Group / URL / Term / Tag —What are the differences and uses of these definitions on PRT?


A group of multiple URLs.

Groups can be used for filtering and sorting the ranking views and the reports, and for sub accounts use.



A web address (URL) that you want to track for specific terms and search engine combinations.

Read about PRT search / track logic — how a URL should be entered.



A term is a keyword or keyphrase that is tracked for the specified URL.

Your terms balance is counted as:  1 term = each URL + Term + Search Engine combination.

Read more about it.



A tag is a group of terms.

A term can have multiple tags.

A tag can have terms from different URLs.

Terms of the same URL can have different tags.


Grouping terms in tags can be used for filtering and sorting: you can display grouped terms from different URLs, or inside one URL, either in the ranking views or in the reports.

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