What are Users, and how can they be set? The Users feature allows you to set up and manage access of multiple users to your master PRT... How many users can I set? The number of users you can set depends on your plan.View the plan comparison to see how many... How can I set up users? The settings are accessed from the top right, click the Settings icon > Users. When entering,... Which features are shared and which are separated between the accounts? Groups: Groups that are set up for a sub-user are the only groups he can work on, and these are... Can I use the Users feature for reselling PRT services? The purpose for having users is to allow team work by company employees (permission-based users)... Can a sub-user set/send his own reports? Yes, a user can set and send his own reports. Reports that a sub-user has set up are not shown... Can a sub-user use the master account’s custom templates? Yes. On your master account, when you set up a customized template at the top of the page, set... Can sub-users make changes that apply to the master account, and vice versa? All sub-users are part of your master PRT account!Changes made by users with permissions to add... Do I have to organize my URLs using Groups to set users? Users permissions are based on URL Group assignment. Unless it's an admin or accounting-only... How can I have my logo displayed for my users? You can display your logo, instead of PRT's, on your users login page and at the top-left when... Must I set a company name if I want use the users feature? Yes. For the link to your users login page to work, you must have a company name set in your... What permissions can I set for a user? Admin: Enable full access to all account data, actions and areas. No need to set groups.Admin... Which sender’s email can a sub-user use on his reports? By default, a sub-user can send reports from the master account’s registered email address, or... Where should my users log in from? Enter your Users Settings page from the top right Settings icon > Users. At the top of the...