How can I add a business listing to be tracked on Google’s Local Finder page? Print

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Click Advanced Add or add it from the Wizard, than select Local Finder in Tracking Type or Local Finder results in the Wizard.

Fill in the add form as follows:

URLs: Enter one or more URLs (each one on a separate line) and business names (exactly as they appear in Local Finder listings).

When adding from the Advanced Add use this format:|business-name|another-businessname

Make sure not to add any spaces between the URL and the business name.

Searched Terms: The terms (keywords) you'd like to track for this URL and business listing (each one on a separate line).

Search Engines: Select Google LocalFinder as the main engine and the wanted sub-engine.

Fill in the rest of the form as usual.

Since Local Finder's results can be highly geo targeted, we recommend using an exact location.

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