How do I add a URL and its Searched Terms using the Wizard?

Quickly add a URL and its terms to be tracked, with 4 simple steps. 

From the left menu, under URLS & TERMS, click Add URLs & Terms and click Wizard.

You also have quick access to the adding Wizard by clicking on the plus icon at the top left.

Step 1:
Select tracking types, enter the URL, and select the URL's match type. To add the URL/s to a group, select an existing group or type a new group name and press “Enter”. Than, click “Next”.

Step 2: Select the main engine on the left and it’s sub-engines on the right. Notice that for Local Finder tracking, you need to select Google LocalFinder as the main engine. Start typing and select a location from the auto complete, or leave it blank to track without a location. If you want to track Snack Pack results also, add the business name.

Step 3: Type the Searched Terms (keywords) you'd like to track this URL for, with each term separated by new line. To tag the terms, select an existing tag to add the terms to, or type new tag and press “Enter”.

Step 4: Almost done! In this step PRT will find terms your site ranks for but you are not tracking, and it will and suggest that you add them.

Click "Complete Wizard" to complete.

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