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How do I add a URL and its Searched Terms?

To Add a URL and its terms From the left menu, under URLS & TERMS, click Add URLs & Terms .

Click Add (Desktop) to add tracking a URL and its terms from a desktop,
Click Add (Mobile) to add tracking a URL and its terms from a mobile device,
Click Bulk Add to add URLs and terms in bulk, by a file upload.

You can also quick add URLs & Terms if you need to add it without advanced and local options (just URL - Term - Search Engine), from the plus icon at the header top left.

Add (Desktop)

There you need to fill the following fields:

URLs:  One or more URLs to track (separated by a new line)

Searchd Terms: The terms (keywords) you'd like to track this URL for, separated by new line.

Exact Match: Yes / No. Search broad or exact.

Search Engines: The Search Engine you'd like to track this URL, for the search terms you entered.

Select one on the left and its local site if possible on the right (for example: Google - Google.co.uk)

Click the plus below to add more than one Search Engine.

Local Tracking: Local tracking parameters - click to read.

Groups: Include this URL in an existing group/s by selecting it at the drop-down, or add new group - type and click Enter.

Tags: Include these terms in an existing tag/s by selecting it at the drop-down, or add new tag - type and click Enter.

Note: Add a note for this URL, it will be shown later in the dashboard leftmost cell of  this URL row.

* If you add more than one URL / Terms / Search Engines etc', PRT will create all combination for you.
Before saving you'll see the required terms above the save button.

When done click Save.

Add (Mobile)

Fill the required fields as on Desktop adding. 

The difference is that on Mobile tracking you first select which mobile device/s to track from
and local tracking Country and City are required. 

Bulk Add

Using the bulk add by file upload, you can add big batches of URLs/terms to be tracked on your account.

When entering download the sample file (orange "XLSX sample file" link in the middle of the page), fill it with you data while keeping the correct format
and drag it to the "drop files" area on the page.

*When trying to add new terms that already exsist in your account, but in Trash (disabled), the new terms will not be added. Instead, Enable the terms from the {Trash} page.