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Generate an Overview Report to view the current rankings of the URLs/terms you select, compare rankings from yesterday, a week ago and a month ago.

You can also select a date in the past and generate an historical Overview Report.

At the left menu, click Reports > Overview Reports > Overview Report

Date:  Select the date for the report. If a date in the past is selected, the filtering options will be basic - only by URLs or Terms.

  You can filter the results you want to get in your report. What are the data filtering options?

Fields:  Check the fields you want to display in the exported report.

URLs Order By:  Set the order of the URL rows by Time Added, URL, Group or Top Rank, and Ascending or Descending.

Terms Order By:  Set the order of the terms inside URLs (inner tables) by Searched Term, Ranking URL, Type, Device, Tags, Engine, Rank, Day, Week, Month, Local and Global. Ascending or Descending.

Include Stats Box:  Select Yes to include a stats box at the top of the report.

Include Notes: Choose to include term notes in a report. If included, PDF downloads will include a Notes Report at the bottom.


At the bottom, select an export method: Email, Dropbox, Drive or Download.

File formats available include PDF, CSV, or XLSX (your customized templates can be applied for PDF reports).

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