Why do I get "Not sent - 0 results" status (Automated report not sent)? Print

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"Not sent - 0 results" means that there were no results to display in the report, so it was not sent.

It commonly means that the filter you set returned no results (not even one term), and therefore it was not generated or sent.

In the filtering settings, each setting (or parameter) works on top of the other filters (AND conditions). 

There’s no need to set all the parameters. For example, if you needed all terms under one URL, you would simply paste the URL in the box marked URLs: (example.com and "contains" will do the work).

Since it's the same filter as in the URL View, you can test your filter settings in URL View firstselect the left tab labeled Filter, and then test it.

Verify that the results are the ones you want to include in your report, and then use the same filter settings in your automated report and save it.

After saving the report, we suggest also using the "send now" option to test that it’s working properly.

What are the data filtering options?

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