How do I add a URL and its Searched Terms using Advanced Add? To Add a URL and its terms: From the left menu, under URLS & TERMS, click Add URLs &... URLs Search Logic—should you check Broad or Exact? An "Exact" Yes/No switch is found under the URL field (in both Add URL and Edit URL).  If set to... Can PRT track YouTube videos and show their Google rankings rather than their YouTube rankings? Yes. Select Organic, Organic Local, Mobile or Search Elements (Videos) tracking type, add the... How can I add or delete terms from an existing URL? Go to the Edit URL page by clicking the edit icon at the top-right of a URL box in URLs, from... How can I track Featured Snippets? Featured snippets are automatically tracked by PRT.  If the URL you are tracking appears in a... How can I track videos on Google Videos? You can track your videos on Google Videos (including all Google Local sites) by adding it in the... How do I add URLs/terms for Google Local tracking? Local tracking of terms can be added from Advanced Add, Wizard, or Bulk Add. This is only for... How do I add URLs/terms to be tracked in Amazon? To track your products rankings on Amazon, when adding URLs and terms, select tracking type... How do I add a URL and its Searched Terms using the Wizard? Quickly add a URL and its terms to be tracked, with 4 simple steps. From the left menu, under... How do I bulk add URLs/terms? Using the bulk add function, you can add big batches of URLs/terms to be tracked on your... Why URLs/Terms are not being added? Or: Why can't I add URLs/Terms? There are several reasons that may prevent adding URLs/Terms:•... How do I track my video rankings on YouTube? • When adding terms, select YouTube tracking type.• Add the video's URL. For example:...
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