Why don't I or my clients get emails (registration, reports, notifications etc.)?

If you don't get emails:

Check your spam/junk box. It may have gone there.
If so, you need to white-list any email from @proranktracker.com (or another sender's email if set), by marking it as "not spam," or even create a filter/rule to always accept emails from this sender.

You may have unsubscribed from getting PRT emails, and your email is currently blocked.
If you think that this is the case, you can contact us to remove the block and subscribe you again.

The same may happen for your clients if you added their email address to the sent reports and notifications. If it's not in your client's spam folder, please instruct them to make sure they didn't click the unsubscribe link and confirm that they unsubscribed from a report email.

Make sure they know they should be receiving such emails before sending the first report in order to prevent unsubscribes and spam flags.  

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