How can I add a business listing to be tracked on Google’s Local Finder page?

From the left sidebar Add to Track -> Advanced Add or Add Wizard

Advanced Add: select Local Finder (top 100 GMB) in Tracking Type, and when adding the URL, pipeline the business name (exactly as it appears in Google) to it (|Business Name).

Add Wizard: On the 2nd step, check "Also track Google Snack Pack (top 3 maps) and local finder (top100 maps)", and fill the Business Names (exactly as it appears in Google), each in a new line (if you have a few GMBs for the same URL). Both Snack Pack (the rank will be either in top 3 (#A, #B, #C) or no rank = 5+) and Local Finder searches will be added to be tracked.

*When adding from the Advanced Add use this format:|business-name|another-businessname

Make sure not to add any spaces between the URL and the business name.


**Since Local Finder's results can be highly geo targeted, we recommend using an exact location.