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How can I change the columns order in the data table? To change the columns order, click "Columns & Sorting" button, you'll be able to drag columns... How can I download the results displayed in URL/Term view? Click the download icon at the top-right to open the export menu, Download, Email or save the... How can I exclude or include columns in the data table? Click "Columns & Sorting" button above the results table and Select which columns will be... How can I sort the terms in a URL (inner table)? Depending on how you want to sort:  • Clicking an inner table's column title will sort the term... How do I add many URLs to a group (or groups) all at once? • Check the boxes of the URLs at the URL View. • Click and open the "Bulk Actions" drop-down... How do I view a comparison graph of multiple terms from different URLs? • Check the terms you'd like to compare. • Click and open the "Bulk Actions" drop-down menu at... How do I view a comparison graph of multiple terms of the same URL? • Show all the URL's terms to view all the terms.• Check the terms you'd like to compare.• Click... I've just added a new URL/terms and I don't see the Volume (G) and Volume (L) data. Why not? Please wait. Volume(G) and Volume(L) numbers can take up to a day to get updated. Icons and symbols key What are "Base" and "Top" columns? Base shows the first rank ever recorded on PRT. By default, it shows any rank including NTH (Not... What are "Location" and "Language" columns? In local tracking (Organic Local, Mobile, Snack Pack, Local Finder and Videos):Location -  The... What are "Volume (G)" and "Volume (L)" columns? In "Volume(G)" (Global) and "Volume(L)" (Local) columns, you can view the Keyword Search Volume... What are the "Show All" buttons? By default, each URL row shows 4 terms, so you can see the most data possible in the page.    •... What are the differences between Organic rank results and Snack Pack/Videos rank? The only difference is that in a Snack Pack/Videos rank, there will be also a letter displayed... What are the green/red/grey circles near the rank ? A number in a red circle means that, Today's rank decreased in x positions since yesterday (if... What are up, down, no change at the top-right of a URL box? It shows last 24 hours data for this URL:How many terms' ranks were increased (up) How many... What do the Rank, Day, Week, Month columns mean? Rank – The current rank Day – The previous rank (one day ago) Week – The rank... What does a 5+ rank, in Snack Pack/Videos mean? A 5+ rank means that your URL/Business/Video for that tracked term, with the parameters you set,... What is "Highest Rank" ? Highest Rank is the rank of the term (or terms, if they have the same rank) that has the highest... What is a 101+ rank? 101+ rank means that the URL you are tracking is ranked outside of the top 100 results of the... What is the "Tags" column? The small squares in this column show the colors of the tags associated with this term, hovering... What is the "Term Combination" column? In this column you can see the overall setting of the term: Search engine, Language &... What is the "Title" column? In this column you can see the Title of your site's listing as it's indexed in the... What is the “Trend” column? The Trend shows a sparkline chart for each term row - a tiny chart that provides a visual... Where can I change the Terms Per Page to display? URL/Term/Daily View: At the top management pane, on the right (near the "Show All/Preview"... Where can I view the note I've entered when I've added the URL? The note (if it exists), is shown when editing a URL. From the left navigation panel ->... Why do I see N/A in Indexed URL column? "Indexed URL" (ranking URL) column shows the actual indexed ranked URL. It shows the URL that the... Why do I see N/A in a Rank column? N/A in a rank column may appear if: • There's no rank yet. For example, you added a term a... Why do I see few duplicate rows of the same term? PRT allows you to track many different combinations for the same search terms.To see the...