URLs Search Logic—should you check Broad or Exact?

An "Exact" Yes/No switch is found under the URL field (in both Add URL and Edit URL). 
If set to Yes, it means Exact Search. If not (default), it means Broad Search.

1. If a Root domain (example.com) is entered, it will always be searched as Broad. All pages under this domain will be found.

2. A URL (example.com/page) can be searched as Exact or Broad.

Exact: Only "example.com/page" will be found to track.

Broad: Any URL under it will be found. For example: example.com/page/anotherpage1.html will also be found.

3. A sub-domain (sub.example.com) will always be searched as Broad. Sub.example.com and all pages under it will be found. (For example, sub.example.com/page/anotherpage).

4. Sub-domains are also found when entering a root domain. Entering example.com will also find sub.example.com

5. Sub-domain URLs (sub.example.com/page) can be searched as Exact or Broad.

Exact:  Only sub.example.com/page will be found to track.

Broad:  Any URL under it will be found. For example, sub.example.com/page/anotherpage.html or sub.example.com/page/whatever.


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