Take Your Wix SEO to the Next Level With These Easy Tips

11 Wix SEO Tips & Tools to Rank Your Wix Website

You just launched your site with Wix.


Now what?

That question has been asked by THOUSANDS of new Wix website owners, and I know it feels like a pretty intimidating position to be in.

Taking your brand new website and turning it into a high-ranking, customer-generating machine is no small feat, but there are tried-and-true methods that have helped many people carve out a place for their business online.

This article is going to show you how to use Wix SEO to take your website to the top of Google in no time!

Let’s get started!

Is Wix good for SEO?

Google doesn’t penalize sites based on how they were constructed. 

In other words, your Wix site has the same chance to rank as someone else’s site that they built with WordPress or any other website builder.

That being said, there are some pros and cons when it comes to using Wix for SEO.


  • Wix is ranked very highly for SEO capabilities by SEO experts.
  • Wix makes it easy to customize your pages, so you can easily make SEO adjustments.
  • Wix offers built-in SEO features as well as integrations, which make it easier to manage your SEO than with less capable website builders.


  • Wix is costly compared to some competitors.
  • Since Wix is designed for people with little experience in website management, there is less flexibility in what you’ll be capable of doing when it comes to SEO. In other words, you might not be able to do some of the more technical SEO adjustments.

How to Rank a Wix Website with SEO

SEO plays a pivotal role in determining the visibility and success of a website. If you can’t get your website near the top of the Google SERP (search engine results page), you aren’t likely to get many pageviews.

For businesses leveraging the user-friendly Wix platform for their websites, SEO can look a little different than it might be for those in larger businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach the top of page 1 just because you built your site with Wix.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on effectively ranking a Wix website using SEO techniques.

Follow the Wix SEO Checklist

If you’re new to SEO, Wix provides one of the most important things that EVERY new website owner wishes they had when they were starting: a checklist.

Wix understands the importance of SEO and provides the SEO Setup Checklist to help users optimize their websites.

Just work your way through the steps on the SEO Setup Checklist and follow Wix’s instructions about how to complete each step effectively.

Follow the Wix SEO Checklist

This checklist includes:

  • Optimizing page titles
  • Writing meta descriptions
  • Optimizing your site for mobile
  • Optimizing your page for search engines

By following Wix’s recommendations, you lay the foundation for better search engine rankings.

Connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics

To gain deeper insights into your website’s performance and enhance your SEO strategy, connecting your Wix site to both Google Search Console and Google Analytics is imperative.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics allow you to look at:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Rank
  • SEO issues (like broken links and missing pages)
  • Trends

Connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics

To use these fantastic tools in conjunction with your Wix site, connect your website, then submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. Doing so will signal to Google that they should index your website’s pages in Google SERPs.

Do Keyword Research for Your Key Pages and Blog Content

Keyword research is when you find strategic search terms to rank for to get traffic.

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any effective SEO strategy. 

In other words, you CANNOT get traffic or sales if you don’t have a well-thought-out keyword strategy in place.

Many people make the mistake of just guessing what some of their main keywords should be, but you should put a lot more thought and research into it than that. Instead, you should find HIGH-VALUE keywords with lower search volumes (normally long-tail keywords) that allow you to laser your focus on people who are ready to purchase from you.

Utilize tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and ProRankTracker’s Keyword Discovery tool to discover high-performing keywords related to your niche.

Then, integrate these keywords naturally into your page content, meta titles and descriptions, and headers to enhance the relevance and visibility of your site.

Grow Your Backlink Profile

Backlinks, or links from other websites to yours, are crucial in search engine algorithms.


Google considers a site with many backlinks to be a site that provides value to its niche (otherwise, why would people be linking to it?).

However, building up your backlinks can be one of the most difficult tasks for new websites.

The quickest way to build a robust backlink profile is by focusing on quality rather than quantity.

  • Seek opportunities for guest posting
  • Reach out to other niche businesses and influencers for collaborations or partnerships within your industry
  • Create shareable content that naturally attracts links from reputable sources

A diverse and authoritative backlink profile contributes significantly to your Wix website’s credibility in search engines’ eyes, so don’t skip this crucial step!

Target Local SEO (For Local Businesses)

When people start working on SEO, they often don’t realize that search engine results can vary wildly based on the searcher’s location.

For example, you and I could be looking for a new pair of shoes, but your search for “running shoes” and my search for the same keyword will turn up 2 different SERPs.

Why? Because of location.

Google tries to give each searcher results relevant to WHERE they are, not just WHAT they’re searching for.

In other words, optimizing for local SEO is essential for businesses targeting a local audience.

Your website’s pages should include specific terms that target your local area, and you should also link your Google Business Profile with your website to ensure the maximum benefit from local SEO.

Target Local SEO

Create Your Wix Landing Pages and Optimize Them for Your Target Keywords

Your landing pages lie at the heart of everything you do on your website.

If your landing pages are well-optimized, you can drive a ton of traffic to your business’s offers.

If, on the other hand, your landing pages are lackluster and weak, your bounce rate will soar.

Excellent landing pages are the gateways to online success, and for Wix users, optimizing these pages for target keywords is critical to driving relevant traffic.

Don’t forget to point as many backlinks or internal links as possible to your landing pages to help them rank higher.

Make Sure Your Technical SEO Is Squared Away

Before diving into keyword optimization, ensure your Wix website’s technical SEO is in top shape.

This involves:

  • Optimizing site speed
  • Making sure your site is easy to use on both desktop and mobile
  • Implementing SEO-friendly URL structures
  • Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions
  • Using Google Search Console to find site errors, then fixing them
  • Implementing structured data so you can use Google search features

Some of your technical SEO options might be limited on Wix platforms, but you should be able to implement the strategies above quickly. 

Once again, ensure you’re following the Wix SEO checklist to complete all of the necessary optimization steps.

Analyze competitors

Understanding your competitors’ actions can provide valuable insights into effective keyword and content strategies.

For example, if you have a larger and more successful competitor, it can be EXTREMELY helpful to look at their SEO strategies to see where you might want to focus. Identifying the gaps in their strategies can be the perfect place to establish your hold on the market.

Analyze their landing pages and blog posts, identify the keywords they’re targeting, and evaluate the other content they offer.

If you want to take your competitor analysis to the next level, many SEO and rank-tracking tools can assist in competitor analysis, helping you discover gaps in your own strategy and areas where you can outperform the competition.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

We briefly mentioned this earlier, but having a mobile-friendly website is CRITICAL for user experience and SEO.

How critical is it? The majority of online traffic is now mobile (58%!). So, having a poorly designed mobile site can tank your chances of success.

Not to mention, Google considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, so optimizing for mobile caters to a broader audience and positively impacts your search engine rankings.

Here’s the good news: Creating a site with a capable website builder like Wix means you’re already halfway to a great mobile site. Wix ensures that your site won’t have any major issues that cause it to look terrible on mobile, so all you have to do is go through and customize any design elements that will help it stand out on mobile.

Wix offers responsive design options, ensuring your landing pages look and function seamlessly across various devices. All you have to do is use Wix’s site editor to customize the mobile appearance of your site–no coding is required.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Create Valuable Blog Content

Having a great blog on your site can accomplish multiple goals at once:

  • Drive people to your landing pages
  • Provide value
  • Be a great tool to rank on the SERPs and generate traffic
  • Develop a brand voice, message, and tone
  • Communicate the value of your brand
  • Improve your overall authority in the eyes of Google

Wix’s blogging features make it easy to publish and manage content. You can customize the look of your blog in minutes, then you’ll have plenty of time to generate high-value content.

Create Valuable Blog Content

You should have been integrating your keywords into multiple areas of your site (landing pages, meta descriptions, page titles, etc.), but your blog is where you’ll really hit those keywords hard.

Integrating target keywords into your blog posts not only improves SEO, but it can also position your site as a trusted source of information for customers in your industry. 

Don’t neglect your blog! It can be one of your greatest traffic generators, but a bad blog will just make your site look bad.

Track Your Ranks

Finally, you should NEVER simply launch your page and just hope that it does well on the SERP. You need to TRACK your ranks to assess the success of your current strategy!

Tracking your ranks tells you if your current strategies are working OR if something terrible is happening right under your nose. For example, checking your ranks daily can help you recover from a 3-rank drop before it turns into a dip into the 2nd or 3rd page of Google!

How do you track your ranks?

The best way to track ranks is with a dedicated rank tracking tool (which we’ll talk about below). Monitoring your keyword rankings allows you to refine your strategy based on performance data and stay ahead of your competitors.

3 Best Wix SEO Tools

Having a strong online presence is crucial for success in today’s world, but developing a strong online presence is really difficult.

A well-designed Wix website is a critical component, but without effective SEO, it’ll never reach its true potential.

That’s where Wix SEO tools come in.

In order to help its users develop truly successful websites, Wix offers dedicated tools to help you improve your SEO.

With this suite of tools, you should be able to improve your website’s ranks and start seeing more customers roll in online!

Wix SEO Assistant

One of the main tools you’ll be using to improve your ranking is the Wix SEO Assistant. 

The Wix SEO Assistant is designed to help walk you through the process of developing and maintaining a strong SEO presence. It helps simplify the optimization process by giving you the exact steps you need to take to fix SEO issues as they arise.

Wix SEO Assistant

The SEO Assistant lists issues and recommendations, then walks you through solving them. It’s like having an SEO expert on call 24/7!

Best of all: it’s free!

Wix AI Features

One of your main upkeep tasks with regards to SEO will be generating text for your website. Whether that text is new blog posts, website content edits, or reworking your meta tags and titles, writing will consume a lot of your time.

One of the great things about Wix is that it comes pre-loaded with very capable AI features to help you generate content for your website in the blink of an eye. These AI tools can do all the following tasks:

  • Generate content and titles
  • Create and improve images
  • Create SEO tags
  • Edit your long-form videos into short-form content

Wix AI Features

Using these features can save you HOURS on creating and improving a viable SEO strategy. Take advantage of them!

Remember that you should NEVER publish something written by AI without reviewing and editing it to make it fit your brand’s voice and message!


Monitoring and tracking the performance of your website in search engine rankings is essential for ongoing SEO efforts.

The best Wix tool you can use to help keep up with your ranks is RankiX

RankiX is a feature-packed tool that provides in-depth analytics and insights into your website’s SEO performance.

Using RankiX, you can track keyword rankings, analyze ranking trends, generate reports, and gain valuable data to make informed decisions for continuous optimization.


Unlike other rank-tracking tools, RankiX is made specifically for Wix and functions as part of your Wix dashboard. 

RankiX offers a free plan that gives you 5 searches for 1 URL with daily updates, but you can upgrade to paid plans for as low as $8/month if you need more searches.

Why You Need a Wix SEO Rank Tracker

After developing your SEO and launching your website, you may be wondering if it’s even worth it to use ANOTHER tool to track your search engine ranks.

After all, can’t you just manually keep track of your ranks?

The short answer is that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it to use a Wix SEO rank tracker. Not only will these tools save you time, but they’ll drastically improve your accuracy and help you turn ranking insights into tangible SEO strategies.

Here are 3 benefits of using a Wix rank tracker.

Benefit #1: Stay Up-to-Date on Your Ranks

As search engines have become more complicated, so have search engine rankings. Website rankings can fluctuate frequently and drastically, which can make it difficult to keep up with changes.

Rank trackers like RankiX offer real-time tracking of your website’s performance on the SERPs. Following your ranks with a tool can help you understand exactly how your ranks are changing, which gives you the ability to fix small issues before they turn into major problems (like a Google penalty!).

By consistently monitoring your rankings, you can:

  • Identify trends
  • Understand your website’s strengths
  • Address potential weaknesses promptly

SEO is a constant job of monitoring, adjusting, and then monitoring some more. Trying to do it all without a rank tracker to help borders on impossible, so help yourself out and use an excellent rank tracker to ease the burden.

Benefit #2: Adjust your Strategy (Before It’s Too Late)

Using a Wix SEO rank tracker empowers you to adapt your SEO strategy proactively.

For example, if you notice a sudden drop in rankings for specific keywords, it might be an indication of algorithm changes or increased competition.

With this insight, you can adjust your content, keywords, or other SEO tactics before a small change turns into a big one.

The fact of the matter is that this type of adaptation is simply impossible if you don’t have a rank tracker to give you key information in a timely manner. The ability to stay ahead of the curve ensures that your website remains resilient and can quickly recover from any setbacks.

Benefit #3: Understand Changes in Your Traffic

Your website’s ranking on search engines directly influences the traffic it receives. Many people look carefully at their traffic, but they fail to understand WHY their traffic changes.

Tracking your ranks gives you exactly the information you need to understand why your traffic is changing.

A rank tracker monitors your rankings and helps you correlate those rankings with changes in website traffic to gain a deeper insight into user behavior.

In other words, tracking ranks helps you understand what your target customers are really looking for, which helps you modify your content to match their needs (which increases ranks and traffic!).


How do I start SEO on Wix?

The best place to start SEO on Wix is with the Wix SEO Checklist! This checklist will get you off to a great start and help you overcome some of the most common hurdles facing beginners.

How much does Wix SEO optimization cost?

The basic Wix account gives you a great set of tools to manage your SEO, but adding a rank tracker like RankiX can cost as little as $8/month. For most people, that $8 can help generate much more than $8 in additional traffic, so we highly recommend it.


Wix is a great website builder, but many people still feel lost when it comes to landing their site on the first page of Google.

Just follow these tips and you should be able to quickly improve your Wix site’s SEO and rankings.

We look forward to seeing you on the first page in the near future!