How can I set a new automated scheduled task?

To add a new automated report task:

• Click Reports at the left menu and click Automated Reports.
• Add a new Report by clicking the "Add New Automated Report" button at the top-right:

Select automated task type: Email (send by email), Save to Dropbox account or Save to Drive account.

Template:  From the drop-down, select an email report template to be used.

Sender Email:  You can select which email address will be shown as the sender.
PRT default for report email (, or your registered email address.

Subject:  Enter a subject (title) for this report.

Schedule:  When will this report be sent? You can choose:

     Daily: Every day at your selected hour

     Weekly: Every selected day of the week at your selected hour

     Monthly: Every selected day of the month at your selected hour

*Make sure you've selected your timezone in the Settings section to get the reports in your desired time of day.

Filter:  Here you can use the filter box (similar to the rankings views filter box), to select which URLs/terms you'd like to include in this report.

Fields:  Check the fields you'd like to display in the report.

URLs Order By:  Set the URLs (rows) order – by URL, Group or Top Rank, Ascending or Descending.

Terms Order By:  Set the terms inside URLs (inner tables) order – by Searched term, Ranking URL, Type, Device, Tags Engine, Rank, Day, Week, Month, Local and Global. Ascending or Descending.

Attachments:  You can choose to attach a PDF report to this email report (it will be generated with the same settings of your email reports).
Or, you can choose to send a PDF report only – no report will be shown in the email itself, just the attached PDF file.

If any of these options are chosen, another drop-down will be opened: PDF Template To Use. Here you can select which PDF template will be used specifically in the PDF report attached to this email report. 

You can also add XLSX and CSV overview reports to your Email reports.

Include Stats Box: Select Yes to include a stats box at the top of the report.

Include NotesChoose to include term notes in a report. If included, PDF downloads will include a Notes Report at the bottom.

Send To: Enter up to 5 email addresses, separated by commas, to send the report to.

Click Save when done.

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