How can I add a business listing to be tracked on Google’s Local Finder page?

Click Advanced Add or add it from the Wizard, than select Local Finder in Tracking Type or Local Finder results in the Wizard.

Fill in the add form as follows:

URLs: Enter one or more URLs (each one on a separate line) and business names (exactly as they appear in Local Finder listings).

When adding from the Advanced Add use this format:|business-name|another-businessname

Make sure not to add any spaces between the URL and the business name.

Searched Terms: The terms (keywords) you'd like to track for this URL and business listing (each one on a separate line).

Search Engines: Select Google LocalFinder as the main engine and the wanted sub-engine.

Fill in the rest of the form as usual.

Since Local Finder's results can be highly geo targeted, we recommend using an exact location.

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