What is top 3 maps Snack Pack, and how can it be tracked?

Snack Pack is the box with the top 3 mapped business listings that appear in some Google searches.

If you click on "View all" on the bottom of the box, you'll get to the Local Finder results.

For some hospitality categories (as you can see in the first screenshot), no URL (website) appears for the listings. That's why it is necessary to also add the business name when tracked.

You can track listings both in Snack Pack and Local Finder

When adding URLs/Terms, select Snack Pack / Local Finder Tracking Type and enter the URL and business name

In the Advanced Add, make sure not to add any spaces between the URL and the business name (Example.com|Business).

Select search engines (Google), and add a location. 


If Local Organic tracking is selected in addition to Snack Pack for the same terms, both terms will be counted as only one term out of your terms quota (in stats and reports it will be displayed as two terms, the quota usage is displayed at the bottom of the left sidebar).

Snack Pack:

Snack Pack

Local Finder: