for each of the points you make. This will add more credibility to your content and make it more reliable. You should also aim to provide interesting facts that are related to the topic at hand.

This unique content is an essential key for SEO as it will make your website stand out from the other websites discussing similar topics while also captivating readers who may have previously been numb to that subject.

Finally, you should always aim to be as creative as possible when writing Mythbusters or trivia. This will help keep your readers engaged and ensure they return for more interesting facts. Quizzes and polls are also great ways to test how well your readers understand your written content.



Writing about tips tricks or hacks always get the attention of users

Fig. 2. Writing about tips, tricks, or hacks always get the attention of users

Tricks, hacks, and tips can be a great way to provide value to your readers concisely and interestingly. Content that focuses on practical solutions for tasks or problems is particularly helpful for SEO as it ensures that readers spend more time on your website looking for answers.

When writing this type of content, it’s important to provide actionable, clear, and concise advice. Long-form content can also be great, but if you’re aiming for SEO success, try to focus on providing quick solutions to problems.

When writing tricks and hacks content, think about the type of tasks readers might want to accomplish with your advice. Then, you can structure your content to provide the most practical solutions to those tasks.

Keep in mind that some tasks require more steps than others, so ensure you provide enough detail for readers to follow through on the steps you recommend.

Suppose you’re writing a list of SEO tips. In this case, you should provide information on the most effective tactics that can be implemented quickly and easily. To make this type of content even more helpful, consider explaining why each tip is important and how it can help improve SEO.

When writing content about tricks, hacks, and tips for SEO success, it’s important to remember that the advice you provide should be based on best practices and up-to-date information. Doing so will ensure that readers get the most relevant advice and that it aligns with their expectations.

Finally, while writing tricks and hacks content, keeping your audience in mind is key. Think about what type of problems they might be looking to solve and provide tangible solutions to help them achieve their goals. Doing this will create content that is useful and engaging, which in turn can help to boost your SEO rankings.


Like with any other content, it’s important to ensure that the advice you’re providing is accurate and up-to-date. If your advice is outdated or incorrect, readers won’t be able to trust your information, and they might leave your website quickly.

Make sure you’re always checking for accuracy by researching the latest updates on topics and double-checking facts. You can also include sources in your content so that readers can verify your advice’s accuracy.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure your content is easy to read and understand. Use simple language and break long sentences into shorter paragraphs or bullet points. This will help keep readers engaged and make it easier for them to find the answers they’re looking for.

When an interesting content writing topic is combined with accurate and easy-to-understand advice, readers will be more likely to remember your content. Like you, they will share it with friends and family, boosting the reach of your message. Or they will publish it or link to it, improving your SEO.


FAQs is another popular category people often search for

Fig. 3. FAQs is another popular category people often search for

FAQs are a great way to provide quick answers to popular questions and can help boost your SEO. This content is particularly helpful because it covers topics in greater depth than tricks, hacks, and tips.

When writing FAQs, ensure you provide clear and concise answers that put readers at ease. You can even include a few keywords to further increase your SEO rankings.

Additionally, you should provide links to other helpful resources or pages within your site for readers to explore further. In your blog post ideas, try to find any frequently asked questions that readers have about the topic and use them as inspiration.

FAQs offer a unique way for content writers to share their expertise and engage with audiences in a valuable way. They can be easily integrated into existing blogs and articles, making them an invaluable part of any content writer’s repertoire. Your blog comments will thank you!

Predictions And Impact Of Environmental Factors On Certain Issues

Predictions on possible trends is another hot topic

Fig. 4. Predictions on possible trends is another hot topic

Predictions are also great content topics for SEO, as they often involve a lot of research and data. Use this content to offer in-depth insights into global trends, new technologies, and environmental changes that could affect your readers’ lives.

By explaining the implications of environmental factors on specific industries or areas of interest, you can provide your readers with valuable information that will help them make more informed decisions. Make sure to include a range of resources, data points, and plenty of supporting evidence for each point.

When it comes to content writing, predictions and the impact of environmental factors on certain issues require careful consideration and research to ensure accuracy and relevancy.

By exploring this topic in-depth, you can provide your readers with invaluable insights and hopefully increase your SEO rankings.

Suppose you have a blog post idea but don’t know how to structure it. In that case, you can use the SEO-friendly content writing technique called “topic clusters.” Usually, blog topics are organized into clusters of related topics, including an in-depth overview post and several posts that delve deeper into each subtopic.

In content marketing, this type of structure helps boost SEO by increasing page views and improving user engagement.

Opinions/personal analysis

According to SEO best practices, opinions and personal analysis can greatly increase your click-through rate. You can use this type of content to give readers a unique perspective on complex topics or offer insights into current events.

When writing opinion pieces, ensure you have evidence to support your claims and that you’re not just expressing random ideas without context. This will help establish trust with your readers and give them the confidence that they’re getting accurate information from a credible source.

Opinions/personal analysis effectively allow content writers to share their expertise while engaging their audience simultaneously. Keep in mind that it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and research on the topic and provide supporting evidence for any claims you make.

Your content writing skills should be as sharp as a blade when you are a content writer. Using opinions and personal analysis to your advantage, you can help boost your SEO rankings and provide valuable insights simultaneously.


Fig. 5. Listicles are easy to read, thus they’re popular content categories

Lists and listicles are one of the most popular content types for SEO because they’re easy to digest and offer useful information in an organized manner. You can use this content to highlight tips, tricks, hacks, or other helpful advice on any given topic.

When crafting lists/listicles, include relevant keywords and links to external sources for readers to explore further. Additionally, you should ensure that the list is organized in a way that makes sense and contains information related to the topic.

Lists/listicles can effectively increase your SEO rankings while offering readers useful advice on any subject. When you find blog content ideas, consider organizing them into lists/listicles so readers can quickly find the information they need.

Different blog ideas can supplement each listicle, making it more comprehensive and valuable.

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