What are the settings I can set on PRT Settings page? To change a default setting, click the Settings icon at top right -> PRT Settings. Here's what... How can I activate Dark mode? From the top-right hand corner, click the wheel icon (Settings) -> Dark Mode. Another option,... How can I add Bookmarks to the navigation panel? • Click PRT Settings under the SETTINGS icon at top right.• Scroll to Left Menu Bookmarks set the... How can I connect my Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Sheets account? Click the settings icon at top right -> integrations, and get connected. How can I see all rows in the dashboard expanded by default? You can select this option in PRT Settings.• At the top right, Click the Settings icon -> PRT... What Are the Integrations Settings? From the top right corner, click the Settings icon -> Integrations, you can connect PRT to... What are Saved Filters? You can use saved filters to avoid entering the same filter parameters over and over again for... Where do I set my default PDF templates? There are two types of PDF reports you can customize on PRT:• PDF reports downloaded from the... Can I change the time zone to get reports and view data by my local time? Yes.• Click the Settings icon at top right -> PRT Settings.• At General -> My Time Zone... Can I set default Search Engines for adding URLs? Yes, You can set default Search Engines. Click the Settings icon at top right -> PRT Settings... How do I add my logo / signature / color scheme to the Automated Email / Notification / PDF Reports ? To customize the templates used in Automated Reports, Downloaded PDFs from shared reports, PDF... How do I change the default order of the URL View's results tables? You can change the URL View's results tables order by clicking the Settings icon at top right...