How can I schedule automated reports to be saved to my Dropbox or Google Drive accounts? Print

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If you need to make a backup of your reports (in any format), just schedule it to be saved to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. By doing this, you can avoid wasting time receiving it by Email and downloading it.

First, make sure your cloud storage account is connected to your PRT account.

Than, you can set automated reports  to be saved to your cloud storage:

At the left sidebar enter REPORTS -> Reports -> Automated Reports.

Select “Dropbox” or “Drive” when setting up the report, and an updated file will be saved to your Dropbox or Google Drive account at the time and frequency you set (daily, weekly or monthly).

Dropbox: Automated reports files will be saved on Dropbox/Apps/ProRankTracker/Automated/REPORT-NAME/

Drive: Files will be saved on Drive/ProRankTracker/REPORT-NAME/

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