Weekly Breakdown and Monthly Breakdown

On these reports you can view your website’s progress weekly (Weekly Breakdown) or monthly (Monthly Breakdown). Multiple URLs can be selected.

At the left menu, click Reports Center > Historical Progress Reports > Weekly Breakdown or Monthly Breakdown.

Click "Add New Report" at top right to create a new report.

Set the basic report's settings you wish to have.

• Set a date range for the report. 

• Set what to display: Tables and Charts/Tables only (rank per date)/Charts only. 

• Select if to include Stats in the report. 

• Select URLs to run the report for, from the box in the left, and move it to the box in the right. 

• Filter: Set filtering parameters (What are the data filtering options?) or leave empty to display all the results for the selected URL. 

• At the bottom set your preferred sorting, from Columns & Sorting.

• Click Save, and the report will be generated.


At the top of the report you'll see the Stats (if selected to display) for the selected URL/terms.

Each term has a 'rank by week/month' table that displays the Week/Month, Top Rank, Bottom Rank and Average Rank for that week/month.

When hovering over a dot in the chart, the data for it will appear as pop-up text (only in "View" mode).