Daily Breakdown

View the daily progress of your website's term rankings. Select a URL, filter the terms (optional), and select a date range.

From the left navigation panel, click Reports Center > Historical Progress Reports > Daily Breakdown

Click "Add New Report" at top right to create a new report.

Set the basic report's settings you wish to have.

• Select a URL to run the report for. 

• Set a date range for the report. 

• Set what to display: Tables and Charts/Tables only (rank per date)/Charts only. 

• Select if to include in the report Stats and Overview

• Filter: Set filtering parameters (What are the data filtering options?) or leave empty to display all the results for the selected URL. 

• At the bottom set your preferred Columns & Sorting.

• Click Save, and the report will be generated.


At the top of the report you'll see the Stats, and under, the Overview (if selected to display) for the selected URL/terms.

Each term has a 'rank by date' table that displays the DateRankIndexed URLTitle and Notes.

An exclamation mark in the charts, instead of a regular dot, signifies a saved note.

When hovering the exclamation mark, the data and note will appear as pop-up text (only in "View" mode).