How do I add/edit/delete a Term Note? Print

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In URL View:

1. For a single term, click the pen icon in the Notes column to add a note or view an existing note.


2. For multiple terms of the same URL, select the terms and click the pen icon at the bottom of the table to add a note for these terms.


3. For multiple terms of different URLs, select the terms, and from the Bulk Actions menu (above all the URL tables), click Add Term Note to add a note to the selected terms.



In the Daily Breakdown:

1. In the Notes column on the Daily Breakdown page (in the ‘rank by date’ tables for each term), click the cell for the desired date and start typing to add your note.


2. To add notes in bulk, use the checkboxes at the left to select terms (or check Select All), then click Add Term Note at the top. Select a date, then add a note that will be applied to all selected terms under this URL.


*Notes are also added automatically by PRT’s system during an action like URL edit or Term Settings edit.

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