How to easily track your YouTube ranks with 100% accuracy using PRT

The undisputed champion of search engines is Google. Whenever we even hear the term ‘search engine,’ most of us think of Google right away, followed by Yahoo! and Bing (or Yandex, if you are a real Russian). But sometimes people forget there’s a search engine out there we all know and visit on a daily basis, so vast and powerful in its field that it leaves Google completely in the shadows when it comes to search volume. And that is Google’s protégé: YouTube, the BIGGEST video search engine in the world.

Many don’t see YouTube as a search engine, just as a source of cat videos, memes and fails, but not only is it the largest video search engine in the world, it is also the second-largest general search engine in the world, dwarfing Yahoo! and Bing combined. It’s also the second-most-visited website on the internet, following Google, with 20.5 billion monthly visits (although it can feel Facebook’s stale blue breath creepily on its neck). Although YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and is nested under the same technological umbrella, YouTube has its own unique ranking algorithm that determines where a video is placed in its search index. To tackle those algorithms, there are SEO methods and strategies specifically targeted for YouTube meant to get videos to rank high for specific search terms and keywords.

Like optimizing your websites for Google, optimizing your videos for YouTube will require you to keep an accurate tracking of their positions on YouTube’s search index and see how they change. To do that reliably you need a rank-tracking tool. The main reason is because YouTube will show you personalized search results based on your view history, and to get ‘clean’ ranks, you will need to log out of your YouTube account every single time you check. Second of all, if you run a video marketing campaign or promote content on YouTube, you will most likely need to keep track of several videos, with different keywords for each video, so data management and time savings also become an issue. This is where PRT comes into play! As an industry-standard SERP tracker, we can accurately track the second-largest search engine in the world with ease and also provide you with some supplementary features to help you along your video marketing path.

YouTube rank tracking

This is the most basic and needed feature, showing you your video’s position within YouTube for a given search term. Adding YouTube videos and search terms for tracking is as simple as adding any other type of rank and is done from the same control panel:

The data table is dynamic and can be customized to show as many columns as you need!

The main columns to take note of are as shown in the example above:

  • Term – the keyword being tracked
  • Title – your video’s title as seen on YouTube (hopefully appealing and clickworthy)
  • Rank – the position on YouTube’s search index, free from any personalization factors
  • Trend graph – a quick-glance visual representation of the rank’s journey over the past month. Clicking the cell will expand it into a larger, more detailed graph that can span from 1 week to the entire history of the term being tracked:
  • Top and Base – shows the top rank and the first rank that were recorded since tracking for that term began.
  • Day, Week and Month – What the rank was a day ago, a week ago and a month ago, respectively. Also, a great way to see overall progress quickly.
  • Notes – you can add important notes to any rank. By clicking the little pen icon, you will bring up the Notes panel:

    As you can see, every rank can have notes from any date. You can use it for data management purposes or to record any important actions or events that happened that day that may have influenced the rank. All your notes can be easily searched with our search filter if needed:
  • Tags – you can add colored tags to every term to help you manage and organize your ranking data. Clicking a tag will show any ranks that tag is attached to. Tags can also be accessed from any page by clicking the eye icon, which is always visible at the top:

    PRT’s Navigator Eye, unlike the Eye of Providence, is not all seeing, but it will help you navigate your data quickly and efficiently

Ranking high on YouTube can also influence your Google ranks positively, as Google features direct search results from YouTube as a SERP video feature:

We recommend that you also add your video to be tracked on Google and Google video (and any other relevant search engine). That way, you’ll see all the relevant data for that video in a single table. If you track Google and other search engines in combination with YouTube, we recommend this table layout:

The additional data columns are:

  • Term combination – shows the search engine, device type, location, and language all in the same column. These attributes can also be viewed in separate columns.
  • Global – shows the monthly search volume for that keyword on Google.

Daily progress charts

One of the best ways to see the bigger picture and the overall progress of a video rank is with a chart. Other than the Trend column feature, you can also view your YouTube ranks in an even more detailed graph:

If there are any notes, they will show up on the graph by hovering over the points as seen above. The notes will also appear in the daily breakdown table below the graph:

Analyzing the graph along with the notes can show important correlations about what possibly made the rank rise and fall.

You can even compare ranks for several terms in one chart and see showdowns of keyword vs. keyword, video vs. video, you vs. competitors, etc:


All the YouTube rank data PRT collects can be compiled into a report you can send to yourself, your colleagues or your clients. The most basic one is the Overview Report, showing the ranking data essentials:

Reports can also be generated as an XLSX and CSV files.

Best of all, you can generate as many reports as you like (get an unlimited report quota with any monthly plan), and you can choose to download them or send them to a specified email address automatically on a daily basis. The reports are 100% white label and are fully customizable with the option to add your own header and footer. PRT has more than 11 types of reports to suit your SEO needs:

The 11 types of SEO ranking reports you absolutely must know (+special premium features)

We break down all of our white label reporting solutions, including premium features, such as the MyRanks client app, Shared Reports and Sub-Accounts.

Long-term progress of a YouTube rank

PRT saves your YouTube ranks from the moment you started tracking your videos. You can generate a report from any date, so there’s no need to stock up on reports:


Generating reports from an y date since trackign began is one of today’s Golden standards for SEO ranking reports, read more about that in our blog post on the subject:

The 4 Golden Principles of an Industry-standard SEO Ranking Report

Video Groups

Groups is a feature made to help you keep your account organized. By grouping videos under the same channel, you will be able to see all the relevant data of that channel in one place. More about our data management solutions:

12 Awesome Organizational Properties Every SERP Tracker Should Have

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Coming up with the right keywords to promote and track is a core element of YouTube SEO and marketing, just as it is for Google SEO/SEM. To help you come up with some quality keywords, we have our Keyword Suggestion Tool. The tool’s algorithm suggests value keywords based on your current keywords, not arbitrary keywords like some tools on the market. This is a supplementary tool you can use in addition to your own keyword research. Check it out:

The Keyword Suggestion Tool – The ideal tool for SEO beginners and experts alike

Update Frequency

Videos can become viral on YouTube in a flash and spread faster than a mean rumor among high schoolers. As a result, your YouTube ranks can change very fast and quite often, which is why your ranks are updated at least once a day, with the option to have up to 3 updates on demand. This is important for SEO in general, especially for Google, here’s a more indepth explanation why:

SEO’s life monitor: Why you absolutely must know about your SERP tracker’s rank update frequency

Tactical Notifications Tool

YouTube ranks can be volatile and prone to viral outbursts and sudden drops due to algorithm changes. The best way to handle this is to simply catch it on time and react quickly. With the Tactical Notifications Tool,  you can set various triggers for a rank and be notified the moment a trigger condition is reached. For example, you can set a condition such as a rank reaching the top10 positions or dropping below top50. By setting good triggers, you will be notified the moment a rank makes any sudden moves you deem relevant. Here are some tactical uses for the tool for Google, as it also applies to YouTube SEO:

PRT’s tactical Notifications Tool: Level up your SEO strategy

API access

If you have a tool of your own you want to feed fresh raw and accurate YouTube ranking data to, our API will give you the the benefits that come along with our SLA, such as reliability, stability, and security. You will also get a dedicated technical API specialist that will help you every step of the way as needed. Of course, as an established industry-standard SERP tracker, we also collect SERP data from all Google sites (with optional local targeting and mobile results) and all Yahoo! and Bing sites.


Like all our other rank tracking, the YouTube ranks we get are 100% accurate. Since we constantly monitor algorithm and markup changes made by YouTube, we always make sure you get your real accurate ranks. If you want to know what causes inaccurate rank readings and how PRT manages to get around that, here is the full story:

Why are some SERP trackers more precise than others?

As you can see, tracking YouTube ranks with PRT is easy, and you even have some additional features to help you manage a successful YouTube SEO campaign. YouTube is a huge search engine that is still growing and holds immense marketing potential. It has its own kind of SEO principles, which we will discuss more in depth in a future article. For now, if you enjoyed this post, please share, comment and subscribe, as it really helps us grow our SERP tracking blog.

Don’t worry about Google. It might lose in video search, but at least it’s still popular in other lucrative industries such as eCommerce search! Right?

Google has an abundance of eCommerce-related searches a month, but that pales in comparison to the real champion of eCommerce search engines – an empire so vast and powerful that its CEO can afford to buy 2 Sergei Brins and still have enough money left over to buy an Elon Musk. But that’s for another blog post.

In addition to YouTube, PRT can track all the needed ranks for SEO in 2018 with 100% accuracy. That includes all of Google’s local ranks differentiated by device types, Google’s Snack Pack, and the entire top100 map results. Because we chose to center on SEO, we are also the most affordable rank tracker on the market. For example our Gold monthly plan allows you to track 3,500 ranks for just $119. That’s just 3.4 cents per term!

Oh, we also have a free plan, so give us a try!

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