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bing rank tracking

Bing Rank Tracker: How to Check Your Bing Keyword Ranks

Looking for a tool to start Bing rank tracking? Try our Bing…
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The Need For Speed and the Decline of Patience

Remember the days when connecting to the internet sounded like…
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How the Notorious Clickbait Title Came to be (+How to Monitor Your Webpage Titles Properly on Google)

The clickbait title. This recurring theme in internet articles…
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Why you should NOT fully rely on chatbots (for now) on your websites, according to new survey

Since most of our users have clients of their own, this article…
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How search engines and Big Data are used to control you – Part 2: The West

If you've been following our blog, you read last week the story…
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How search engines and big data are used to control you – Part 1: China

We'll start with the predicament: it may be already too late…

What is your logo type? The 7 logo types and how to place them on PRT’s rank tracker

The logo is a lot more important than people give it credit for,…
The secret benefits of a well designed logo and how to feature yours with white label solutions

The Secret Benefits of a Well-designed Logo

The logo. It’s always there embellishing your website, invoices…

Businesses use this psychological principle to influence customer impressions

We all know that experience and size matter when it comes to…

SERP tracking in a post-privacy world: How Google knows your location virtually at all times

We’ve mentioned on many occasions how every search result you…
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Google by the numbers: Amazing Google stats and facts

The search engine is the most common tool of internet usage after…

Mind-Blowing Internet Stats and Fun Facts, 2018

The internet is where search engines crawl and all the SEO action…
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Google Mobile and Desktop SERP Composition and Features– A SERP Tracking Visual Guide

We’ve mentioned a lot of subjects in regard to SERP tracking…