Dashboard and Shared Reports Improvements

We are glad to announce the improvements of ProRankTracker’s Dashboard and shared reports.


Filtering options – Now, you can filter the stats in the dashboard for selected URLs, Groups, or Tags.

To do that, go to the top on the Dashboard page, select either URLs, Groups, or Tags, and in each section, you can select which data to show.
The Dashboard will then reload with the stats of the selected items only.

Separated elements, jumps and drops, and clickable terms
We have separated the organic Biggest Jumps and Biggest Drops from elements (snack pack, video element) biggest jumps and drops.
Since the possible ranking changes are different from organic to elements, you will now have a clearer view of your recent biggest ranking changes.

In addition, in all jump/drop lists, you can click any of the displayed URLs and terms to open it in term view.

Shared Reports

All of ProRankTracker’s shared reports are working now with SSL to provide a secured connection for you, your teammates, and your clients when using shared reports.

The shared report links now start with https://ranksreports.com unless white-labeled.

For paid members, shared reports can be white-labeled with your own domain. To learn how to do it, click here.