API Access

ProRankTracker provides a diverse range of APIs designed to cater to various business types and meet every possible use case.

PRT API: The PRT API is specifically developed by ProRankTracker to seamlessly integrate with your PRT account, allowing you to effortlessly manage it while utilizing its valuable data within your own systems and tools.

All PRT's Agency plans include PRT API access.

You can view the API Documentation under Tools, from the left sidebar.

If you wish to enable API access on any other plan that is not an Agency plan (Starter, Pro and Legacy plans):

  • Click the User icon, at the top right corner -> Change Plan
  • Go to Add-ons tab
  • Under PRT API click "Purchase" and confirm.


Insta-Check API: For those in need of up-to-the-minute rankings and raw SERP data for their systems and tools, ProRankTracker offers the Insta-Check API. This specialized API ensures that users can access current and fresh rankings and SERP data instantly, addressing their specific requirements.

Learn more about PRT's API options