ProRankTracker’s Mobile App Guide

With the PRT app, you can check your rankings anywhere, anytime!

You can view historical rankings on a calendar view and progress on a graph.

You can also add new URLs/terms to be tracked and download reports on the fly.

To use the PRT app, download and install it from Google Play or App Store.


Once opening the app for the first time, enter your ProRankTracker’s credentials at the login page and log-in.

Left Menu

You can open the left menu by sliding from the left corner to the right from any page in the app. Alternatively, you can click the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines) in the top left-hand corner. From the menu, you can enter the different sections of the app.


The first four sections are linked together: Rankings, Stats, Filter, and Download.

At the bottom of each of those sections, there’s a menu so you can move quickly between them.

The data that shows on “Stats” and reports downloaded on “Download” will reflect the URLs/terms displayed on the Rankings page.

Any filtering applied from the “Filter” page will be reflected in the “Rankings” page and Stats and Download as well.


The other three independent pages are “Add new URLs & Terms,” “Settings,” and “Support.”


This is the main page where you can view your rankings.

For each URL, you’ll see a table of the tracked terms and their rankings.

To the right of each URL, you’ll see three icons:

Plus icon - allows you to add URLs/Terms you will track for this URL

Download icon - allows you to download an overview report of this URL

Graph icon - allows you to view a progress graph of all the terms under this URL


The table will show your terms’ current rankings with a red/green/grey color to reflect changes from the previous (yesterday’s) rank.


To view Day (yesterday), Week (a week ago), and Month (a month ago) rankings, tilt your device to landscape mode in smartphones.
For tablets, it will be shown by default if the width allows it.

Under the Actions  column, for each term, you’ll see two icons:

Calendar icon - clicking it will take you to a calendar view, where you can see a historical calendar representation of this term’s rankings

Graph icon - clicking it will take you to the term’s rankings history graph page to view its progress on a graph


Calendar View

On the calendar view page, you can scroll up the calendar and view the term’s historical data. You can also select a month and a year in the top selection box to quickly jump to the desired period.


Rankings History Graph

At the top of this page, you have the option to select a particular period to show this term’s progress graph.

You can select between 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, Past Year, or Full History.




Here, you can see the quick stats of the terms you’re currently viewing their rankings – it shows the full account by default, or if a filter is applied – the filtered terms stats only.



Here, you can filter the URLs/Terms to show on the Rankings page.

The filters will also apply to the Stats page and the reports downloaded on the “Download” page.

You can filter the data by selecting a URL, Terms within a URL (NB you must choose a URL first), a Group, or a Tag.

You can also filter the rankings range by adjusting the “Rank” slider at the bottom. For example, sliding the left slider button to 10 and the right slider button to 50 will apply a filter that will only show terms with current rankings in the range of 10 to 50.




Here, you can download overview reports on the fly with all options you already know from ProRankTracker’s web app.


Add new URLs & Terms

Here, you can easily add new URLs and terms you want to track in your account.




On this settings page, you can set app-specific settings:

URLs order – what will be the sorting order of URLs on the app’s Rankings page.

Terms order - what will be the sorting order of Terms in each URL’s table on the app’s Rankings page.

“Filter rankings when logging in, by” – If you check this option, you can load the app with filtered results by default with three different options. You can select a URL, a Group, or a Tag.




From this contact form, you can open a support ticket to PRT’s team directly from the app.


Enjoy your experience!