Advanced Rank Tracking Tips

10 Advanced Rank Tracking Tips to Take Your SEO to the Next Level

You’ve been tracking your ranks for a while, and you’re starting to realize that it’s a little bit more complex than you thought.

You have to do more than just check your ranks now and then. You need to:

  • Track ranks for dozens or hundreds of keywords across multiple URLs
  • Strategize for local SEO
  • Stay up to date on any recent changes that affect your ranks

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If your old techniques aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s probably time to take it up a notch and learn advanced rank tracking techniques. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how to level up your rank-tracking game by using ProRankTracker as an advanced rank tracker.

We’ll cover:

Why You Need to Use Advanced Web Ranking Techniques

Some people learn the basics of SEO and rank tracking. Then, they stop learning. They think that knowing the basics is enough to do what they need to do.

In some cases, that may be true. However, most business owners need to continue learning and practicing more advanced web ranking techniques.

For example, nobody learns the basics of baseball then expects to play in the pros. It takes years of learning and practice to get there! SEO is no different. You have to continue practicing and getting better if you want to play in the big leagues.

Let’s focus on 3 reasons you NEED to learn advanced web tracking techniques.

Beat Competitors

If your competitors aren’t already better than you at SEO, they will be soon!

Every year, Google and other search engines are getting more competitive. So if you want to have hope of making it to the top of the SERP, you have to keep getting better every day!

If you choose to stick with basic rank tracking techniques, your opponents will quickly outpace you. First, they will steal your keywords, and then they’ll steal your customers.

Since nobody wants that to happen, you have to ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors with advanced tactics.

Get to the Top of the SERP

Everyone knows the second page of Google is no man’s land. Less than 1% of all Google searchers click on the second page.

That means you want to get on the first page. But will any first-page rank suffice?

Probably not.

The 10th position on the first page sees only a 2.5% click-through rate (CTR). That means you don’t just want to get on the first page–you want to get to the top positions!

If you can make it to the top 3, you’ll see much better CTRs:

  • 3rd position gets 11% CTR
  • 2nd position gets 15.7% CTR
  • 1st position gets 28.5% CTR

It will be almost impossible to get to those coveted top 3 positions without advanced rank tracking techniques!

Grow Your White-Label Business

If you’ve started an SEO agency, your clients are going to demand the highest level of skill and accuracy.

If you want to grow your white-label business and gain new clients consistently, your SEO and rank tracking has to be the best of the best.

In other words, your clients won’t settle for just the basics. Many of them are going to want the most in-depth data possible. 

Learning how to use an advanced web ranking tool can help you grow your business quickly. Not only will you gain new clients, but the clients you already have will be much more satisfied with your service.

What Is the Best Rank Tracker?

Getting better at rank tracking and SEO isn’t just about learning new techniques. It’s also about finding the right tool for the job.

There are so many rank tracking tools on the internet that it can be hard to narrow it down. 

To make it easier on you, we’ve got a list of the top 4 things you need to look for in an advanced rank tracker. These 4 features will make your life much easier and ensure you get the best data possible.


Probably the most crucial feature of any rank tracker is its accuracy.

Most people don’t think about accuracy when looking for a rank tracking tool. Instead, they assume that all tools are created pretty much equal.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Many tools provide data that might be several days old or inaccurate in other ways.

If you want to step up your ranking skills, you have to have 100% accurate data to work with.

ProRankTracker boasts the most accurate rank-tracking algorithm of any tool on the market, so you can feel confident making strategic decisions based on its data.

User Interface

If you handed me a $10 million violin, it would be worthless to me. But, in the hands of a professional, it can produce beautiful music.

Ranking tools are similar (though fortunately, they cost much less than $10 million). You have to know how to use them if they’re going to do you any good.

When looking for site ranking software, you should make sure that you feel comfortable navigating the user interface. Otherwise, it’ll be worthless.

One of the best ways to determine if the user interface is easy to use is to sign up for a free trial and test the tool out for a while. We highly recommend signing up for ProRankTracker’s free trial to see if it’s right for you!


It’s been said that if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

In SEO, the same principle applies. If you only have 1 tool, you only have 1 way to approach any problem.

The opposite is also true. If you have many tools, you can approach your SEO more precisely.

In your search for an advanced rank tracker, make sure the software you choose offers enough tools to help you solve a wide variety of SEO problems that you may encounter.

White-Label Capabilities

Not everyone is aiming to start an SEO business. Some just want to track their ranks.

However, if you aim to start an SEO agency (or you think you might want to in the future), you should ensure that the tools you look for are 100% white-label compatible.

White-label features should allow you to fully customize client rank reports. Reports customized with your colors and logo look much more professional and help your business grow.

ProRankTracker reports are completely white-label friendly with multiple customization options.

How to Use ProRankTracker to Crush the SERP: 10 Advanced Rank Tracking Tips

Now that you know what to look for in an advanced rank tracker, let’s go through our top 10 rank tracking tips.

These 10 tips will teach you how to use ProRankTracker at an advanced level. You’ll move beyond the basics of rank tracking and start to understand how to strategize in multiple ways.

Let’s dive in!

Find Keywords You’re Already Ranking

Some people (maybe even your competitors) don’t realize that they already rank for specific keywords without trying.

If you can figure out what keywords you’re ALREADY ranking for, you can easily emphasize those keywords and move them even farther up the SERP.

Luckily, ProRankTracker’s Rankings Discovery tool allows you to do just that. All you have to do is select the URL you want from the dropdown menu. Then, ProRankTracker will automatically pull up all the ranked keywords you’re not tracking for that URL.

select the keywords

Select any keywords that you want to track to add them to your tracking list easily.

Track Ranks Across Multiple Search Engines

If you’re not already tracking your ranks in Bing or Yahoo, you’re missing out! 

Many people think that tracking on these lesser-known search engines is a waste of time, but that simply isn’t true!

Bing and Yahoo still have a lot to offer businesses if you know how to use them.

On ProRankTracker, you can easily track your keywords across multiple search engines. When you add a new keyword in the Add Wizard, just select to track the keyword in Bing and Yahoo.

choose where to track

From that point on, that keyword will show as separate data points for each search engine, making it simple to keep track of how you rank on each search engine.

Use Local Rank Tracking

When starting in SEO, you probably focused on ranking keywords in general. However, you may have begun to realize that keywords are ranked differently for searchers in different locations over time.

This is called local SEO, and it’s vital for the growth of any business. You need to know precisely how each of your keywords will rank for the searchers in your most important target areas.

For example, let’s say your business is in the Atlanta area. You should value searchers in central Georgia more than in southern California.

Local rank tracking helps you do just that.

To track local ranks in ProRankTracker, just add the locations you want to attach to any keywords when you’re adding them in the Add Wizard. Simply type the location you want to add, then select from the dropdown menu.

choose where to track 2

ProRankTracker will now search local SERPs in that area to give you detailed information about how you rank in that location.

Use Reports to Automate the Process

The more keywords you start to track, the more difficult it will be to keep up with all of them in a meaningful way.

An advanced web ranking report can solve that problem by updating you regularly.

To automate the process, you can set up ProRankTracker to send you detailed reports on every aspect of your ranks.

Setting up automated reports keeps you up to date without needing to comb through hundreds of data points every single day.

To add a report:

  • Go to the Reports Center
  • Select from the 20+ report options
  • Click “Add New Report”
  • Fill in the details to your specifications, including how often ProRankTracker will send the reports.


We recommend adding several reports so you get frequent updates on multiple aspects of your ranking strategy.

Find Long-Tail Keywords

Many people make the mistake of targeting the most general keywords. They think that more search volume will equal more traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, that typically isn’t the case. High-volume search terms are usually highly competitive, so it isn’t worth your time to target them.

Instead, we recommend finding lower-volume keywords to bring in highly targeted traffic.

ProRankTracker can make this process extremely simple:

  • Click on the Keyword Suggestions tool
  • Select your URL from the dropdown menu
  • Scroll through the keywords that ProRankTracker discovered for you
  • Select and add the keywords that you want to start tracking

Keyword Suggestions tool

The Keyword Suggestions tool finds long-tail keywords based on the keywords you’re already tracking, which helps you grow your keyword strategy.

Organize Your Data

When some people start to expand their keyword tracking efforts, they don’t also increase their organization.

This can lead to severe problems over time, ultimately making it nearly impossible to navigate through your data.

ProRankTracker offers 2 easy solutions to help keep you organized as you grow.

  1. Tags are for keywords
  2. Groups are for URLs

When you assign keywords to tags and URLs to groups, you can easily filter by those tags and groups in the future.

To add terms and URLs tags and groups, just add them when you add new URLs and keywords in the Add Wizard. Select the correct tag and group from the dropdown menus.

add tags and groups

Save Your Most Frequently-Used Filters

As you track ranks more and more, you’ll notice yourself using the same filtering settings over and over again.

You can save yourself tons of time by simply saving those filters for quick access later.

  • Go to Saved Filters
  • Click “Add New Filter”


  • Fill out the filter options you want
  • Click “Save”

You can now quickly access that filter option by clicking on the Quick View menu icon (the one that’s shaped like an eye) at the top left of your screen.

Quick View menu

Setup Notifications for Urgent Changes

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night worried that something terrible might happen to your ranks without you knowing?

No? Just me?

ProRankTracker’s notifications can give you significant peace of mind by immediately notifying you when something important changes.

From the Reports Center, choose the type of notification you want to set up. You can choose to trigger a notification based on:

  • Rank jump
  • Rank drop
  • Reaching a certain rank

set up notifications

You can be incredibly precise with the notifications as well. For example, you can set up a notification for when a keyword drops by 3 ranks or by 10%.

Use Multiple Rankings Views

Advanced rank tracking is all about ensuring that you have a lot of data. You can’t just look at your ranks every day–you have to look at trends, SERPs, and other factors as well.

ProRankTracker offers 5 unique Rankings Views that will help you see different angled of your rank data.

  • The dashboard allows you to see a broad overview of all your ranks.

broad overview of all your ranks

  • The URL view sorts your keywords by URL, showing you ranks for each.

sort keywords by URL

  • The term view shows each keyword’s rank and which URLs target that term.

term view

  • Daily view shows a historical graph of your ranks.

historical graph of ranks

  • The full SERPs view shows you where you stand in relation to your competitors on the SERP.

full SERPs view

Make sure you use all 5 regularly to get the best idea of where you stand!

Track Everything (Not Just Your Website URLs)

Finally, using an advanced web ranking tool will help you track your presence across the web–not just on Google.

Do you have videos on YouTube? Or maybe products on Amazon?

ProRankTracker can track these search engines as well. When adding new terms in the Add Wizard, just select that you want to track on YouTube or Amazon.

Add Wizard

ProRankTracker will track your YouTube videos and Amazon products precisely like a regular URL.

Forgetting to track on YouTube and Amazon can severely hurt your business. It keeps you from accessing the full potential of SEO to market your business and sell products.

Make sure you don’t forget this critical step!


Using an advanced web ranking app like ProRankTracker can take your business to the next level, but it also takes some effort!

Following our top 10 advanced rank tracking tips in this article can give you a great start to becoming a rank tracking champ.

Most importantly, just remember to keep up with your ranks consistently. With some effort, you will rank higher than your competitors.

A great place to start is by signing up for ProRankTracker’s free trial to try it out for free!

Good luck!