Overview Report

Generate an Overview Report (URL View) to view the current rankings of the URLs/terms you select, compare rankings from yesterday, a week ago and a month ago.

You can also select a date in the past and generate an historical Overview Report.

At the left menu, click Reports Center > Overview Reports > Overview Report

To add a new report, click "Add New Report" at top right, and set the report's settings you need.

Rankings date:  Select the date for the report. If a date in the past is selected (Instant export), the stats (on top) will still reflect the current stats.

Include Stats:  Select "On" to include a stats box at the top of the report.

Include Notes: Choose to include term notes in a report. If included, Email Content and PDF downloads will include a Notes Report at the bottom.

Filter:  You can filter the results you want to get in your report. What are the data filtering options?

Columns & Sorting:  Select and place the columns you want to display in the report.

URLs order by:  Set the order of the URL tables by Time Added (Default), URL, Group or Top Rank, and Ascending or Descending.

Terms order by:  Set the order of the terms inside URLs (inner tables). Ascending or Descending.