Different URLs Comparison Report

The Different URLs Comparison Report displays a current comparison of the same term on different URLs.

At the left menu, click Reports Center > Ranking Comparison Reports > Different URLs

• Each report that’s run from here is automatically saved to show up in this area to run later when needed (Instant exports are saved for 30 days).

If you’ve already ran reports from here, you'll see a table of existing reports with the options to Regenerate & send now (Scheduled reports), Edit, Duplicate or Delete.

To re-run an instant export report, click to edit the report and save it again.

• If you have never ran a URLs Comparison Report, or if you would like to create a new one, at the top-right, click Add New Report button.

• Type a name for the report in the Name field and set the report's settings you wish.

Select URLs that you would like to compare and move it to the box on the right.

• Below that, on the left box, terms that are tracked for more than one of the selected URLs will appear, move to the right box the terms you want to compare.

• Click Save (orange button on bottom right).

The report will be generated. At the top you'll see a comparison graph, and below will be the data with the rankings for the terms tracked for each of the compared URLs.