What are Google Snack Pack listings (top 3 maps box)?

What is Google Snack Pack?

Google’s Snack Pack is the grouping of three results that show up on Google maps when you do a search for relevant local businesses. This is different from the organic search results that show up below the maps. The Snack Pack is important because it is one of the first things that people see when they do a Google local search. 

Back then, the Google Snack Box contained 10 results. But through years of data gathered and the continuous shift to mobile devices as the primary tool for internet browsing, Google updated its algorithm and decided to cut down the top search items to 3. Having only 3 of the best local listings in the Snack Pack makes it easier for mobile users to find the most relevant results for their searches.

Google Snack Pack box is the top 3 map business listings box, that appear in some of the results for organic searches in Google.

Unlike the organic results (and ads), the Google snack local pack box appears somewhere onin the first page, among other organic results, and has also an inner order of the local businesses.

Any local business included in the Snack Box features the business name, business location, hours of operation, proximity to current location, and reviews. This makes the Google local pack a very desirable area in the search results.


Snack Pack


Snack Pack tracking on ProRankTracker

Rankings in the Google Snack Pack are represented by a number (The rank of the box) and a letter (A-C - the position of the business within the box).

For example, if there are two organic results before the box (the box's rank is #3) and the business that PRT tracks are is in the second position within that box (B) the rank displayed will be 3/B.

To clarify, for the screenshot under: "Hub Plumbing &..." rank is 1A, "Bargain Plumbing..." rank is 1B, "Franco Belli..." rank is 1C.



How Much Traffic Goes to Google Snack Pack?

Being featured at the top of the results page is the aim of every business with an SEO strategy. Making it easier for users to find your business is expected to translate to increased click-through rates (CTR). 

According to studies, the average CTR for position one is 28.5%. Combining the average CTR percentage of the three results in the Google Snack Pack, you’ll get more than 55%. This means that more than half the time, people go to the websites of the businesses featured in the Snack Box. 

Google also confirms the effectiveness of the Snack Pack. Statistics show that 76% of people who search for businesses nearby using their mobile devices tend to visit the establishment within the day. Among these customers, 28% of them purchase from the businesses they visit.

Results may vary depending on location, but the numbers reveal the advantages of being in the Snack Pack.


How to Rank in Gogole Snack Pack?

While there’s no one who knows exactly how to rank in the Google Snack pack, there are a few things you can do to optimize your website for local searches and increase your chances of being included in the Snack Pack:

  1. Optimize for local SEO
  2. Complete your Google Business Profile
  3. Gather more business reviews
  4. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
  5. Build up backlinks and citations
  6. Improve presence in social media platforms
  7. Increase the loading speed of your website