All in One SEO Tools

Why You Should Avoid All-In-One SEO Tools for Rank Tracking

The SEO tools you use play a crucial part of running a successful website.

But here’s the problem: there are so many SEO tools on the market that it can often feel overwhelming.

With so many tools, many people choose an all-in-one SEO software to cover ALL aspects of SEO.

But here’s another problem: most all-in-one SEO tools aren’t made explicitly for rank tracking. That means users won’t get the full features of a dedicated rank tracker.

In other words, all-in-one SEO tools aren’t the best tool for the job regarding tracking your ranks on the SERP.

In this article, we’ll show you WHY you shouldn’t settle for an all-in-one tool for rank tracking, then we’ll show you what you SHOULD be using to track ranks.

Let’s get started!

We’ll cover:

The Benefits of All-In-One SEO Tools

This article isn’t going to trash all-in-one SEO tools. Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are crucial parts of a successful SEO strategy.

Using all-in-one SEO tools is so important that almost EVERYONE in the SEO world uses one of them.

But why?

If they aren’t the best way to do things like track your ranks, why would people pay money to use them?

This section will cover the primary benefits of using all-in-one tools. We’ll show you why powerful SEO software like Ahrefs and SEMrush is incredibly beneficial for anyone interested in boosting their site on the SERP.

They Do a Little Bit of Everything

The primary benefit of using a complete SEO tool is that it does a little bit of EVERYTHING.

For example, Ahrefs has tools for almost everything related to SEO:

  • Site explorer for competitor research
  • Keyword tools to help you expand your strategy
  • Site audit to improve your on-page, technical SEO
  • Rank tracking tools
  • Content tools to enhance your content strategy

Ahrefs gives you a good foundation in ALL of those areas to help you understand your SEO better than you could WITHOUT a tool.

In other words, all-in-one tools are the jacks of all trades (however, that also means they’re typically the master of none).

We’ll talk more in a minute about the downside of this aspect of all-in-one tools.

They Can Help You Get Started Quickly

For many people, the hardest part of SEO is taking the first step. The world of SEO is extremely complex and growing every day.

They look at all of the new terms and feel overwhelmed:

  • What is a SERP?
  • How many keywords do I need?
  • What are backlinks and why do they matter?
  • How do I improve my ranks?
  • How do you rank for local searches?

These are just a few of the MANY questions people have when they’re new to SEO.

That’s where all-in-one tools come in. They simplify the process and allow beginners to start with a single tool.

Instead of subscribing to 8 different tools, they can just subscribe to SEMrush and launch a solid foundation in every area of SEO. That’s a massive benefit to a beginner just trying to get started!

The Downsides of All-In-One SEO Tools

The downsides of all in one SEO tools

It’s undeniable that all-in-one tools provide tons of excellent benefits, but they aren’t perfect.

Unfortunately, some downsides come with using these tools. However, we believe that the downsides of all-in-one tools make it worth using other tools IN ADDITION to them.

It’s important to note that these downsides DO NOT mean we advocate skipping out on these essential tools. Instead, most businesses will benefit from using an all-in-one tool in tandem with highly specialized tools in other areas.

Let’s focus on 3 downsides that come with using all-in-one tools. The best way to avoid these downsides is to use a more specific tool (which we’ll discuss in a moment).

They Lack Depth

All-in-one tools are the size of an ocean but only a few feet deep.

On the other hand, specialized tools are the size of a lake but are a few hundred feet deep.

In other words, you get breadth with an all-in-one tool, but you don’t get depth.

That depth is what you need when trying to figure out why your URL is stuck on the 5th position on the SERP instead of moving up (no matter what you do!).

Depth is what helps you juggle 10 agency clients at the same time, even though they’re all working in different niches.

Every business needs depth in certain areas. Unfortunately, when it comes to those areas, the all-in-one tools typically don’t cut it.

They Can Eventually Stunt Your Growth

If your business grows and your SEO improves, you will eventually need specialized tools to manage aspects of your strategy.

It’s a matter of WHEN, not IF.

If you stick to using only all-in-one tools when you should be using specialized tools, you will stunt your business’s growth.

For example, let’s say that using all-in-one tools keeps you from gaining an extra agency client because you can’t provide enough depth to your clients. Losing that ONE agency client could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars over time.

It could even be why you lose the next client (and the next, and the next).

In other words, choosing not to branch out into specialized tools can MASSIVELY restrict your business’s growth over time–it’s not worth the risk.

Pricing Structure Is Often Complicated and More Expensive

It would be great if you could do all-in-one SEO free of charge, but that’s not going to happen.

It’s quite the opposite–all-in-one tools often carry hefty price tags and complicated pricing structures.

For example, Ahrefs has a base price of $99 for its Lite package, which includes 750 tracked terms.

However, if you want to upgrade from weekly to daily updates, that’ll cost you $100 extra per month.Rank Tracker PricesFor many businesses, those prices are simply out of reach!

7 Reasons to Avoid All-In-One SEO Tools for Rank Tracking

We’ve gone through some of the benefits and disadvantages of using all-in-one tools, but we haven’t talked specifically about rank tracking.

Rank tracking is one of the most complex fields of SEO simply because of the various factors at play. Because of that, it requires depth, accuracy, and specificity.

Can an all-in-one SEO tool provide you with what you need to track your ranks competitively? That includes:

  • Your ranks
  • Your competitors’ ranks
  • Your clients’ ranks (if you’re an agency)
  • Local ranks
  • Google features

In most cases, the answer to that question will be NO! That’s why we recommend using a highly specialized rank tracking tool.

In this section, we’ll focus on 7 reasons why all-in-one tools might not be the best choice for your business’s rank tracking strategy.

Accurate Rank Tracking

The core of rank tracking is accuracy. 

If you aren’t getting accurate ranks, you aren’t going to be competitive on the SERP. It’s THAT simple.

Accuracy involves the accuracy of the rank fetching algorithm AND the update frequency.

Most all-in-one SEO tools use accurate rank fetching algorithms, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting accurate ranks. In today’s SEO climate, ranks change incredibly quickly, meaning old data is useless.

The only way you can get the data you need is if your tool offers DAILY rank updates. As we’ve already seen, Ahrefs offers weekly updates on its standard plans, charging you an extra $100/month to get daily updates.

On the other hand, ProRankTracker offers daily updates to ALL its users–even those on the cheapest plans.

Lack of In-Depth Features

We talked briefly about depth earlier. Now, let’s talk more specifically about how depth applies to rank tracking.

Rank tracking requires highly in-depth features like:

  • Detailed, customizable reports
  • White-label features
  • Notifications designed to alert you when something important happens
  • Local tracking
  • Multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Most all-in-one tools lack the in-depth features required to track your ranks accurately. 

Save Money

We mentioned earlier that Ahrefs starts at $99/month. That price is already steep compared to ProRankTracker. However, at that price point, Ahrefs only updates its ranks every week (compared to daily tracking with ProRankTracker).

Adding daily tracking to Ahrefs will cost you an additional $100/month.

If you want Ahrefs to track as well as ProRankTracker does, you’re looking at a $199 price tag compared to ProRankTracker’s $69! 

In other words, using your all-in-one tool as a specialized tool doesn’t save you money. It can cost you hundreds EVERY month.

Grow Into Agency Tracking

If you’re good at managing your SEO and tracking your ranks, it can become a profitable business over time.

However, you need the tools to track large numbers of ranks efficiently. Additionally, you’ll need powerful reporting tools to help keep all those clients in the loop.

Unfortunately, many all-in-one tools don’t have the agency tools required to manage multiple clients effectively.

To grow your business into a thriving rank tracking agency, you will eventually need to upgrade to a highly specialized rank tracking tool.

Unlimited Features

One of the most frustrating parts of working with all-in-one tools is the pricing structure. Many of them put low limits on things like reports, then charge you if you need more.

For example, SEMrush only includes 5 scheduled PDF reports on its smallest plan.SEMrush Prices

5 reports isn’t enough for a growing business trying to track its ranks effectively, and it’s not enough for any agency (even small ones!).

The primary benefit of using highly specialized tools is the ability to get unlimited reports and notifications without worrying about price.

White-Label Features

One of the most critical factors in developing a thriving agency is the ability to white-label reports.

White-labeling is adding your company’s logo, colors, and other details onto any report you generate. Unfortunately, many all-in-one companies don’t support it.

For example, Ahrefs doesn’t allow users to white-label their reports, which could be unprofessional to your clients.

In addition, agencies will want access to advanced white-label features like:

  • Customizable Shared Reports
  • iOS or Android apps that their clients can download

Agencies of all sizes need access to in-depth, customizable white-label features. You can only find those features in a specialized rank tracker.

Save Time

Finally, avoiding all-in-one rank trackers can save you time in the long run.

Using an all-in-one SEO software can be very slow because of the sheer number of features that it offers. On the other hand, highly specialized rank tracking tools offer only tools that are relevant to tracking your ranks.

In other words, there are fewer clicks to make during a typical work day on the software.

In addition, rank tracking tools have features specifically designed to improve your speed regarding tracking ranks. These features–like notifications, filters, and tags–can speed up your workflow enormously.

Why ProRankTracker Is the Best Rank Tracking Solution for Agencies

By now, you’re starting to see why you NEED to use a specialized rank tracking solution for your rank tracking agency.

But there are many rank trackers on the market. So which one should you choose?

ProRankTracker is a highly specialized rank tracker that accomplishes anything you need to run a white-label agency. Not only that, but it offers industry-leading tools at industry-leading prices.

Let’s discuss why ProRankTracker is your agency’s perfect rank tracking solution. Make sure you sign up for the 30-day free trial so you can follow along as we discuss it.

100% Accurate Data

How accurate should your knowledge of your clients’ rankings (and their competitors’ rankings) be?

Is 80% high enough?

What about 90%?

Only you can answer that question for yourself, but we think your clients would be MUCH happier if the data you provide them is 100% accurate!

That’s where ProRankTracker comes in. The data it provides in ALL of its tools is 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Even the cheapest ProRankTracker plans get daily rank updates, and the agency-level plans get on-demand updates at no additional cost.

If there’s one area where you should NOT sacrifice, it’s accuracy! You should rest easy knowing your strategic decisions are based on completely accurate data.

Industry-Best Pricing

Most businesses getting started in rank tracking (especially agency tracking) are worried they’ll have to compromise on quality to find something that fits their budget.

For example, they worry they’ll have to settle for fewer reports, less accurate data, or less advanced features.

However, that concern doesn’t have to be a reality. ProRankTracker offers some of the most advanced features of any rank tracking tool, but it starts at just $11/month.

For those who need agency-level features, ProRankTracker offers 3,000 tracked terms for just $144/month. 

There is no better deal in the rank tracking industry!

Agency Features

There is a significant difference between what standard rank trackers need in a tool and what agencies need. ProRankTracker offers dedicated plans to agencies that go above and beyond what you can get anywhere else.

All agency plans get:

  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Updates on demand
  • A personalized app to share with your clients
  • A dedicated CSM

Running an agency aims to set yourself apart from your competitors. Tools like the MyRanks app, Shared Reports, and sub-accounts can help you offer clients better service than competitors.

Keyword Tracking

Agency plans start at 3,000 keywords and can expand to fit any agency–no matter the size.

Unlimited Reports

Imagine that you have 5 clients, and each of them wants regular updates on their rankings.

For each of the 5, you generate the following reports:

  • A daily overview report
  • A weekly change report
  • A monthly comparison report

These reports are the bare MINIMUM for what most clients are going to want from you. In many cases, you will need to generate more reports than this.

However, even at this basic level, you’ll be generating at least 180 reports a month! 

Now you can see why it’s so important that your tool give you access to unlimited reports. You can quickly start to generate HUNDREDS of reports a month as an agency. You need a rank tracker tool that can keep up with your demand.

Highly Specialized Rank Tracking Features

The whole point of getting a specialized rank tracking tool is to gain access to more specific insights, so you shouldn’t settle for a tool with sub-par features.

ProRankTracker has some of the most advanced rank tracking features available on the market today, which make it a great addition to any SEO’s toolkit.

For example, ProRankTracker offers unlimited Full SERPs that show you exactly how you stack up against your competition. You can trace each result’s progress as its rank has changed over time.

Full SERPs

You can also generate more than 20 types of reports and notifications to suit any client’s needs (even the super picky ones!).

Types of Reports

One of the most important part of tracking your ranks is including location data (since about half of all Google searches include local intent). ProRankTracker makes it easy to add extremely precise location data to any URLs you track.

Local Data

ProRankTracker offers many more highly specialized rank tracking tools that will help your agency provide excellent service to your clients.


All-in-one SEO tools hold an important place in your toolkit, but they shouldn’t be the ONLY tool you use.

When it comes to a detail-oriented field like rank tracking, it’s so important to use a highly specialized tool like ProRankTracker. It provides you with the features you need to be more accurate and more efficient.

In addition, it helps make you look way better for your clients!

Remember to try ProRankTracker’s 30-day free trial to see how much it can help your business.

Happy tracking!