Explaining the Google Snack Pack/Videos daily results graph

The daily dynamic data for Snack Pack/Videos terms can be displayed in a graph (Daily ViewDaily Breakdown).

You can see how the results change over time for both the Snack Pack/Videos box itself (the 'organic' position of the element/box - "Element Position") and for the URLs/businesses inside it ("Your Rank" A-J).  

The horizontal X-axis (along the bottom) shows the date of the data collected. The left vertical Y-axis ("Element Position" in orange) is for the rank of the whole Snack Pack/Videos element/box, and the right vertical Y-axis ("Your Rank" in blue) shows the rank for your URL/business within the Search Element (box).  

The Snack Pack/Videos (whole box/element) rank (orange) and the A-J position within that element/box (orange) are plotted on top of each other in a line graph so you can evaluate how these two items have influenced each other.