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View the daily progress of your website's term rankings. Select a URL, filter the terms (optional), and select a date range.

From the left navigation panel, click Reports > Progress Reports > Daily Breakdown

• Select a URL to run the report for. 

• Filter: Set filtering parameters (What are the data filtering options?) or leave empty to display all the results for the selected URL. 

• At the bottom right of the Filter area under "Select Dates", you can choose a predefined selection or create a custom date range.

• Click Next, and the report will be generated.


At the top of the report there are two tabs: Stats of the URL/terms selected, and a Filter tab for additional filtering.
Click on the calendar (on the right of the Select Dates box) to reveal a drop-down menu and change the report's date range.

Each term has a 'rank by date' table that displays the DateRankIndexed URLTitle and Notes. (Click 'Expand' at the bottom of each table to see dates that are not shown).

An exclamation mark in the charts, instead of a regular dot, signifies a saved note.

When hovering the exclamation mark, the data and note will appear as pop-up text.

Click the floating orange download icon at the top-right to either download, email, or save the report to a Dropbox or Drive account.


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