Scheduled Reports


How can I set a new automated scheduled task? To add a new automated report task:• Click Reports Center at the left menu and click on Any... Can I copy (duplicate) a report? At the left menu click Reports Center -> Click to go in the Report section, for the report... Can I display the "Trend" column in Scheduled Reports? When selecting the "Trend" field, it will be displayed only in PDFs attached to the email, since... How can I schedule automated reports to be saved to my Dropbox or Google Drive accounts? If you need to make a backup of your reports (in any format), just schedule it to be saved to... How do I manage my Scheduled reports? To manage Scheduled reports tasks, At the left menu click Reports Center -> All Scheduled (or... How do I set my report to include the report’s generation date? When customizing a template, use the Current Date icon.  This will enter the report’s generation... Why do I get "Not sent - 0 results" status (Scheduled report not sent)? "Not sent - 0 results" means that there were no results to display in the report, so it was not... Can I attach PDF reports to email reports? Yes.• When you add a new email report (Instant Export or Scheduled) or edit an existing one, go... Can I send a PDF-only report via Email? Yes.• When you add a new email report (Instant Export or Scheduled) or edit an existing one, go... Can I set a different sender email for scheduled email reports? When you add a new Scheduled email report, or edit an existing one, you can select in the Sender... How can I set the order for sorting the Scheduled reports data? When you add a new Scheduled report or edit an existing one, set the following fields as you... I clicked "Regenerate & Send" for a Scheduled Report and I didn't get yet the report. Why? It can take up to 10 minutes depending on the current queue, but usually it is faster. Please be... To how many people can I send a Scheduled Email Report or a Notification? You can send Email Reports and notifications to up to 5 people by entering their email addresses...