How do I bulk add URLs/terms?

From the left sidebar Add to Track -> Advanced Add -> Bulk Add tab.

Using the bulk add function, you can add big batches of URLs/terms to be tracked on your account.

Download the import file, fill it with your data, while keeping the correct format, and drag it to the "drop file" area.

Each row in the file represents one term's settings.

After selecting Tracking Type, each field on the row will be color coded. Green: mandatory fields, yellow: optional, red: not to be filled.

Each setting is conditioned by the setting left to it - fill a row from the left to the right. Make sure to paste a location from the "Exact Location string finder" only.

*When copy pasting, the pasted data has to be the same as the original picked from the drop down menus in the file.

In-depth view of the XLSX bulk add file format:

  Bulk add             

Tracking Type - Select the desired tracking type.

URL – Enter your URL (no need to add http, https or www).

Match Type – Choose Exact or Broad from the drop down menu - this field is mandatory. Broad or Exact?

Business Name - If adding Snack Pack or Local Finder terms - add the business name so it can get picked.

– Enter a group name (new or existing). Use "|" in between groups to add a few (example: Group#1|Group#2|Group#3).

Term – Enter your term (keyword). Only one search term per row.

Search Engine – Select a search engine from the drop down menu.

Tag – Enter a tag (new or existing). Use "|" in between tags to add a few (example: Tag#1|Tag#2|Tag#3).

Location – Copy the location from the "Exact Location String Finder" box (at the bottom right of the Bulk add page) and paste it in the Location column.

Language – Select a language from the drop down menu to track search results returned for specific Google UI languages (for Organic Local, Mobile, Snack Pack or Local Finder tracking types).

Device – Select a device for Mobile tracking from the drop down menu (location has to be selected also).


* Make sure there are no spaces before or after the URL.

**Due to highly geo-targeted search results for Mobile and Snack Pack tracking, it is recommended that you enter a deep exact location.