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A shared report is basically the Overview & Daily page (URL stats, an overview report, and a daily breakdown report) which can be shared by you.  You can generate a link and give it to your clients or colleagues.

The settings are accessed from the left menu: Reports > Shared Reports.

When entering, you'll see a table of your current set of shared reports and an "Add New Shared Report" button at the top-right corner.

Adding a new shared report:

Shared report settings are very flexible. Click the "Add New Shared Report" button, fill out the form, and select which data you want the report to include.

Name:  Give a name to this report. 

Template To Use: Select a custom template from your templates. The color scheme will be applied in the live report and the full template on PDF downloads.

Report Language: Select the language of the report.

Password:  Add a password (optional) if you want to report to be protected.

Link Expires in X days:  How many days you would like this link to be alive, up to a maximum of 365 days.

Share a: URL or Group. A report for which URL or URLs Group to include.

Filter: Set filtering parameters (What are the data filtering options?) or leave empty to display all the results for the selected URL/group. 

Terms Order By: Set the terms order – by Searched term, Ranking URL, Type, Device, Tags, Engine, Rank, Day, Week, Month, Local and Global. Ascending or Descending.

Include Stats box:  Whether to include the stats box in the report.

Include Notes: Choose to include term notes in a report. If included, PDF downloads will include a Notes Report at the bottom.

Include overview data:  Whether to include the overview data in the report, and if so, which Fields to include (10 max), whether to Allow downloads, and of which formats (PDF, CSV or XLSX).

Include daily breakdown data:
 Whether to include the daily breakdown data and charts, and if so, whether to Allow downloads, and of which formats (PDFCSV or XLSX).

Once you have set up the shared reports, you can perform the following actions:

Link:  Get the link of this report

Extend:  Extend the length of this link’s live period. (Max is 365 days from the link creation date. Extending beyond that can be done after the link expires.)

Edit:  Edit the report's settings

Duplicate:  Duplicate a report and all it's settings

  Delete this report

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