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How do I add URL/terms for Google local tracking?

Local tracking of terms can be done in Add URLs Desktop, Mobile or Bulk Add.

In addition to the regular fields of those forms (read about adding URLs terms here), you'll see a “Local Tracking (Google only)” Yes/No switch.

At least one Google search engine should be selected prior to checking it. Then you can specify: Country, City, Language, Find only pages from the specified country, and Find only pages from the specified language.

The specified parameters will be added and focus more of the tracking on your website’s organic results. It will be displayed in the URL View, reports, etc. as a regular row, but with the data in the new local columns (Co/Lang–Country/Language, City).

If you check "Track Google Snack pack" and enter the business name, PRT will also track Google Snack pack. Google Snack pack are the top 3 business map listings box, that appear for some of the searches. The inside order of the businesses will be displayed using the letters A-G and a pin-like icon, and the box's position using a number.

It will be checked using the same parameters specified in local tracking and will be displayed in two separate rows—one for organic position and one for the snack pack position. It will count as only one term out of your terms capacity.

*Keep in mind that when choosing google.com as the search engine, its default country is the US.
If you need to check the rank that people from another country get for a searched term on google.com, check Local Tracking and select a country when adding the URL/Terms.

**When trying to add new terms that already exsist in your account, but in Trash (disabled), the new terms will not be added. Instead, Enable the terms from the {Trash} page.

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