How can I have a white-label shared reports under my domain name?

CNAME Settings guide for displaying shared reports under your domain name

Paid users can display the shared reports under their domain names for a complete white-label experience for their clients/colleagues.

To make it work, you should set a sub-domain through CNAME record settings, like, that will resolve to the domain.

After setting the CNAME record, enter the sub-domain you created in Settings > PRT Settings, Shared Reports: Custom Domain (for example, so the generated links will use your set domain.


Set on cPanel:   

• Log into your domain’s cPanel, and in the search box type "DNS ZONE".

• Select "Simple DNS Zone Editor”.

• Select your domain name.
• Scroll down to "Add a CNAME Record".

• In the Name field, enter "reports" (or whatever you want your custom sub-domain to be). If cPanel auto-complete that for you leave it as is.

• In the "CNAME" box, add ""

• Click on “Add CNAME Record”.



Set on WHM:

Log into your WHM (WebHostManager)

• Go to "DNS Functions - Edit DNS Zone", or in the search box, type "Edit DNS Zone" and click to open the page.

• Select the domain you wish to edit and click on "Edit".

• Scroll down to "Add New Entries Below This Line".

• In the first field, enter "reports" (or whatever you want your custom sub-domain to be, but DO NOT enter "").

• In the second field, you enter the TTL, usually 14400 as a default.

• In the drop-down menu, select "CNAME".

• In the last box, add "" (NOTE: You MUST add the period at the end.)

• Scroll to the bottom and click "Save".



Set on DirectAdmin:

• Log into your domain’s DirectAdmin Panel (User level), then under the "Your Account" section, click on "DNS Management".

• Scroll down to the "Add Domain Records" button.

• Scroll to where you can see "CNAME".

• In the empty box, put "reports" (or whatever you want your custom sub-domain to be, but DO NOT enter "").

• In the box at the right saying "" or "" replace that with: "" (NOTE: You MUST end it with a period.)

• Click the "Add" button.

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