How do I add a URL and its Searched Terms using Advanced Add?

To Add a URL and its terms: From the left menu, under URLS & TERMS, click Add URLs & Terms .

Click Advanced Add for various options of tracking URLs and terms,
Click Wizard to add tracking for a URL and its terms using 4 simple steps. Click here for the Wizard article.
Click Bulk Add to add URLs and terms in bulk, by a file upload. Click here for the Bulk Add article.

You also have quick access to the adding Wizard by clicking on the plus icon at the top left of the header.


Advanced Add


Select the tracking type/s you would like.

Organic – Organic searches with no specific location settings.

Organic Local – Organic searches from a specific location.

Mobile – Select from 6 different optional mobile devices. Location is mandatory since mobile results are heavily affected by it.

Search Elements – Track from Google's search elements: Snack PackVideos.

Local Finder G – What is Local Finder?

YouTube Video – Track your video in YouTube search.

Amazon Listing Track your Amazon product in Amazon sites.



Manual - add new URL/s |
File upload - download the example file, fill it and upload back |
Existing URL - select existing URLs from your account to add terms to.

Adding a few URLs and terms will add all possible combinations - all the terms for each URL. 

If you want to add specific terms for each URL (not the same terms for all URLs), use the File Upload option.

URLs:  One or more URLs to track (separated by a new line). For Snack Pack and Local Finder type, also use the business name.
Make sure not to add any spaces between the URL and the business name (|Business).

Searched Terms: The terms (keywords) you'd like to track this URL for, separated by new a line.

Exact Match: Yes / No. Broad or Exact?



Search Engines: Select the main engine on the left and it’s sub-engines on the right.
Notice that for Local Finder tracking, you need to select Google LocalFinder as the main engine.
Click the plus icon to add more main search engines.

Local Tracking:
Applies for Organic Local, Mobile, Search Elements and Local Finder tracking (term types).
Select Exact Location and add a location using auto-complete, or select Nearby and on the right, choose country and city. 

We recommend using Exact Location. Use Nearby only if you don't find your specific location on Exact.

Language: You can select a language to track search results returned for specific Google UI languages.



Groups: To add the URL/s to a group, select an existing group or type a new group and press “Enter”.

Tags: To tag the terms, select an existing tag to add the terms to, or type new tag and press “Enter”.

Note: Add a note to the URL/s.

Click "Click to view" to view which term combinations will be added. It displays the errors if you have any, or lists what terms will be added.  

When done click Save.

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