How can I edit existing terms?

From the left sidebar: Manage -> URLs -> click on the edit icon for the wanted URL.

Click on the “Edit Terms” tab.

  1. Action: Select the Action (what to edit) and Term type you would like to edit (the two menus correspond, for example you can't edit the device for an "Organic" term, because a location is necessary for mobile tracking - you'll need first to edit the location, then edit the device). Only terms that apply these settings will appear for selection in the box under.
  2. What: Click the terms you want to edit, at the left box, and move them to the right box (Terms to Edit).
  3. Where: Fill in the auto complete menu for the change you selected above. 
  4. Organize & Save: If you wish you can tag the edited terms with a new/existing tag. Click Save.

*When a term is edited, PRT adds a system note to the edited term at the specific date.