What are the settings I can set on PRT Settings page? To change a default setting, click Settings -> PRT Settings at the left menu. Here's what can... How can I add Bookmarks to the navigation panel? • Click PRT Settings under SETTINGS from the left navigation panel.• Scroll to Left Menu... How can I connect my Dropbox or Google Drive account? From the left sidebar -> REPORTS -> Cloud Storage, and get connected. You can also select... How can I see all rows in the dashboard expanded by default? You can select this option in PRT Settings.• At the left sidebard, Click Settings -> PRT... What Are Cloud Storage Settings? From the left menu, navigating to REPORTS > Cloud Storage, you can connect PRT to your Dropbox... What are Saved Filters? You can use saved filters to avoid entering the same filter parameters over and over again for... Where do I set my default PDF templates? There are two types of PDF reports you can customize on PRT:• PDF reports downloaded from the... Can I change the time zone to get reports and view data by my local time? Yes.• Click PRT Settings at the left menu.• At My Time Zone drop-down, select your time zone (by... Can I set default Search Engines for adding URLs? Yes, You can set default Search Engines. Click PRT Settings at the left menu and select the... How do I add my logo / signature / color scheme to the Automated Email / Notification / PDF Reports ? To customize the templates used in Automated Reports, PDF Reports and Notifications:• Go to... How do I change the default order of the URL View's results tables? You can change the URL View's results tables order in Settings -> PRT Settings.• URLs Order...
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